What to Expect When Using Horse Hindgut Supplements

What are hindgut supplements?
Hindgut supplements are daily formulas that support digestive health in horses. They commonly provide ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and yeast, all of which may help support normal hindgut function. 
Why hindgut supplements are a smart choice
Your horse’s hindgut has many important jobs, from digesting his forage, playing a major role in immune health, absorbing key nutrients, and more. Unfortunately, common events like changes in hay or increased stall time can lead to digestive upset. That’s why it’s smart to provide support for a healthy and balanced hindgut, as it is critical to your horse’s overall health and well-being.
What to expect from hindgut supplements
You know that many aspects of horse keeping are stressful on the digestive tract, from training and travel, to stall time, hay changes and more. While we can’t see the digestive tract doing its job from the outside, you can rest assured that the ingredients in these formulas are helping your horse’s hindgut function in the face of these stress factors. These ingredients may take time to reach their full benefit, so watch for your horse to maintain digestive balance and normal manure after he’s been on a hindgut supplement for 4-6 weeks.
How to support success
Because digestive stress can occur on any day, keeping a hindgut supplement in your horse’s SmartPaks year-round is a smart choice! Of course, managing digestive health doesn’t end here. Being familiar with the proven colic risk factors can help you make smart choices for your horse’s digestive system.
Top picks for hindgut supplements
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