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We Asked, You Answered: Winter Must-Haves

Posted on: February 07, 2024 by SmartPak

We asked our friends and followers on social media "What are your must-haves around the barn this winter?" and the suggestions were so good we had to capture them and share them here, too!

Scroll through to see the BEST tips riders like you had for what to keep on hand at the barn when the temps drop.

1. Heated water buckets!

Whether it's heated buckets, floating tank heaters, or automatic waterers, these are a big deal to have in the barn over the winter. Keep your fingers and your horse's water un-frozen with a Heated Flatback Bucket, a Heated Bucket - 16 Gallon.

2. Why stop at buckets? Heated everything!

Heated buckets are great, but don't forget to keep fingers and toes toasty with hand and toe warmers- they make great bit-warmers, too! Plus, keep water warmer longer with insulators for your buckets, too. (The SmartPak Insulated Water Bucket covers come in 5 Gallon and 70 Quart sizes.) And multiple riders called out their Ororo Heated Vest as a winter favorite! It's not currently carried at SmartPak, but you can find their products here.

3. And don't forget hydration support.

Feeding salt or electrolytes in the winter is often a great idea to encourage your horse to stay hydrated! (Not sure which one or why? Check out our Horse Health Library article here!) Redmond Rock Salt and SmartLytes (in Pellet or Powder form) are two popular options, but we also love Gallagher's Water for the pickier drinkers in our barns.

4. But when in doubt, add layers!

Add layers! A great pair of boots like the Dry Shod Arctic Storm Winter Waterproof Boot or Ovation Highlander Winter Tall Boot can make a huge difference in your comfort level while trudging through barn chores. One rider called out her Hadley Waterproof Winter Insulated Jacket and more than one rider chimed in with their endorsement for adding ice spikes (or something similar) to their boots, too!

We had a LOT of great recommendations on our post, so check out all the tips and tricks on Facebook here, and keep scrolling to see some of our favorite honorable mention suggestions, too.