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Insect & Fly Control Supplements for Horses

Looking for smart ways to protect your horse from bugs? Feed through insect control supplements deter flies and other biting insects with key ingredients like garlic and apple cider vinegar. On the other hand, insect growth regulators help reduce the fly population by interrupting their lifecycle.

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Equine Insect Control Supplements

There are many ways to build up your barn’s defenses against bugs, which are not only an annoyance but may also spread diseases and cause skin issues. Giving a supplement formulated to either repel flies or control the insect population may be a valuable option during the warmer months.

There are two different types of supplements you can feed your horse every day:

  1. Insect Defense Supplements: Formulated to help deter biting flies and insects.
  2. Insect Growth Regulator Supplements (Larvicides) : Feed-through supplements formulated to discourage insects from breeding in manure.

Click this link to learn more about the differences between these types of insect control supplements, their unique formulas, and for help figuring out which one is right for your horse and farm.

Repel Bugs on Every Front

Developing a comprehensive approach to battling the bugs is key when it’s fly season. Incorporating a targeted fly deterrent or insect growth regulator supplement in your horse’s SmartPaks is one way you can help shield your horse from pesky bugs. Here are some other management strategies you can use to get the best results:

  • Reduce the number of insects in the barn with fly traps, strips and bait, automatic misters, and area foggers. Try targeting key areas of your property with Fly Stoppers™, tiny, beneficial bugs that provide a chemical-free way to stop adult pest flies from developing.
  • Attaching screens and putting up fans can help provide more protection from buzzing bugs for your horses.
  • Fly gear like masks, boots, and sheets provide a physical barrier between your horse and biting insects.
  • Keep a bottle of fly sprays or wipes handy and consider a spot-on treatment which may be helpful for horses that turnout 24/7.