Difference of Powder, Pellets or Paste Supplement for Horses

Question: I see a lot of the same types of supplements available in powders, pellets or pastes – what’s the difference?

Answer: Supplements in paste form are generally intended for occasional use. For example, you
might use a calming paste when your horse is in a new situation and more nervous than usual. You might administer a digestive paste when your horse is being trailered and you’re worried about digestive upset from the stress of travel. Or you might keep an electrolyte paste in your saddle bag on a long trail ride, to encourage your horse to drink enough water. Your horse will likely get the most benefit from a paste supplement if you use it as an occasional “booster” to his daily supplement regimen.

While pastes are the perfect way to provide your horse with extra support on certain occasions, powders and pellets are designed to be fed on a daily basis.

Many types of supplements are available in powder and pellet form, so you can shop based on your horse’s preference. However, some supplements, like those high in fat, can’t be pelleted, because they won’t hold their form. Fortunately, horses usually love the taste of high-fat powders.

Whether the product is providing core nutrients like vitamins and minerals, or the building blocks of healthy joint tissue like Glucosamine or Hyaluronic Acid, these supplements are designed to be fed every single day, and that is absolutely, positively how they will work best! Since consistency of feeding is key to your horse receiving the full benefit of his daily supplements, there is no better way to feed them than daily dose SmartPaks! (And now that SmartPaks over $40 ship free, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the peace of mind they offer.)