What to Expect When Using Horse Muscle Development Supplements

What are muscle development supplements?
Muscle development supplements are daily formulas that provide ingredients essential to the muscle building process. These supplements primarily include amino acids, the building blocks of protein.
Why muscle development supplement are a smart choice 
Every horse owner wants their partner to have strong, healthy muscles to power performance whether that means jumping the course, winning the halter class, or hitting the trail. Smart horse owners know that strong, defined muscles start with the right nutritional support. Providing your horse with the building blocks needed for lean muscle development is a great way to help him make the most of his exercise program.
What to expect with muscle development supplements
One of the most important factors for muscle development is a complementary training program. Think of it like drinking a protein shake. Just drinking the shake alone isn’t going to make a difference if you’re a couch potato. For both people and horses, muscles have to be used for them to develop, so some form of exercise is essential to achieving optimal muscle development in using a muscle building supplement. An appropriate training program in conjunction with the quality protein in this supplement is a perfect combination for developing strong, powerful muscles. If your horse is in regular work, you can expect him to start developing healthy muscle over the first couple of months of using a muscle building supplement. Before and after pictures might also be helpful for tracking your horse’s progress.
How to support success
Along with continuing to provide comprehensive nutritional support from a muscle building supplement consider working with your trainer and veterinarian to build an appropriate exercise program if you don’t already have one. Combining the right nutrition with the right training program gives your horse the foundation he needs for being his buffest self! Want to bulk up your muscle and conditioning smarts? Take our quiz!
Our top picks for muscle development supplements
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