What to Expect When Using Horse Skin & Coat Supplements

What are skin and coat supplements?
Skin and coat supplements are daily formulas that provide omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and a shiny coat.
Why skin and coat supplement are a smart choice
Everyone knows that a shiny coat is a sign of a healthy horse, and there’s nothing better than hearing people say how good your horse looks. With a skin and coat supplement, you’re providing your horse with key nutrients to support healthy skin and a beautiful coat from the inside, out so he can get compliments everywhere he goes.
What to expect from skin and coat supplements
 Skin and coat supplements generally take about a month to reach their full benefit, so you should start to see your horse’s good health shine through in his coat after he’s been on the supplement for a few weeks.
How to support success
To help ensure that your horse always looks his best, keep a healthy serving of fatty acids in his SmartPaks all year long, and remember that regular grooming is also beneficial for the well-being of his skin and hair coat. Omega fatty acids are excellent to provide year-round for your horse- in summer they may help to support the integrity of the skin and coat in the face of pesky insects, and during winter the added oils help support healthy, resilient skin. Check out our recipe for a shiny coat to learn more about how you can make sure your horse’s coat always has the ultimate shine.
Top picks for skin and coat supplements
Helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat
Omega Horseshine
Basic support to maintain a healthy glow
Smart & Simple Flax
Comprehensive support for an unbeatable shine
SmartShine Ultra

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