Picking the Right Horse Deshedding Tools and Brushes

Updated September 22 , 2023
horse shedding blade

There are a variety of horse deshedding tools on the market that may be good options for your horse this shedding season. The best tool for you will vary depending on your horse’s sensitivity, thickness of coat, shedding goals, and personal preferences. Below are a variety of shedding tools to consider using and why they may be a good pick for your horse.

Horse Shedding Blade

Shedding blades the standard, go-to option to get rid of loose hair. They are often made of metal and have “teeth” on one edge. These are used on the neck and body of the horse.

How to Use a Shedding Blade

Place the “teeth” edge against the horse’s body and then move the shedding blade in the direction the hair rests naturally. The teeth should help remove the loose, wooly winter coat. Pause to remove hair from the shedding blade as needed.

The teardrop shape is great for getting loose hair on the body and covers a wide area. Often, the handle can be separated to give an even wider surface area if needed. Metal shedding blades are useful for excessing shedders with heavy winter coats and most horses tolerate it quite well.

Spiral Curry

spiral curry comb for shedding horse hair on hindquarters

This is similar to the shedding blade above but has a few extra features to tackle tougher grooming jobs. The spiral-shaped design has multiple rows of blades that can get the job done with less effort from you.

It’s incredibly helpful when dealing with mud in addition to shedding. Spring often brings rain showers, and the multiple rows really help loosen the caked-on mud and help the shedding process along. Spiral curry combs are a must have if your horse is a puddle roller!

HandsOn Gloves for Grooming

For some horses, the two options above may be a bit too much pressure for their liking or be too big to get into nooks and crannies of the horse’s body. The HandsOn Gloves for Grooming are a good option as you can easily adjust the amount of pressure used and it has round knobs instead of “teeth” on your classic shedding blade.

These gloves are useful for shedding out patchy hair on the legs, cleaning around the pasterns, and currying areas your horse may be sensitive to, such as the belly. If your horse needs a bath, this is a good choice to use as well to scrub deep into their still-hairy coats.

Slick 'N Easy™ Grooming Block

Another great option to help during shedding season is the Slick ‘N Easy horse grooming block. This is a fiberglass grooming block that is an easy, low-cost way to remove loose hair, dust, and dirt. This product does help to add some shine to my horse’s coat, making it a great option to use in preparation before a lesson, clinic, or show.

This grooming tool is useful on smaller areas a shedding blade may not address as easily, such as the chest, gaskin, and back of the legs. This is one that can be a little rough, so your horse may not tolerate it over sensitive areas.

Betty's Best StripHair® Gentle Groomer™ Original For Horses

bettys best strip hair gentle groomer getting mud off horses leg

If the grooming block is too much for your sensitive horse, the Betty's Best StripHair® Gentle Groomer™ Original For Horses is another great option. The rubber, unique all-in-one design offers convenience to groom, curry, shine, shed, shampoo, slick, and massage. It’s flexible and can conform to be safe to use everywhere, including the legs, face and other sensitive areas. This is also a great option to use during baths as well, as the material has added anti-microbials and a non-porous structure.

Plug in the Horse Vacuum

An efficient option to help shed out your horse is using the Vac n’Blo Pro. The suction gets down deep into their coat to remove loose hair, dirt, dandruff, and anything else in your horse’s coat. This can also be used as a blower, making it perfect to also help dry your horse after baths. If you’re not sure what using a vacuum to groom your horse entails, check out this blog with the steps to grooming a horse with a vacuum.

This may not work for every horse as the vacuum can be loud. But if it does work for your horse, this can really help cut down on the grooming process and post-groom cleaning for you!

Horse Shedding Season Resources

If you’re still not sure where to start with tackling all the hair on your horse this spring, check out some of these articles for more information:

With a little bit of elbow grease and a few of the tools above that work best for your situation, you’ll have your horse shed out in no time!

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