What to Expect When Using Horse Metabolic Supplements

What are metabolic supplements?
Metabolic supplements are daily formulas that support proper metabolism. They typically include ingredients such as magnesium and chromium to help maintain normal insulin and glucose levels.
Why metabolic supplements are a smart choice
While it’s tempting to think that chubby horses are cute, it’s important to remember that being overweight puts your horse at a higher risk for a number of health problems, from joint issues to heat stress to laminitis. Supporting your horse with a targeted metabolic formula designed to help maintain healthy body condition and a normal metabolism will make you a smart horse owner!
What to expect from metabolic supplements 
Although you can’t see it happening, metabolic supplements work hard from the inside to help your horse’s insulin function normally. This is critical for his overall health and well-being for the years to come. If you’re also looking to help your horse maintain a healthy weight, remember that an appropriate exercise program is a critical component of reaching that goal. It’s a smart idea to work closely with your veterinarian to develop an exercise and nutrition program suitable for your horse’s needs. Bear in mind that this process takes time, so don’t lose hope if you don’t see the results you hoped for right away, but be sure to monitor your horse over the first several weeks.
How to support success
Check out our blogs on feeding and exercising the easy keeper to learn more about designing the right diet and fitness program for your horse. Because weight maintenance is an ongoing challenge, it’s also a good idea to continue to provide daily metabolic support in SmartPaks.
Top picks for metabolic supplements
Basic metabolic support
Comprehensive metabolic support
SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets

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