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We Heart Our Helmets

Posted on: September 12, 2016 by SmartPak

Updated September 2023

At SmartPak we believe in a helmet for every ride, every time. And with so many options to match your style and head shape there’s a helmet for every rider! Not only do we believe in helmets for our fans, followers, but we believe in them for ourselves, too. Our teams shared their personal reasons for wearing their helmets, along with some of their favorite brands and styles!

I love schooling in my One K because the shape really fits my head, the liner is washable, and it’s breathable and so comfortable! I also love that it comes in gray to match my colors. 😊

I had a bad fall and suffered a TBI (a traumatic brain injury) that landed me in the ER several years ago, so I’m a huge advocate of wearing your helmet every time, every ride! As you can see, handsome Max agrees

– Jess RK. | Customer Care

One K Defender CC MIPS Helmet

Safety has always been a top priority in my 30 years of riding, and wearing a helmet is one of the easiest things to do. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that regardless of how good the horse or rider are, there’s always an element of unpredictability. Which, let’s face it, is exactly when the unexpected injury happens. Wearing a helmet is a given in my book and fortunately, they’ve changed a lot since the sweaty, oversized helmets of my youth – I love the breathability of my Tipperary Sportage!

– Elizabeth R. | E-Commerce

Tipperary Sportage Helmet

No matter how cute and perfect the horse I would never get on a horse without a helmet. I broke my neck once falling off a horse and am fortunate for every ride I get to ride. No reason to jeopardize sitting in the saddle tomorrow. (Read more about Viviane’s experience here.)

– Viviane P. | Marketing

One K Defender Matte Helmet

I have always ridden with a helmet because its not worth taking the risk and regretting the decision not to. When a helmet fits correctly you don’t even realize its on. My Samshield is so pretty and incredibly comfortable, so I look at it as an accessory to my riding wardrobe. I will never ride without a helmet.

– Jill K. | SmartBarns

Samshield Shadow Glossy Top Alcantara Helmet

Being 25 and already having experienced 3 concussions (2 of which being horse related), my brain is my first priority. I know that this sport is dangerous to begin with, and even more so for me now that I have gone through several traumatic brain injuries. I was wearing my helmet during both of my horse related concussions, and my doctors were adamant that I would have done serious harm to my brain had I not been wearing it. Not only did the helmet protect my brain but it allows me to still continue enjoying this sport that I love in a safe and protected way.

– Brigid T. | Customer Care

IRH® IR4G XLT Amara Suede Helmet

Growing up as a hunter/jumper rider, helmets were never in question, it was assumed and understood we would protect our heads the same way we protected our horse’s legs: every time, all the time. I’m so grateful for that because it’s now second nature to pick up my helmet before I head out to ride. Whether it’s a trail ride, schooling on the flat, or lessoning over fences, I just feel better with my helmet on, it’s like my seat belt while in the saddle. It took a lot of trying on before I found the brand and styles that fit me best, but it was worth the extra effort to slip on a helmet that feels like it was made for my head. No more days of hairnet lines dug into my forehead or headaches if I leave it on too long!

– Jenna B. | E-Commerce

GPA First Lady

The first and perhaps most important rule I learned at the barn was that you always wear a helmet when riding or working around horses. Throughout the years, my helmets have saved me from serious injury due to falls and freak accidents that seem to go hand in hand with horses. My helmets have done their job and ensure I can keep pestering my doctor with wild stories and only minor bruises.

– Shannon A. | Customer Care

IRH® IR4G XLT Amara Suede Helmet

Even on my best hair days, I will still put on my helmet for every ride. I don’t think my brain would let my foot go in the stirrup without it, it’s second nature. Finding a helmet that fits correctly and also fits your style can really change your relationship with your helmet. It’s a piece of equipment that’s just as important to me as my saddle. No one ever plans to fall off their horse but we can be prepared with proper head protection.

– Al K. | Merchandising

Samshield Shadowmatt Crystal Fabric Top Helmet

I recently upgraded my helmet after purchasing a rather hot OTTB! I had my previous helmet for many years, and knew it was time.

I’ve always been a Charles Owen fan, and was thrilled to see them adding helmets with MIPS to their inventory. Not only is my Charles Owen Halo with MIPS comfortable, it was also an investment to help protect me from any nasty falls!

– Reanna J. | Customer Care

Charles Owen Halo MIPS Helmet

As a hunter/jumper, helmets have always been an essential staple in my riding wardrobe, but I’m extremely thankful that both the safety technology and aesthetic appeal has greatly improved since I started riding in the early 1990s. And while I’ve taken more than a few tumbles after riding for over 30 years, I was very lucky to have been wearing a GPA helmet when my beloved crazy Thoroughbred Memphis pulled his infamous buck-and-twist maneuver. I’m not sure what height I actually fell from—Memphis was almost 17.2—but I managed to land directly on the top of my head, and the ground was not soft. The incident served as a very good reminder as to why I never mount up without a helmet.

These days, I love my One K Defenders. They fit my head perfectly, are super lightweight, and one of the models I own has amazing ventilation, which was a lifesaver trying to ride this past summer in the Texas heat.

– Alana H. | Customer Care

One K Defender Matte Helmet

Wearing a helmet is a no-brainer for me! If I feel safer, I also feel more confident in the saddle and can give my mare the ride she deserves. While I trust my steady-eddy girl Phoebe 110%, I also know that accidents can happen anytime and I always want to be prepared!

– Sophia H. | Marketing

GPA Little Lady

People have many excuses for not wearing a helmet while riding horses. It's too hot out, they are not comfortable, and I get helmet hair are just a few.  As far as I am concerned, there is no good reason. I ride western and always wear a helmet while riding. Even the quietest horse can trip or get spooked.  A helmet does not make you indestructible but certainly helps protect your head! It is the most effective way to reduce head injury while riding.

– Linda C. | Customer Care

One K Avance Wide Brim Chrome Stripe Helmet

The importance of safety and wearing a helmet while riding was instilled in me from an early age. I never ride without my helmet and wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t have it on. As riders, wearing a helmet is one of the first things we can do to help protect ourselves against injury during a fall. Every horse & rider can have their off moments and anything can happen during a ride – we always need to be prepared! I also make sure to replace my helmet every 3-5 years or after a fall. With the many helmet options out there, there is plenty to choose from to suit your needs.

– Theresa R. | Inventory

One K Advance Wide Brim Chrome Stripe