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SmartPak: Healthier Horses & Happier Riders since 1999

Posted on: August 29, 2023 by SmartPak

You might know SmartPak for a variety of reasons- our custom, convenient feeding system, our hilarious If Horses Were People videos, our thoughtfully designed SmartSupplements, or even our Piper Breeches. But do you know SmartPak's full story?

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In 1999 Becky Minard's veterinarian confirmed that her beloved horse Westley needed daily supplements. Being a good and caring horse owner, Becky bought them right away. However, it wasn't long before she noticed those necessary, important nutrients weren't getting fed every day... and that Westley wasn't alone in missing out on his daily support.

Turns out supplements were a struggle for horse owners and barn managers everywhere! And so a solution was born: the SmartPaks supplement feeding system.

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Westley passed in 2015, but his and Becky's legacy lives on in the +100,000 horses currently using SmartPaks to help ensure they get the additional nutrition and support they need to thrive.

Since our founding in 1999, SmartPak has evolved. What started as a passion project founded by a passionate horse lover, has grown to a company full of horse lovers dedicated to supporting as many healthy horses and happy riders as possible. We've traveled across the country to chat with barn managers over morning grain, we've attended clinics to meet riders after their rides, and we even made it across the pond for the London Olympics to wear a giant foam finger to make sure people knew that Dressage was #1.

Coming Soon: We Get You Because We Are You

Around here, we're fond of saying "we get you because we are you," and it's true. We started out as a bunch of horse-crazy kids who grew up to become rider-focused SmartPakers. And we pinch ourselves every day that we get to come to work at a place where some of our best customers just so happen to also be ponies.

Some riders and horse owners found us right away, and it's been the greatest honor to help support you and your horses for more than 20 years. Some riders and barn managers are just meeting us recently and we are pleased as punch to make your acquaintance and start what we know will be a long, happy relationship.

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Whether you've been with us since ColiCare was only $7,500 or whether you're joining us now after our launch of our newest supplement launches, SmartImmune Mushroom and SmartBrain & Nerve, we're thrilled to have you here with us just as we're happy to be along for the ride with you!