What to Expect When Using Horse Hoof Circulation Supplements

What are hoof circulation supplements?
Hoof circulation supplements are daily formulas that help maintain healthy blood flow to the hooves. These supplements typically include ingredients like arginine to support blood flow, herbs to help manage discomfort, and powerful antioxidants for tissue health. 
Why hoof circulation supplements are a smart choice
Circulation may not be the first thing people think of when it comes to hoof health, but supporting normal blood flow to your horse’s feet is a critical component of keeping them healthy. Proper blood flow is essential for ensuring that your horse’s hooves have the nutrients they need to work correctly, both inside and outside.
What to expect with hoof circulation supplements
Your veterinarian or farrier may recommend supplementing to support hoof circulation for a variety of reasons, so we advise working with them to evaluate how your horse responds to this product. Keep in mind that hoof circulation supplements take time to show their full benefit, generally 1-2 months. Within this time, look for your horse to show signs of growing good quality hoof wall from the coronary band. Healthy circulation may also support your horse’s comfort, so look for signs of normal stride and appropriate movement as well.
How to support success
Since maintaining your horse’s hoof health is one of the most important things you’re doing for his well-being and performance, it’s important to keep a hoof circulation supplement in your horse’s SmartPaks to support healthy blood flow all year round. It’s also critical that you work closely with your veterinarian and farrier to be sure your horse is getting the professional care he needs to put his best foot forward. Want to make sure you’re doing everything else you can to support healthy hooves? Check out this blog to read up on managing the four key areas of hoof health.
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