What to Expect When Using Horse Electrolyte Supplements

What are electrolyte supplements?
Electrolyte supplements are daily formulas that are specially designed to replace the macro-minerals horses loses when they sweat. The main ingredients in these products can include sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all proportionally balanced to replenish what an active horse may lose through activity and sweat.
Why electrolytes are a smart choice
When your horse sweats he loses macro-minerals which are critical for nerve and muscle function. That’s why supporting your horse with an electrolyte supplement is a smart choice! These supplements help replace the important minerals lost in sweat, while also providing additional salt to support healthy hydration- that’s something everyone can drink to!
What to expect from electrolytes
Every time your horse sweats, he loses key minerals, and every time he gets his electrolytes, he gains back some of those crucial nutrients. Not only does this help replace essential minerals, but the salt in an electrolyte formula should also help encourage normal drinking. It’s possible that your horse may drink more water while receiving an electrolyte, and if he’s drinking more he may also urinate more.
How to support success
By keeping a serving of electrolytes in your horse’s SmartPaks, you can help ensure that he stays happy, healthy, and hydrated all year long. Thirsty for more info on electrolytes? Head to this article in our Horse Health Library and drink in some knowledge!
Top picks for electrolyte supplements
The right balance of electrolytes in a tasty pellet
SmartLytes Pellets
The right balance of electrolytes in a no sugar added powder
SmartLytes Powder
Economical apple-flavored electrolyte

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