What to Expect When Using Horse Health & Wellness Supplements

What are health and wellness supplements?
Health and wellness supplements are daily formulas that provide general support for a horse’s well-being. These supplements primarily focus on supplying a hearty dose of omega 3 fatty acids, as these support cellular health and a normal response to inflammation.
Why health and wellness supplements are a smart choice
Open up any health magazine or medical journal, and you’re bound to find at least one article singing the praises of omega 3 fatty acids. Turns out your horse needs omega 3s, too! Your horse was built to thrive on fresh grass, which is rich in omega 3s fatty acids, but not everyone has access to year-round pasture (and some horses shouldn’t have access if you’re trying to manage sugar in the diet). Because neither hay nor grain supply enough of the omega 3s your horse needs, feeding a daily supplement that’s rich in these healthy fats is a smart move!
What to expect from health and wellness supplements
Unless you’ve got superhero x-ray vision, you probably won’t be able to see all the good that’s happening inside your horse at the cellular level. Think of it like getting the oil changed in your car. You know that even if you can’t see the difference on the outside, changing the oil is critical in allowing your vehicle to function at its best. Omega 3s are essential for overall health and wellness, even if we can’t visually see them working their magic. That being said, the omega 3s in a health and wellness supplement will also support skin and coat health, so don’t be surprised to see your horse shining like a new penny within the first several weeks!
How to support success
Keeping a hearty serving of omega 3s in your horse’s SmartPaks all year round is a smart way to make sure he has what he needs for optimal health. Want to learn more about how omegas fit into your horse’s ideal diet? Check out this blog.
Top picks for health and wellness supplements
Basic support for overall wellness
SmartOmega 3
Advanced support for overall wellness
SmartOmega 3 Ultra

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