What to Expect When Using Horse Joint Supplements

What are joint supplements?
Joint supplements are daily formulas designed to help ensure that horses have a steady supply of the key ingredients they need to maintain healthy joints. Some of the fundamental ingredients to look for in joint supplements include glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, and MSM.
Why joint supplements are a smart choice
Even light work can lead to wear and tear on your horse’s joints; after all, researchers have found that even wild mustangs can develop joint deterioration. That’s why providing your horse with the fundamentals of joint health with a supplement is a sound investment in your future together.
What to expect from joint supplements
While you can’t see inside your horse’s joints, you can rest assured knowing that he’s getting a steady supply of the ingredients his body needs to help maintain joint health as he works.  If your horse generally looked and felt good when you started him on his joint supplement, you can sleep well knowing you’re providing fantastic proactive support for his long-term comfort and joint health. If your horse occasionally showed signs of stiffness or discomfort, expect results after he’s been getting the supplement for 4-8 weeks.
How to support success
Supporting your horse’s joints with a daily supplement is a smart way to make sure his joints have what they need to stay strong and cope with the demands of his workload. We also recommend working closely with your veterinarian, farrier, and other equine professionals to address all aspects of your horse’s health. Check out the other joint health articles in our Equine Health Library to learn more about why supporting your horse’s joints inside and out is a smart choice.
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