What to Expect When Using Horse Pituitary Health Supplements

What are pituitary health supplements?
Pituitary health supplements are daily formulas that provide targeted support for a horse’s pituitary gland function. These supplements may also include ingredients for immune health a healthy hair coat, and muscle development.
Why pituitary health supplements are a smart choice
Supporting your horse’s pituitary health may seem like a challenging task, but good management can have a profound effect on your horse’s overall wellness. In addition to supporting endocrine health, these specialized formulas include ingredients for normal immune function, lean muscle development, and a healthy hair coat.
What to expect from pituitary health supplements
Pituitary health supplements take time to reach their full benefit, generally 6-8 weeks, so don’t worry if you don’t see what you hoped for right after you start your horse on the formula. When using a pituitary health supplement, keep an eye on your horse’s coat and shedding pattern. You can also look for healthy muscle development if he’s still in work and general signs that your senior horse is feeling bright and happy!
How to support success
Keeping a comprehensive pituitary health formula in your senior’s SmartPaks is a smart way to support normal endocrine function and make sure your horse looks and feels his best for years to come. Want more info on pituitary health? Read up on the subject in this article in our Horse Health Library or see what our Staff Veterinarian has to say in her Ask the Vet blog.
Our top pick for pituitary health supplements
Comprehensive support for endocrine health
SmartPituitary Senior Pellets

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