What to Expect When Using Horse Hoof Supplements

What are hoof supplements?

Hoof supplements are daily formulas designed to support both healthy hoof growth and strong hoof integrity. The main component of these formulas is biotin, which has been shown to impact hoof growth rate and hardness. They may also include amino acids and other essential vitamins and minerals to support strong, resilient hooves.

Why hoof supplements are a smart choice

Everyone’s heard the phrase “no hoof, no horse.” In addition to regular maintenance from a hoof care professional, proper nutrition plays a key role in hoof health, which is why giving your horse the building blocks of strong, resilient hooves is a smart idea.

What to expect from hoof supplements

Hooves grow from the hairline down at an average rate of ¼” per month, so don’t stress if you don’t see visible changes right away. Over the first couple of months, keep an eye on the quality of the hoof that your horse is growing from the coronary band. It generally takes 9-12 months for horses to grow an entirely new hoof, so patience is important. By providing the key nutrients in your hoof supplement, you’re giving your horse the building blocks he needs to start putting his best foot forward. Another important factor to remember is that hoof growth slows in the colder months, so if you’re starting a hoof supplement in the winter, it may take a bit longer to see initial results. Last but not least, working closely with your farrier or trimmer is a crucial component of this process, so make sure that you’ve got the right hoof care professional on board! (Your hoof care professional can also help you evaluate the quality of your horse’s newly grown hoof wall.)

How to support success

Since your horse’s hooves are constantly growing, keeping a hoof supplement in his SmartPaks to support healthy growth all year round is a smart decision. It’s sort of like exercising- as long as you’re staying active, you’re more likely to be fit. However, if you quit your exercise program, your fitness is also likely to decline regardless of how active you were a few months ago. You’re only going to see the benefits by maintaining your program. And remember, proper nutrition and regular maintenance from a hoof care professional aren’t the only factors that impact your horse’s hoof health. Check out this blog to make sure you’re managing your horse for the four key factors that impact hoof health.

Top picks for hoof supplements

The gold standard in hoof supplements

Farrier’s Formula Double Strength

Basic support for maintaining healthy hooves

SmartHoof Pellets

Moderate support for hooves needing extra support

SmartHoof Ultra Pellets

Comprehensive support for maintaining strong hooves and healthy circulation

SmartHoof Ultimate Pellets

SmartPak strongly encourages you to consult your veterinarian regarding specific questions about your horse's health. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease, and is purely educational.