What to Expect When Using Horse Multi-Vitamin Supplements

What are multi-vitamin supplements?
Multi-vitamin supplements are daily formulas that contain a selection of vitamins and minerals to help meet a horse’s nutrient requirements.
Why it’s a smart choice:
Vitamins and minerals are important to many aspects of your horse’s health, from immunity and muscle function, to his ability to recover from stress and exercise. Unfortunately, many horses’ diets are coming up short when it comes to these critical nutrients. If your horse isn’t receiving the full amount of grain recommended on the feed bag, is receiving a whole grain like oats, or is receiving no grain at all, he may be lacking in critical vitamins, minerals. But because overfeeding grain can cause digestive problems, obesity, and excitability, increasing your horse’s grain ration may not be the best answer. That’s why it’s smart to provide your horse with a selection of key vitamins and minerals to help meet his nutrient requirements.
What to expect from multi-vitamin supplements
It’s difficult to ‘see’ vitamins and minerals playing their important role on the inside, but you can rest assured that these nutrients are utilized to support just about every function in your horse’s body. Using a multi-vitamin is a great way to make sure your horse has the fundamental building blocks he needs to feel and perform him best for years to come!
How to support success
Keeping a serving of key nutrients in your horse’s SmartPaks will help ensure he always gets what he needs to thrive. And don’t forget – the rest of his diet matters, too! Learn how to build your horse’s ideal diet from the ground up on our blog.
Our top pick for multi-vitamin supplements
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SmartVite Thrive Pellets
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SmartVite Thrive Senior Pellets
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SmartVite Perform Pellets
Top pick for senior performance horses
SmartVite Perform Senior Pellets

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