What to Expect When Using Horse Gastric Supplements

What are gastric supplements?
Gastric supplements are daily formulas that provide targeted support to a horse’s stomach. These supplements may include ingredients such as magnesium and calcium that help to neutralize excess stomach acid, and other special ingredients that help support a healthy stomach.
Why gastric supplements are a smart choice
Your horse was designed to consume small amounts of forage throughout the majority of the day, so his stomach produces acid 24/7. In a natural grazing situation, where a horse is chewing and swallowing most of day, his gastric acid is buffered by forage and saliva. This buffering action helps keep acidity from damaging the sensitive stomach lining. However, modern horse keeping and feeding practices are often at odds with how horses were designed to live and eat, which can lead to gastric upset. A stressed stomach can negatively impact your horse’s health, attitude, and performance. That’s why providing your horse with a selection of ingredients that support stomach health is a smart way to help him look and feel his best.
What to expect with gastric supplements
Gastric support supplements generally take 6-8 weeks for their full benefit. The ingredients in this formula are helping to neutralize excess stomach acid, which helps to minimize stress on the delicate stomach lining. After several weeks of use, you can expect your horse to show signs of normal gastric function and comfort during mealtimes, as well as when he’s working.
How to support success
 Anytime you’re concerned about your horse’s gastric health, we always recommend working closely with your veterinarian, who will help you determine what treatment and management options are best for your horse. In addition to appropriate veterinary care, keeping a gastric supplement in your horse’s SmartPaks is a smart way to provide consistent, daily support to help maintain stomach health. If you’re hungry for more information on how to help keep tummy troubles at bay, get tips from SmartPak Staff Veterinarian Dr. Lydia Gray in her Ask the Vet blog.
Top picks for gastric supplements
Basic gastric support
SmartGut Pellets
Gastric support for horses under stress
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Comprehensive support for horses at risk for gastric issues
SmartGut Ultra Pellets

SmartPak strongly encourages you to consult your veterinarian regarding specific questions about your horse's health. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease, and is purely educational.