What to Expect When Using Horse Laminae Health Supplements

What are laminae health supplements?
Laminae health supplements are daily formulas that provide targeted support for laminar integrity. These supplements may include ingredients like hops to support healthy laminae, omega 3 fatty acids and MSM to promote a normal response to inflammation, and herbs to help manage discomfort.
Why laminae health supplements are a smart choice
Healthy laminae are critical to your horse’s overall well-being and soundness, and because of this we always recommend working closely with your veterinarian if you’re concerned about this aspect of your horse’s hoof health. A lamina health supplement provides an innovative combination of ingredients for supporting laminar integrity, helping the body with a healthy response to inflammation, and even aids proper digestion of sugar. These supplements are an excellent choice for horses that have struggled with laminar health in the past, or those currently at risk for such health concerns.
What to expect from laminae health supplements
If your horse has generally healthy laminae and your goal is to provide him with proactive support to help keep it that way, it’s possible you won’t see marked differences — and that’s ok! If your horse has risk factors for laminar problems, it’s smart to support his foot health proactively day in and day out. If your horse has struggled with laminar issues in the past, a laminae health supplement may take approximately 6-8 weeks to reach its full benefit. While you may not be able to see all the health benefits of this type of supplement, you can feel great knowing that it’s providing a comprehensive selection of supportive ingredients! The omega 3s and antioxidants in this formula are working to support the health of the laminar tissue, while enzymes and hops help to ensure normal digestion of sugars. Because these are designed to support the normal health and function of the laminae, as well as support a healthy inflammatory response, look for signs that your horse’s feet are feeling comfortable in the first several weeks.
How to support success
Making sure your veterinarian is an active part of your horse’s care team is critically important in helping to maintain laminar health. Unhealthy laminae could lead to serious problems for your horse, which is why keeping this comprehensive support in his SmartPaks is a smart idea. To learn more about the important role that laminae play, check out this video from an expert farrier who is SmartPak’s Hoof Health Consultant. And if you want to make sure you’re doing everything else you can to support healthy hooves, check out this blog to read up on managing for the four key areas that impact your horse’s feet.
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