What to Expect When Using Horse Multi-Purpose Supplements

What are multi-purpose supplements?
Multi-purpose supplements are daily formulas that provide support for several key areas at once. These can include a combination of nutrients targeted for support to a horse’s hooves, joints, hindgut, stomach, skin, and coat. 
Why multi-purpose supplements are a smart choice
No matter their workload or discipline, many horses can benefit from support in several key areas. Multi-purpose formulas target all of those areas to give your horse a solid foundation for success.
What to expect with multi-purpose supplements
Depending on the combination you choose for your horse, you should expect to notice some of the following after you start him on a multi-purpose supplement. If the formula you choose provides joint support, you can rest assured knowing that he’s getting a steady supply of the ingredients his body needs to cope with the demands of his workload and help keep his joints healthy for years to come. Many of these formulas provide targeted hoof ingredients, but because hooves grow from the hairline down at an average rate of ¼” per month, there may not be much visible change right away and that’s ok! Keep in mind it generally takes 6-9 months for a horse to grow out an entirely new hoof (longer in winter!), so be sure to observe your horse’s feet in the weeks and months after you’ve started him on the supplement. If your formula includes support for a healthy hindgut function, this should help your horse maintain normal manure after he’s been on it for a few weeks. For any included gastric support, you may see signs of comfort and contentment during mealtimes and work because of the targeted ingredients for gastric tissues. And if it provides ingredients to support your horse’s skin and coat, his good health should start shining through.
How to support success
Keeping this foundational support in your horse’s SmartPaks is a smart way to ensure he has everything he needs to look and feel his best. To learn more about why supporting your horse’s joints inside and out is a smart choice, check out this article in our Horse Health Library. If you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to support healthy hooves, check out this blog to read up on managing for the four key areas that affect hoof health. Being familiar with the proven colic risk factors can help you make smart choices for your horse’s hindgut health. Last but not least, check out our recipe for a shiny coat to learn more about how you can make sure your horse’s coat always has the ultimate shine.
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