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Managing / Changing Your Account

Changing the Dose of a Supplement Already in Your SmartPak
To change the dosage on a supplement that has been submitted and is already in a SmartPak, it must be removed, and then added back in with the new dosage. The SmartPak with the new dosages must be resubmitted. Remember that a dosage that is changed after your process date will be effective for your next order.

Add Supplies and Ship Them with Your SmartPaks to Avoid Additional Shipping Charges
Click on the supply item that you wish to order. On the right side of the product page, there should be the following categories: In Bulk, Choose Quantity, Ship To, Choose Ship Date and Auto Ship. Simply choose the quantity that you wish to order, and then decide where you would like it shipped to (Animal's Names or Me). Under the Choose Ship Date section, you should choose the ìSave by shipping with your order for:" option and not choose the "Ship Now" option. Choosing "Ship Now" will cause the order to ship out right away, independent from your SmartPak orders. At the bottom of the page, make sure to choose if you want this order to ship only one time, or if you would like it to ship every month. Click "Add to Order". Make sure to review the contents of the order and click "Submit" in order to confirm and submit the changes.

Updating Credit/Debit Card Information
You can update credit/debit card information 24 hours/day at Access Your Account and click on the Update credit/debit card information.Type in the new information and click "Update" to submit your changes. You can also contact us at . We ask that you do not send us updated credit card information via email. Email is not secure and can easily be intercepted.

Changing Shipping Addresses
You can change your shipping address on the website by selecting Access Your Account and clicking on "Change Shipping Info" or you can call us at .

Shipping to Multiple Addresses
If you are shipping to more than one address you can set this up during the checkout process. You can choose a different shipping address for every person or pet in your account. Shipping addresses can be changed at any time by logging into your account and clicking on "Change Shipping Address" in the left hand navigation bar. For orders on "auto-ship" make sure that you change the address before the "process date" printed on your packing slip. This is the date that your order will be processed on and any changes made on or after this date will not take effect until your following order.

Barn Saver Shipping
At SmartPak, we've spent over 12 years working hard to make life in the barn a little bit easier. Now, with Free Barn Saver Shipping, not only will you save yourself the trouble of lugging your order from home (if you remember it!), you'll also save money. By shipping to a commercial barn, you're automatically entitled to free weekly shipments! Learn more.

What are cookies and why do I need to have them enabled?
Our cookies, which are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive, allow us to automatically link our customers to their personalized accounts, including shopping baskets. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies. Should you need to enable cookies, click here to read how. If you do not have cookies enabled, our site will not remember who you are from page to page.

If you are still having difficulties please give us a call at and we'd be happy to help. Go to topTOP

Tracking Your Order

Reviewing and Tracking Your Orders
You may review your account status at any time by selecting Access your Account. You can view your existing order here or you can also look at all past orders by clicking on the "View and Track Your Orders" button. To track the delivery status of an existing order go to the ìView and Track Your Orders?option and click on ìDetails and Tracking" under the appropriate ship date.

Order Confirmations
You will receive an e-mail confirmation after your order has been submitted.

At SmartPak we work hard to keep all of the products that we carry in stock! However, from time to time products become backordered due to a variety of circumstances. Some items are so popular they just fly off the shelves! We appreciate your patience in these situations.

Backorder Notification
If a product is backordered a notification will appear in red on the productís page on our website. This notification lists the specific item(s) backordered and their expected arrival date. For items that do not have an arrival date, the information will simply say ìOut of Stock." For Out of Stock items we have not yet received arrival date information from the manufacturer. Once we receive this information, it will be updated on the site.

If there is more than one item in the order and some of the items are shipping because they are in stock, a backorder notice will also be printed on the packing slip.

If youíre ordering over the phone, your account manager will be sure to notify you of a backorder and any details associated with it.

If the order was placed via mail or fax and you do not have the benefit of seeing the backorder notice on the web or hearing it from the person taking the order over the phone , you will get a phone call from a member of our account management team, to notify you of any backorders. If a phone number is not available or you cannot be reached, a letter will be sent to your mailing address.

Backorder Notices
In the rare instance where a product has become backordered after you ordered it online, a SmartPak representative will contact you via phone or email to explain the backorder status and expected arrival date.

Changes in the Expected Arrival Dates
We understand that you are counting on receiving your order as quickly as possible! If an expected date for a backordered item changes by more than 5 business days, we will send you an e-mail notification with the revised expected date. If there is no valid e-mail address on file, a letter will be sent with the revised expected date.

Canceling Backorders
You are welcome to cancel a backorder at any time. Simply contact us by phone or email to cancel any backorders. At this time you cannot cancel backorders online. If the item has not yet shipped we will simply cancel it from your account. Since the item was never processed to your account, no refund is necessary. If the item has already shipped, you are welcome to send it back to us for a refund, exchange or account credit.

Shipping Charges for Backorders
You are not charged anything additional when a backorder is shipped. Backorders are shipped out at no additional shipping charge.

Expedited Shipping for Backordered Products
Expedited shipping is not available for backordered products. At this time backorders can only be shipped via UPS Ground.

Billing for Backorders
Backordered items are not processed to your account until they are shipped from our facility. Though it is rare, if a product becomes backordered after you ordered it, your account will be refunded for the item and reprocessed when it has shipped.

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Payment Options
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), as well as Debit Cards, checks and or money orders for payment. To ensure uninterrupted service, you may enter an additional (secondary) credit/debit card which will only be used if your primary card fails. Please note that if you choose to pay by check, we will not ship your order until your check clears. If you choose to pay by check for supplements in SmartPaks, you will need to send us a check each time that you would like another monthís supply sent out. We cannot auto ship these SmartPaks.

Apply a Promo Code or Coupon Code to Your Order
If you have a coupon or promo code for a discount on a future order, you may input the code online during the checkout process or call us at to input the code for you. Online simply input the code into the Promo Code box on the "Choose Shipping Options" page and click ìApply." Make sure to review the discount rules as some discounts are only applicable to certain products.

SmartPak Order Billing
We produce and ship your first order of custom SmartPaks within 24 hours of receiving your completed order. Your second delivery of SmartPaks arrives exactly 21 days after your first order to establish a one week overlap, ensuring that you won't run out of supplements. After your second delivery, your order arrives every 28 days. Each order of SmartPaks that you receive contains 28 day's of supplements; 28 individual SmartPaks.

Our goal is to make sure you never worry about running out of supplements. One way we do that is by shipping your second order out 21 days after your first order to create the one week overlap. The second way we ensure you never run out is to produce your subsequent orders up to one week before they ship. Because each set of SmartPaks is a custom order we process the credit card before we create the SmartPaks. So your card is charged 7 days before the second order ships, and so forth. Likewise, between the first time your card is charged and the second, there are only 14 days, and from then on out it is a 28 day cycle.

Sales Tax: Massachusetts residents will pay applicable sales tax for all purchases.

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Cancellations and Changes

Order Cancellations and Changes
We will make every effort to change or cancel your order before it leaves the warehouse. If a custom SmartPak supplement order is in our automatic delivery program, SmartPak changes require at least ten days lead time, to allow for packaging and shipping time. Your SmartPak dispenser's label and your packing slip will indicate the last date for making changes. Since each SmartPak is custom packed for your horse, they are not returnable.

Changes to existing orders are easily made on the website at any time, day or night by selecting Access Your Account. Leaving your cookies enabled will make it easier to access your account. For information on how to "allow" cookies visit the ìCookies" section of our website.

You may also make changes via e-mail at, by phone at or by fax at (774) 773-1444. To fax a change, use your packing list and please be sure to include your phone number so we can reach you if we have any questions.

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