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Blanket Q & A

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Q: How do I know what size to buy?

A: The simplest way is to take a side measurement. Measure
from the center of the chest to the tail. Example: If the side
measurement is 72", order a size 72 blanket. Horses may require a size up or down based on their build. (Rambo & Rhino Turnouts run large.)

Blanket Q & A

Q: What does denier mean?

A: Denier is the measure of nylon fiber density. A higher denier, such as 1200D, indicates a blanket is more durable and more water resistant. “Ripstop” nylon features a checkerboard weave which helps prevent small rips from spreading. “Ballistic” nylon was originally developed for use in bulletproof vests. Waterproof blankets have an additional special coating applied.

Q: How is the blanket weight measured?

A: The weight is the amount of polyester fill, measured in grams. A lightweight sheet has 0 g (no fill). A medium weight has 150-225 g of fill. A heavyweight has 250-370 g of fill, and some blankets for harsh conditions have 400 g of fill. See approximate temperature guidelines below.

Q: What is the difference in lining materials?

A: Cotton or poly/cotton linings are absorbent, while nylon linings help polish the coat. Mesh linings enhance air flow and moisture management.

Approximate Temperature Guide*

45º F Not clipped: no blanket; clipped: light
35º F Not clipped: light; clipped: medium
25º F Not clipped: medium; clipped: heavy
15º F Not clipped: heavy + hood; clipped: heavy, liner + hood
below 10º F Heavy, liner + hood for all; add polar fleece for clipped

*Many factors affect your horse's blanket needs. Consult your veterinarian for more information.

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