What to Expect When Using Multi-Purpose Recovery Horse Supplements

What are Multi-Purpose Recovery Supplements?
Multi-purpose recovery supplements are daily formulas that contain a unique combination of ingredients to help support a horse during the normal healing process. These formulas can provide support for healthy joints and soft tissue, a balanced hindgut, and a calm temperament.
Why multi-purpose recovery supplements are a smart choice
When your horse is laid up, you want to do everything you can to help him rest and recover. Multi-purpose recovery supplements can support your horse in a few different ways, starting by providing ingredients for the normal healing process. Because changes in activity level and increased stall time are known risk factors for digestive upset, multi-purpose recovery formulas may also contain targeted ingredients for maintaining hindgut health. Lastly, these formulas may also provide herbs for helping your horse keep his cool so he can relax and rest up.
What to expect from multi-purpose recovery supplements
Even though you may not see a significant change in your horse right after starting him on a multi-purpose recovery supplement, don’t sweat it – healthy recovery takes time. You may not be able to see them working on the inside of your horse, but the ingredients are helping to support a normal inflammatory response, maintain tissue health, and support joint function. Because the components that support nervous system health generally take 4-6 weeks for full benefit, don’t worry if you don’t see the behavior you hoped for immediately after you start your horse on the supplement. Over the first several weeks, observe your horse for signs that he is adjusting and settling into his new routine. You can also look for your horse to show signs of normal, healthy digestion in thanks to the targeted ingredients for maintaining hindgut function. 
How to support success
Keeping a formula like this in your horse’s SmartPaks while he’s recovering is a smart way to ensure that he has everything he needs to come back strong. For some unique tips and tricks for making the most of your horse’s recovery time, check out this blog all about smarter stall rest. Additionally, being familiar with the proven colic risk factors can help you make smart choices for your horse’s hindgut health. Don’t forget – when your horse is back to normal, our Horse Health Experts can help you update his SmartPaks to provide ongoing support while he’s in work.
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