Horse Calming Supplements

Tense, edgy, unfocused. If these words describe your horse, a calming supplement could make training easier and riding more fun. These carefully formulated products support proper nervous system function to help your horse feel more confident, focused and at ease.

Note for Competitive Riders: Some competitive organizations prohibit certain ingredients in this and other product categories.

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  • $29.95 - $229.95

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Best-selling calming formula
    • 10,000 mg of magnesium, 1,000 mg of vitamin B1, and 2,000 mg of inositol for nervous system function
    • Also includes 500 mg of l-tryptophan, an essential amino acid that may help calm & soothe
  • $25.05 - $217.95

    Foxden Equine
    Supports healthy nervous system function
    • Provides 16,000 mg of magnesium & 2.5 mg of chromium per 2 oz serving
    • In addition to calming, this formula may be helpful for horses that are overweight & cresty-necked
  • $19.95 - $83.95

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Best-selling formula for moody mares
    • 840 mg of raspberry leaf and other specialized ingredients support normal hormone levels
    • 500 mg of chamomile and 150 mg of passion flower help maintain a calm disposition
  • $22.95 - $82.95

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Helps your horse feel calm, cool, & collected
    • 5,000 mg of magnesium, 550 mg of vitamin B1 & 2,000 mg of inositol for nervous system function
  • $14.65 - $54.95

    Solid Ideas LLC/Mare Magic
    A customer favorite for calming & moodiness
    • Pure, dried raspberry leaf helps support a quiet disposition in mares & geldings
  • $14.70 - $109.95

    Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP)
    Supports a healthy nervous system & muscles
    • Provides 5,000 mg of magnesium
  • $55.35 - $304.95

    Helps keep your horse focused
    • 500 mg of Ramisol? helps minimize the increase in cortisol levels induced by stress
    • Includes 1,600 mg of magnesium, 2,000 mg of vitamin B1, and a balanced blend of other B vitamins
  • $20.95

    Perfect Products, LLC
    Targeted support for stressful situations
    • Proprietary blend of ingredients includes l-tryptophan, magnesium, thiamine, & inositol
    • Administer 90 minutes before activity
  • $12.95 - $43.95

    SmartPak Equine
    Economical nervous system support
    • Provides 1,000 mg of vitamin B1 (thiamine) to help your horse feel focused & at ease
  • $9.95 - $178.95

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Extra support for stressful situations
    • Includes magnesium, taurine, inositol, L-tryptophan, & thiamine to support nervous system function
    • Convenient paste is ideal for providing support in new situations & during times of stress
  • $13.95 - $39.75

    Vita-Flex Nutrition
    Helps your horse stay composed
    • Designed to help keep horses focused in stressful situations
    • Provides a blend of l-tryptophan, thiamine, inositol, riboflavin, magnesium, vitamin B6, & valerian
  • $22.95

    Perfect Products, LLC
    Helps maintain focus in stressful situations
    • Proprietary blend of ingredients, including magnesium, thiamine, inositol & taurine
    • Designed for horses requiring support for extended periods of time
  • $36.60 - $146.95

    Peak Performance Nutrients
    Maintains a healthy nervous system
    • Concentrated levels of vitamin B1, other B vitamins & magnesium for nervous system function
  • $29.95 - $65.95

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Herbal support for a balanced temperament
    • Contains valerian, vervain, and chamomile to help your horse stay cool and collected
    • Includes magnesium, calcium, and thiamine to aid in nervous system health
  • $49.95 - $59.80

    Hilton Herbs
    The tried and trusted herbal calmer
    • A blend of valerian, vervain, chamomile & other herbs helps calm and support the nervous system
    • Perfect for horses that need confidence in new situations
  • $30.75 - $189.95

    Grand Meadows
    Well-rounded nervous system support
    • 5,762 mg of magnesium from 4 different sources plus theanine to help your horse stay relaxed
    • Includes 500 mg of vitamin B-1, which plays a role in the proper transmission of nerve impulses
  • $49.95

    Hilton Herbs
    Helps your mare stay relaxed
    • A blend of vitex agnus castus, valerian, chamomile, vervain & other herbs
  • $49.95

    Hilton Herbs
    The tried and trusted herbal calmer
    • A blend of valerian, vervain, chamomile & other herbs helps calm and support the nervous system
    • Perfect for horses that need confidence in new situations
  • $25.95
    Fort Dodge Animal Health
    • Requires a veterinarian's prescription

Chill Out!

Help your horse keep his cool with tips from the riders at SmartPak, and discover what ingredients can help him chill out.


The Right

The Right

The Right

Green Horse
Edgy Eddie

He's occasionally nervous and tense, looking around and fidgeting as you get on. Slightly on edge, he is sometimes unfocused
on the job at hand.


"I establish as much of a routine as possible with my nervous guy. Amazingly, he also seems to like it when I sing to him!"
—Lara, Merchandising


Vitamin B1 plays a key role
in the proper functioning of nerve impulses. Horses deficient in B1 may act nervous and unfocused.
Magnesium, a macro-mineral, supports nerve and muscle function. If there is too little Magnesium in their diet, horses may be tense and nervous.

Red Horse
Wild Willy

He's over-reactive and excitable, dancing in the
aisle and jigging to the ring.
A bundle of nerves and energy, he's always looking for a "monster" to spook at.


"I lead my pony around the ring first. She looks at everything and I see if it's going to be a good day or 'one of those days.'"
—Katie, Finance


Vitamin B1 and Magnesium are essential nutrients that support the normal functioning of the nervous system (see above). Tryptophan, an essential amino acid, supports the production of serotonin,
a hormone that increases feelings of wellbeing and contentment, helping to
calm and soothe.

Purple Horse
Moody Mindy

She's cranky and irritable, kicking out and pinning her ears. Thanks to her roller coaster of mood swings,
you never know which attitude you're going to get.


"I pay attention to whether my sensitive mare actually wants to be groomed. When she's not into it, I respect that and let her be dirty, and she's much happier for it!"
—Jessica, Marketing


Raspberry Leaf is an herb that helps relax and soothe by supporting the regulation of smooth muscle tone in the reproductive and GI tracts.
Chamomile & Passion Flower are herbs that can help rebalance the nervous system and support a
calm disposition.


Meet Trish and Jack


Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: 8
Discipline: Eventing
Owner: Trish MacDonald

My horse Jack was a typical off the track Thoroughbred – tense, nervous and tight-backed. I started him on SmartCalm and noticed a dramatic difference in his behavior. His back was softer and more supple, he didn’t resent grooming and was happier overall. I was still having trouble with his spookiness and general lack of attention, so I switched him to SmartCalm Ultra. Since starting on the supplement, he has been able to concentrate and work through multiple distractions. He’s still a playful Thoroughbred and can be a goofball, but now he’s a trainable goofball!

Why Trish Uses SmartPaks
I love how organized our feed room is now that we use SmartPaks. It takes me much less time to mix grain and supplements than when I was using buckets. There’s no more spilling and forgetting who gets what!
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