How Electrolytes Can Help Your Horse Stay Hydrated in Winter


Ice cold water buckets mean many horses don’t drink enough in the winter. But many riders aren’t sure of the best way to tackle this problem, so we’re here to help.
We’re busting five common myths to help keep horses happy, healthy, and hydrated!

Myth #1

My doctor says I should have a low sodium intake, so my horse should, too.

Horses and humans have very different nutritional needs, so don’t let what your medical doctor tells you affect your horse’s diet. Horses in no work need at least one ounce of salt per day, and that need goes up with increased exercise.

Myth #2

Feeding my horse table salt is the same as feeding him an electrolyte.

Many electrolyte supplements provide more than just salt (sodium chloride). When your horse sweats, he loses key minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. SmartLytes is designed to replace what your horse loses in sweat, helping bring those key minerals back into balance.

Myth #3

My horse only needs an electrolyte supplement during the summer.

Many horses drink less in the winter because of cold water, but proper hydration is essential no matter what time of year it is. The salt in SmartLytes helps encourage your horse to drink, which is vital to keeping him hydrated all year long.

To battle frozen buckets, try the Heated Flatback Bucket, which helps keep your horse’s bucket ice free and the water a more inviting drinking temperature.

SmartLytes ensures that he gets the right balance of essential electrolytes and stays hydrated daily.- Jenna N. from Chandler, AZ

Myth #4

My horse gets all the salt he needs from his hay, grain, and salt lick.

Pasture, hay, and grain provide very little salt. A salt lick can help your horse get what he needs, but some horses lick them excessively while others won’t lick them at all, making it difficult to monitor their intake. A daily electrolyte supplement can ensure your horse is getting exactly what he needs.

Myth #5

My horse “knows” the minerals he’s lacking, so free choice minerals are best.

Horses aren’t capable of self-regulating their mineral intake. Some horses love to eat their free choice minerals while others turn up their noses. If you feed an electrolyte supplement like SmartLytes, you know exactly what your horse is taking in every day.