How to Help a Short Forelock Grow

Updated December 9, 2022
A horse with a short forelock.

Forelocks come in all thicknesses and lengths. Genetics obviously play a large role in how your horse’s locks look. Are there ways to improve that thin, wispy, basically non-existent forelock? Well, maybe! Here are a few tips you can try to help your horse’s forelock grow and look its best.

Support a Balanced Diet

A horse’s health always starts from the inside out. A great first step is looking at what you feed your horse and asking if the quality of hay and grass is high. Are you in an area where trace minerals are deficient? Zinc, manganese, cobalt, and copper are all important minerals required for a healthy coat, mane, and tail.

It’s important to research what your horse might be missing or getting too much of in his diet. You can work with your veterinarian or equine nutritionist to create a diet that will support an optimal nutritional balance through a fortified grain, ration balancer, and multi-vitamin or mineral supplement. Then, specific supplements can be added to support joint, hoof, skin and coat, mane and tail, or an all-in-one product.

Trimming the Forelock

Although this sounds counterproductive, for some forelocks removing dead ends can help to thicken up the hair. Using a razor is the best method to periodically remove the dead ends without thinning the forelock itself. When trimming the bridle path, you also might consider not trimming so close to the ears. Letting the hair grow out and then combing it forward into the forelock can help to create a thicker forelock. Obviously, it will take time for this section of hair to grow, so time and patience are key.

Hair Growth Products

Effol Regrowth Serum

There are many hair growth products on the market, but we’ve listed three top picks to help improve coats, manes, and tails.

Effol Regrowth Serum

This unique product’s main active ingredient is caffeine! When massaged directly into the hair roots, it strengthens the hair and promotes healthy new growth. Effol’s Regrowth Serum is an effective product for growing a fuller mane and tail.

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Knotty Horse™ Apricot Oil Recon Leave-In Conditioner

Knotty Horse Apricot Oil Recon Leave-In Conditioner

This deep treatment with Keratin helps to recondition and reconstruct dry, damaged hair for fast-acting softness and healthy hair growth. This spray is made with an active level of apricot oil, including omegas 6 and 9 as well as vitamins A and E. The Apricot Oil Recon Leave-In Conditioner smells amazing and works hard to rehydrate dry and damaged manes and tails.

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Mane-ly Long Hair Detangler Polisher Protector

Manely Long Hair Detangler Polisher Protector

Made with vitamin B and keratin amino acids, this product helps maintain healthy hair while protecting it from the elements – dust, dirt, burrs, and tangles. The Mane-ly Polisher is not greasy, leaves no residue, and leaves your horse’s hair soft and silky.

Learn more about the Mane-ly Long Hair Detangler Polisher Protector.

Remember that with any form of hair growth product you are not going to see results overnight. So, pick one that you like the sound of and then give it at least three months before deciding if it’s working for you and your horse. Good luck with growing that forelock and check our articles on grooming for tips to help your horse look and feel his best!

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Originally published October 15, 2014