Helping Your Horse Gain Lean Muscle Mass - Build Topline

A judge at the show said my horse needs to “bulk up,” especially on his topline, but my vet said his weight is fine. What’s up with that?
Sounds like your horse is fine weight-wise, but he could use a little more lean muscle. Adding more calories from hay or grain could result in unwanted weight gain. Instead, try adding amino acids like those found in SmartMuscle® Mass, which includes limiting amino acids proven to improve topline condition in horses of all ages.

Mass, huh? Is that gonna make my horse fat?
Nope. SmartMuscle Mass uses the building blocks of lean muscle tissue to help your guy fill out the healthy way!

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My Thoroughbred mare really needs to fill out, but increasing her grain is making her crazy! Help!
As the owner of a Thoroughbred myself, I feel your pain! You should consider SmartGain 4®. It contains healthy fats for a “cool” source of calories (i.e. no more crazy horse) plus ingredients to support your mare’s muscles, digestion and appetite.

Great! I’ll give that a shot.
Thanks so much! 🙂
You’re so
welcome! 😀