Happy Mouth Double Jointed Roller Full Cheek

Soft, flexible, high-tech plastic makes Happy Mouth bits a popular choice for sensitive horses. The double-joint reduces the severity; the central roller encourages acceptance and salivation.

Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Aurigan Show Jumping Bit

Often used in jumping or cross country for horses who tend to pull. Herm Sprenger’s patented Aurigan mouthpieces are readily accepted by horses; the KK Ultra design offers an anatomically correct fit.

Korsteel Uxeter Kimberwicke

A type of curb bit that works through leverage, exerting pressure on the bars of the horse’s mouth, jaw and poll. Slots within the sides of the D-ring allow for fixed rein position and varying degrees of leverage.

Myler Level 3 Pelham

With features of both a snaffle and a curb bit, the Pelham’s action depends on how the reins are used. The snaffle rein puts direct pressure on the mouth while the curb rein exerts pressure on the mouth, poll and jaw.

Korsteel Beval Loose Ring Snaffle

Sometimes called the “wonder bit,” the beval is a middle ground between the gentle action of a free-spinning loose ring and the sharper action of a fixed-ring. Rein loops add a touch of leverage while the loose rings are still partially able to slide, softening the bit’s action.

JP Hunter Dee w/ Dr. Bristol

Often confused with a French link, the Dr. Bristol has a longer, thinner center plate, and can be worn backwards or forwards. When worn “backwards,” the center plate is set at an angle, putting additional pressure on the tongue. This makes the Dr. Bristol a good choice for horses who tend to lean on the bit.