What to Expect When Using Dark Coat Color Horse Supplements

What are dark coat color supplements?
Dark coat color supplements are daily formulas that provide targeted support to help maintain a horse’s dark coat. These supplements typically utilize omega 3 fatty acids and key ingredients like paprika and nutmeg to support dark, rich coat color.  
Why dark coat color supplements are a smart choice
You want to give your horse the best chance possible to stay smart, dark, and handsome no matter what time of year it is. With a dark coat color supplement, you can provide your horse with a comprehensive blend of omega fatty acids for healthy, resilient skin and targeted ingredients to support brilliant, rich coat color.
What to expect from dark coat color supplements
To see the full benefit of a dark coat color supplement, it’s recommended that you start your horse on the formula before the sunny season begins. Since coat supplements generally take about a month to reach their full benefit, you should start seeing your horse’s good health shine through in his coat at that point. If your horse spends a lot of time outside, look for him to maintain a deep brilliance despite the rays.
How to support success
Supporting your horse from the inside out all year long is a smart way to help his true colors shine through. To help ensure that your horse always looks his best, keep a healthy serving of fatty acids in his SmartPaks all year, and remember that regular grooming is also beneficial for the well-being of his skin and hair coat. Omega fatty acids are excellent to provide year-round for your horse- in summer they may help to support the integrity of the skin and coat in the face of pesky insects, and during winter the added oils may help support healthy, resilient skin. Check out our recipe for a shiny coat to learn more about how you can make sure your horse’s coat always has the ultimate healthy glow.
Top pick for dark coat color supplements
Support a deep, dark shine
SmartDark & Handsome

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