What to Expect When Using Horse Insect Defense Supplements

What are insect defense supplements?
Insect defense supplements are daily, feed-through formulas that help deter pesky insects. These formulas commonly include garlic, apple cider vinegar, and brewer’s yeast to deter biting insects.
Why insect defense supplements are a smart choice
Nothing can ruin a day at the barn faster than bothersome bugs. Luckily, an insect defense supplement can help to provide additional defense against these pesky pests. The ingredients in these formulas can help discourage flies from bothering and biting your horse, making riding and turnout time fun for both of you.
What to expect from insect defense supplements
Insect defense supplements take time to reach their full benefit, generally about 4-6 weeks. It’s possible that your horse may act comfortable and happy during turnout and your rides right away, but if not, that’s ok, it may take a bit more time! Keep an eye on your horse over the first several weeks for how he looks and feels in spite of the bugs.
How to support success
Keeping a targeted fly deterrent formula in your horse’s SmartPaks will help ensure that he has what he needs to help beat the bugs. As you know, there’s not one single strategy for completely managing insects, but rather a comprehensive approach will give you the best results. Regular fly spray application and fly sheets are also great tools at your disposal for having a happy horse during bug season. To make sure your insect management plan is keeping you covered from all sides, see our tips for a no-fly zone.
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