Not having an organized trailer tack room can cause for a stressful show day when trying to get to warm up and rings on time. Knowing where to find the essentials but also being able to lay your hands on your emergency medical kit or that extra watch battery can lead to a more focused competition day.

I like to make big use of lists and labels!!! The best organization starts at the beginning of the event season. I like to start with an empty tack room that has been cleaned and anything broken repaired. Make a list of all the equipment you would like to have in your trailer for a one-day show. At the bottom add a section for what would be needed extra for an overnight show (e.g. water buckets, feed bucket, etc). How you break the lists down is your decision. You could do the basics:

Grooming kit
Medical kit
XC boots etc, etc

Or you could break it down further,
Grooming kit:

etc, etc

Make copies of these lists so you can file one away. Over time you can add to them, or remove items that you realize are just taking up space!!

Once you have your list you can then start grouping items together to be put in various trunks. These trunks should have a general theme (e.g. riding gear or work boots and polo bandages). I would use clear plastic trunks for those items that you have few of. When you pack each trunk, write a general description on the outside where you will be able to read it at a glance. No good having the label on the lid if you then stack your trunks!!

For trunks containing random equipment, make a list, put it in a clear plastic bag and then stick it to the inside of the lid using clear tape to keep it intact. When you repack you will know exactly what is meant to be in each trunk. For example:

When it comes to items such as medical supplies I would put them inside smaller clear containers, or clear ziplock bags. I like having numerous clearly labeled trunks rather than one or two large trunks that hold everything.

Actually packing them into the trailer should be done systematically. Those trunks that contain spare boots or blankets should kept at the back. The trunks you need at every show should be easily accessible. I also like to have a lot of hooks. Bridle hooks, hat hooks, coat hooks…. If you can hang it up, I like to get stuff off the floor.

Items I like to have to help stay organized at the show include:

  • Trash bags to throw away trash as I go
  • Collapsible laundry bag – dirty towels, boots, saddle pads go straight into the laundry bag
  • Muck tub and pitch fork, to keep back of trailer clean and also the area where the horses are tied up
  • White board. If you can attach a white board to your trailer door this is great for writing down your times but also write reminders if you run out of a product at the show…. Hopefully whilst reorganizing for your next show you will remember to pick up the items beforehand.

I hope some of these tips are helpful. Happy organizing!