What to Expect When Using Horse Recovery Supplements

What are recovery supplements?
Recovery supplements are daily formulas designed to support the normal healing process. These formulas include ingredients to support tendon and ligament health, such as silica and collagen, as well as MSM, omega 3 fatty acids, and herbs to help ease discomfort.
Why recovery supplements are a smart choice
It’s hard to see your best friend laid up, and you want to do everything you can to make sure he comes back strong. You know that even though it may look like your horse is resting, his body is hard at work repairing and rebuilding tissues. That’s why it’s a great idea to help that process by providing targeting ingredients to support normal healing and help keep him comfortable during his recovery. 
What to expect from recovery supplements
Even though you may not see a significant change in your horse right after you start him on a recovery supplement, don’t sweat it – healthy recovery takes time. You can rest assured knowing that he’s getting a steady supply of the ingredients he needs to come back strong. Herbal ingredients are helping to support a normal inflammatory response, antioxidants are maintaining tissue health, and ingredients like hyaluronic acid are helping to support joint function. And don’t forget that your veterinarian is your horse’s best resource during recovery!
How to support success
Healthy recovery starts from the inside, so keeping this comprehensive support in your horse’s SmartPaks throughout his recovery will help ensure he has everything he needs to come back strong. And keep in mind, healthy joints need support, too! When your horse is ready to get back to work, use the SmartFlex Finder to make sure he has the perfect level of joint support to keep him going strong.
Top picks for recovery supplements
Comprehensive support for normal healing
SmartFlex Rehab Pellets

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