How do you shorten a mane that’s very, very thin, almost to the point of being “wispy”? I’ve been a traditional mane puller all my life, but the top and bottom third of my horse’s mane has become too thin to shorten by pulling (I can still pull the middle). I had a clinic recently, and successfully used the Solocomb beforehand, but I’m wondering if professional grooms have any other techniques? His mane was too long just to snip vertically with scissors (I do that mid-season to keep him tidy). Thanks! – Lydia G. from Elburn, IL

Trying to keep manes tidy, under control and manageable is a constant battle for grooms. Maintaining thin manes takes time and practice. There are many products (like solocomb) on the market that are aimed to help you with the task on shortening thin manes. My personnel choice is to use either a bot knife or the saw tooth pocket knife. I find these tools allow you to razor the mane, leaving a pulled look.


  • Don’t try a new technique the night before you need to braid. Nothing like over-shortening the mane and then having to try and braid it!!
  • Always take less mane, you can always go shorter but cannot replace it once gone!
  • Always have a dry mane. Wet hair stretches and it is difficult to get the mane even.


  1. Comb through mane
  2. Using the knife, take a few hairs and back comb through the strands of hair.
  3. Holding the end of the hair, use the knife to razor the tips off.
  4. Comb through the same section and repeat process until the mane is at the required length.

Good luck!