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"I am frugal (read penny-pinching) and I investigate the best price thoroughly online. So I was surprised and thrilled to find that the individual packs of hoof supplement were less expensive than buying in bulk. Best of all though, was the online comparison chart of ingredients that SmartPak provided to help me choose my hoof supplement. That is an invaluable tool. Much appreciated!" "I want to say how this site is very convenient. I am currently deployed and my parents are taking care of my horse. It’s a no brainer for my parents to give supplements while I am away. I try only to buy from you all since the service is great as well. I try to get anyone that has a horse and is in the military and has others caring for their horse to get SmartPaks."


"Just wanted to say thanks for sending those SmartFlex Repair samples to Hero and me. I think SmartPak's idea of "trial size samples" is wonderful! Especially when you have a picky eater like my guy! It makes me feel like I'm wasting money when I see a supplement leftover in the bottom of his bucket or being stuck with ¾ of bucket that he just won't eat! Or even worse, watching him dump the grain and the supplement on the ground because he's having a tantrum over the yucky taste. Hero decided he likes the pellets better than the powder, so I ordered a 4 lbs. bucket this morning. Thanks again for all your help!" R.R. "I just want to thank you for sending the free sample of the cocosoya mix for my gelding Vegas. He absolutely LOVED it and I am ordering it for the 1st time tonight."

"Thank you for your products and services. We appreciate the quality and care SmartPak puts into the equine industry."


"I have always loved dealing with this company, but today I gained a new appreciation for SmartPak!! I called, needing the measurements of the Harwich standing martingale to see if it would work for what I needed. Not only did Laura measure the full size for me, she went the extra mile and measured the oversize martingale just in case that would fit my horse better. In the coming days I will definitely be ordering the martingale (full size!) but will probably order the Harwich bridle as well because I was, once again, impressed with the service I received. I know that if something doesn't work with the tack and my horse, it won't be a hassle to change the order. Both of my horses are on SmartPak and I love the convenience and time it saves me. Thank you so much!" J.K. "Thanks so much for the quick and very helpful reply! All the good reports I hear about SmartPak service are right! You guys are my new tack supplier of choice!”

"The senior supplement I ordered about 2 weeks ago was the 1st time I dealt with your company and I have had nothing but a positive experience. Your website is so much more informative about the products than any of the others I usually use (United Vet Equine, Valley Vet, Horse.com, etc) and your PEOPLE are so helpful and friendly."


"I had recently purchased devils claw and senior supplement for our horse battling past old injures. I want to tell you how well the devils claw worked compared to her past use of bute, this product managed her pain without the druggy side effects and our concern of long term use allowing her last days to be fully alert with managed pain, as well as the senior supplement kept her coat beautiful and helped her digestive system wonderfully bringing a little more gleam to her eyes from the improvement. Our hearts were broken yesterday where we finally put her down put a lift was felt in our hearts knowing, thanks to your catalog with its comparison charts and large selection of product we were able to make her last days more comfortable and alert. The comparison charts sure beat going from store to store searching for product and spending hours searching labels. The promptness of delivery was wonderful with the extra care she required and the extra time we wanted to spend with her. I just wanted to thank your company for allowing me the extra time and peace of mind this all allowed me. Even though my need for your product and company has come to a close I will most willingly and often recommend it to everyone. Thank you again for all you offered and the comfort you gave." "We are enjoying the SmartPaks. What a great convenience!" S.M.

"I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you guys. I always get my order in a timely fashion. The fly spray arrived with no leakage.....not the case with fly sprays I've ordered....AND there was no shipping charge. THANK YOU SO MUCH!" J.M.

"I just want to give a big thanks to all! I am so glad my vet recommended I check out your website!" Jennifer

"Thank you. As a testament to your products... in case I wasn't a believer already... after almost two weeks without her supplements, Cricket is like a different horse... crankier, almost lethargic, and not handling the heat well. So this is the last time I will ever contemplate that maybe the supplements aren't doing anything and not worth the cost. I have my proof that I want my SmartPak Cricket back!"


"Wow. Thank you so much. We have been impressed with your company from the first time we place our order. Your staff was very helpful and pleasant as we tried to put together the order for each of our horses. Along the way we've made a few changes and your staff has always been friendly as well as very professional. We have always felt very confident about SmartPaks and your ability to "deliver". When I called to cancel Choco's order I was comforted and touched by your kind words. Your offer to credit our account for Choco's last order is so very generous. I find myself trying to recall when any company has extended that kind of customer service.....and actually I can't think of one. In my business I interact with lots of different venders. You could certainly teach some of them about "customer service". I appreciate what you did. Yes, it's great to have the credit, but the thought and the manner in which you communicated with me means so much more. Thank you, again." Debbie "You make keeping my horse healthy affordable. SmartPak is the place to buy supplements. J.T."

"I just wanted to say thank you and we certainly are going to recommend SmartPaks to our friends." Shar Pulver

Thank you so much for all of your help in the return. Your help is greatly appreciated and the professionalism and dedication of all of the SmartPak employees is what makes your company my first choice for all of my equine needs! I love working with SmartPak. Thanks again for all of your help; you can be expecting many orders from me in the future. Katie Volkers


"We received our SmartPak for our horses on Monday. I was so impressed with how they came and how they are labeled. The plastic drawers make it so much easier to store the supplements. Our one horse Speck is a very picky eater - but he didn't seem to mind the taste and has gobbled it down when I mixed it with his food." "Thanks very much. SmartPak does a great job - I would recommend your company to anyone. Having my supplements all measured out is a great help. I also feed 30 horses at my barn in the a.m. and it is so great when owners use SmartPaks. Diana"


"I just wanted to say thanks soooo much for taking care of my horses so well! I am in love with not having to measure supplements or worry if my guys are getting the right amounts of stuff when I am away and can't feed myself! Megan" "My friend has had so many people tell her they thought she got a new horse! Her guy is 26 and looks better than ever! You guys should really be proud of yourselves and your product! (On SmartFlex Senior)"


"This (SmartHoof) is the finest product I have found on the market. I picked up my horse from training and not only did he have diarrhea he had foundered. I started him on Smart Hoof immediately and in 90 days his feet had improved enough to wear shoes. A year later he now has the healthiest feet in the barn." "Thank you so much for all your help! SmartFlex Senior has given me back my horse....I thought I was going to lose him, and after only a week on SmartFlex, he's doing better than he has in years. Kim"


"I just wanted to thank you so much for your Smart Supplement line! I’m not sure that enough people have mentioned to you all how wonderful your own products are. They are ‘real world’ prices and formulas for show horses and they have made a huge impact in my own barn as well as countless farms I have consulted for. I wanted you to know that just because you may not have heard from everyone who appreciates your line, we are all talking about it! Please keep up the great work and keep rolling out those SmartSupplements. We all love them and I’m sure you’ll see a lot of people switching to your products once they sit down and compare or see the results for themselves! Jamiee" "[SmartFlex Senior] is amazing for older horses! Not only is her movement more fluid, his digestion has improved tremendously. Thanks!"

"Thank you I have to tell you how pleased we are with our supplements. Our horse had a few problems in the past we went thru ulcers and since we have her on smart gut she's great. Being a mare she got a little nervous and now we are also using Smart calm Ultra wow in just a few weeks we really have her focus back for showing thank you for making things easy for us in offering supplements that work and at a affordable cost for equine owners."


"You all are the best! Everyone I've talked to or emailed has ALWAYS been wonderful! I had samples of SmartShine for my picky eater, and he ate them all up. So I went ahead and ordered a month's supply, still not convinced he really liked it (he doesn't like flaxseed, or at least Omega Horseshine OR Grand Meadows Grand Coat....hmmmm!!). I fed him his first dose this morning and sure enough, he ate it right up! I know it's just the first feeding, but it made me feel like the "investment" will be worthwhile! Thanks again to all of you!" "I wanted to let you know the Smart Control IR has done wonders for my horse. He hasn't looked this good since I got him almost 5 years ago!! After going through a serious laminitis issue and being diagnosed with having metabolic syndrome, I changed his diet and added the maintenance dose every morning. The farrier is amazed and says his feet are back to perfect!! Thank you for a great product. Kelley"


"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the customer service at SmartPak. I loved the product I originally ordered but my dog was able to push her nose right through the seam. Without a problem, my item was exchanged for a similar, more sturdy item, and my account was credited the difference. This was all done in about 4 days, over the Memorial Day holiday weekend even!! There were no questions asked. I am very happy with your company and take my catalogs to work for others to see and hopefully order from. It’s hard to find good customer service today, so I thank you very much. Keep it up!" L.K in Ohio "Thanks for offering the most efficient way to feed my dogs and the best method for adding supplements to my horse's diet. You guys ROCK! S.C."

"You have a wonderful catalog. I was looking for the perfect memorial for my dog, and I just found it. Thank you so much!"

"My dog and my wife love your program! Thanks."


"Thank you again for everything, FYI every barn that I have been at (4 now) all have made fun of my "drawers" of SmartPak, but within 6 months all have switched to my system!! You guys are great!" "I love your latest catalog. Your choice of dog models is wonderful. I swear you borrowed two of my dogs for the photos! Great work!"


"I just wanted to take a second to drop you all a message about what great company you have. I called a few weeks ago after having issues with the online system and my email address. Elizabeth was able to answer all my supplement questions and assist in getting my order going. Best of all, she was able to work her 'magic' with the UPS people! The barn I keep my stallion at has had issues in the past with UPS delivery. They just WON'T stop there, even though the place is hard to miss. Elizabeth talked with UPS and made the directions and address very detailed. Guess what? The UPS guy found the stable! WOW! I have called back a couple times since that first order earlier this month and every time I called was greeted by a friendly voice that was speaking English! That is rare these days. I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great service, and thanks for the great customer service! Keep up the great work, I'm telling all my friends about SmartPak! -Jennifer C." "How do you say?... You and SmartPak rock!!!!! You have always made order changes or adjustment so very easy." Gavin

"I had to put my horse down earlier this and just wanted to say thank you - not only for the years of great service (over 8 years) but also for the note I received. It was greatly appreciated. When I get my next horse, a call to set my SmartPak order will be at the top of my to-do list. Thank you again for not only a great product but for providing outstanding customer service." Sincerely, Sarah

"Thanks for creating such a ‘smart’ way to ‘pak’age some great products! They are so convenient and it’s really helping Rosalee’s hooves!" J.M.


"I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful canvas tote bag with the embroidered Standard Poodle and our puppy's custom name. (Our poodle's AKC's registered name is too long to fit on most embroidered items, but your bag accommodates it perfectly.) Our six month old puppy will be turning "blue" when he matures, almost exactly the grayish shade of black which your artists depict on the bag. I'm also pleased that quality of the bag is a very sturdy fabric, great for carrying various "puppy" items.....leashes, toys, treats, etc. I will certainly enjoy using this canvas tote for years to come. Thank you again, C.C." "I called your company and even though the items I was looking for were not in the catalog I had, Laura found them all and I already have them! And the best part was I didn't have to pay shipping either! I would easily have spent that much, if not more, had I gone to a store in my area (who also did not have the exact items I was looking for)."

"I found your web site easy to use and full of wonderful items for our pets. Thanks again."


"I wanted to send a quick email regarding my first purchase with your company because the Rep who helped me was super nice and deserves a nice comment. Her name was Laura and she could not have been more helpful, professional and just really nice to talk to. I first called your competitors at Dover b/c the their catalog had exactly what I was looking for but the lady who helped me there was ok to deal with but knew nothing about horse items at all. She tried to sell me stuff that would not have worked and really just turned me off enough to try elsewhere." "I love your store but I could get into some real trouble in there. It is a beautiful store. You also have a wonderful staff too. Tabitha was absolutely wonderful. I have one complaint. I wish that you were closer."

"I love your store and frequent it way too much (says my pocket book). S.A."


"Just wanted to give you folks another glowing review. Once again your store helped me out when I needed it most. My husband's mare lacerated her "forearm" and I needed extra gamgee and vet wrap-and LOTS of it. Not only do you offer vet wrap in bulk which is a great idea, but your gamgee is the lowest price of any other store and as luck would have it, this all happened during the free shipping promo week. I don't know what I would do without SmartPak! Keep up the great work." "I cannot say enough good things about your products and your store. I have been a frequent shopper of your store for about a year now and find myself always looking for another excuse to go. Not only do you have an amazing array of products for both dogs and horses, but your staff is PHENOMENAL!!!! I have never had a remotely negative experience with the staff who I always bother with lots of questions. I love shopping in your store for both my dog and horse needs. H.B."


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! When I opened my SmartPak Catalogue and saw the pages on riding clothes for the fuller figures woman, I actually smiled. A 58 year old active woman who is a size 14W, I felt like I was invisible when I went into the tack stores. Finding ANYTHING that fit - and especially show clothes - was almost impossible. If the shirts fit my shoulders, I couldn't even get them to button over my bust. It they fit my bust, they were hanging down my shoulders and over my hands. Same problem with pants - if I could find them!! I know there are a lot of people who feel a plus size woman should not be on a horse. But if a 175 pound man gets on a horse, no one thinks a thing about it! So thank you for make me a part of the equestrian world. At last I know now where to order my riding clothes. I am sure there are many other women who feel the same way. We are not all 18 years old and wearing a size 4." "I referred a friend to you to order some tack supplies and we're very impressed with the quality of the Plymouth bridle. It's about time someone put one out there in the fifty dollar price range that is made with some decent leather!!! I will be telling people about it!"

"I just wanted to say thank you to SmartPak. I do all of the buying for a very large sport horse farm, and you guys are one of the best to deal with. Your associates go above and beyond and your prices are great. Thanks again!"


"I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for your amazing customer service. I recently had a horrible ordering incident with another equine company, and ordering from SmartPakEquine.com was like a breath of fresh air! I could not believe how quickly you shipped custom items (two days - definitely a record!), not to mention your incredible prices and fabulous customer service. As for the standard-weight shipping? I'm definitely impressed and grateful. Thanks for being the best and helping to keep my horse healthy!" Susanna Tisdale "SmartPak is the best company I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Your products are always top quality and cost effective. We really appreciate what SmartPak does for the horses in our lives. Thank you once again for impeccable customer service."


"I just want to thank all of you for caring enough to send a handwritten note to us after the loss of our horse DJ. When I cancelled his supplement order you asked the reason why, and I thought that would be the end of it. When your kind note arrived I was in tears. I am always amazed and grateful for the kindness of all horse people when we lose our best friends. Thank you again." Lydia "Nobody wants to spend money on supplements that sit on the bottom of our feed buckets. By making pellet form supplements will put you in another league. Your prices and the quality of you supplements already make so many horses and owners happy, including mine!!!" M.B.


"Some time ago, I voiced my frustration at your dearth of apparel for plus-sized riders. Imagine my delight when I opened the latest catalog and found the "Fuller Fillies" collection! I was also very pleased to see larger sizes available within your regular collections as well, and with choices at every price range." "Thank you so much for working with me! SmartPak is the only place I go to for horse supplies. You have the best products and your customer service is superb and like no other!"


I hope you'll keep up the good work by encouraging your manufacturers to offer ALL their apparel in the larger sizes (1X-4X), so we "fuller fillies" can enjoy the same selection as our svelte sisters. Many thanks!" "Yay!! Finally...A Western side to the great catalog!! I've been begging for a while now...so THANK YOU! I can't wait for you to add more items...yippee!" Sarah Garner


"As a professional I have to wear breeches in public all day. They really help with the look I want to achieve! I recommend them for any rider that wants to look slimmer. Thank you; I credit your product with changing my life." "I would just like to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful service! The halter arrived today & I think it will work out fine. Everyone was very kind & the shopping experience was first rate!" Laura Hill


"The SmartPaks have been helping my horses with joint pain and they are doing great with it. I see a big difference when they are on it and when they are not. They have a lot more energy. I am really glad that I have them on the supplement." C.F. "Just wanted to let you know how great I think you guys are! What great customer service and I love SmartPak supplements, they make boarding my horse a snap. I know he's getting the right amount and I'm not overspending for overuse. Thanks!!!"


"It's very hard and at times discouraging to find clothes, etc to fit us fuller riders. Everything seems to be geared for that Model type rider. We may pack a few extra pounds but that doesn't mean we don't want to look nice too. I hope to see more of a selection in the future for us Fuller Fillies and Mares. And, in case you didn't understand - THANK You" "I am so glad to see that you are now servicing the Western world! My husband and I have three horses and he rides western and I ride English and we are always at the barn riding which means we need items/things all the time."


"What a great idea, not only to have clothing but half chaps too. Wonderful! I am more and more finding EVERYTHING I need for me and my horses on your site. Love the English Western split too." "I just received my saddle nameplate in the mail just now. It was separate from the halter. They look wonderful and that halter is beautiful." A.B.


"I would like to thank you for your products. I would have been lost without my supplements in SmartPaks and I can assure you that when I open my stable in the future, they will be mandatory." Nora Scheibe "I really love the SmartPak product, and recommend the program & products to everyone." Crystal


"I want to say thank you, for your product. You have a wonderful company and I wish you continued success!" R.M. "You have come such a long way in 10 years! Congratulations!" J.W.


"I love dealing with SmartPak. The orders are always shipped promptly and you have a great selection of merchandise. I will continue to use SmartPak for all of my equine supplies and would recommend your company to anyone." C.A. "Thank you for your service. I enjoy your catalog and share it with my students. I really appreciate you prompt answer to my request. What a treat!!" R.G.


"I was reluctant to use SmartPak because of our limited finances. However, the quality of the product and the exceptional customer service has made me a believer in SmartPak." "I had always heard that SmartPak had great customer service. Now I know that for a fact. Thank you again for your help." C.P.


"I am a Fuller Filly and can't find anything to fit me. You are the only place that has anything like this. The others (Dover, but we won't mention any names) say they have 2X sizes, HOWEVER, it translates to an 18 in real sizes. That's not a plus size. The show clothes are wonderful, but I would like to see a few more polos, and casual shirts. Keep up the good work." C.A. "Thank you for the courtesy that is continually extended to your customers. I have had to return items that don't fit, change supplements, and modify account information. Throughout I have encountered knowledgeable friendly customer service."


"Whoever thought of SmartPak needs a pat on the back! What a genius! I can’t believe how quickly my order came. And, the girl who helped me was amazing. Please give her a raise!" "It is a pleasure doing business with you and I am sure I will continue to do so. I wish everyone was as helpful as you have been. How much more pleasant it would be." Mary


"I am a Fuller Filly and can't find anything to fit me. You are the only place that has anything like this. The others (Dover, but we won't mention any names) say they have 2X sizes, HOWEVER, it translates to an 18 in real sizes. That's not a plus size. The show clothes are wonderful, but I would like to see a few more polos, and casual shirts. Keep up the good work." C.A. "I wanted to just say thank you for the years of WONDERFUL customer service and the ease of obtaining everything that I need and the extras that I don't but look so wonderful that I have an impulse buy!" :)


"I felt that I needed to tell you guys how great you are and how happy I am with you. Every time I order from you I get my items very quickly and everything is always of the highest quality. Your website is so easy to navigate and order from too! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful service!" Jennifer "Great service! You have gained a new customer and 'sales person' for SmartPak." Bob, TX

"I really appreciate your service and your new catalog is great..." S.N.


"It’s always a pleasure working with you guys. I really appreciate your flexibility." Cheryl "I love your service; it sure has made my life much easier."


"Have received your catalog several times and can't tell you how much all of us at our house enjoy looking through it. It is very informative, keep up the good work." J.S. "You guys are really great to deal with." Sally


"It is always a pleasure to do business with SmartPak. You are a very considerate group of people." S.C. "It is always a pleasure to do business with SmartPak. You are a very considerate group of people." S.C.


"Thanks for your assistance. My online purchases have always arrived on-time, in great shape, and well-packaged. Thanks for the hard work your company puts into exceptional products and service." "I've received fantastic service with every order and thank you for your efforts on my behalf. By far one of my favorite places to recommend for equine and canine care." Sue Fritsche


"Thank you for your follow up! I have never received such wonderfully efficient and friendly customer service as I have from yourself and other representatives of your company. I appreciate your assistance and manner in which you offer it!" Lisa Valjin "Thank you for being so customer oriented. It is so refreshing to do business with SmartPak because everyone is incredibly helpful. I appreciate it and I bet your other customers do too." D.L.


"Thanks for offering the most efficient way to feed my dogs and the best method for adding supplements to my horse's diet. You guys ROCK!" S.C. "Thank you so much. My shopping experience with you has been truly outstanding! Keep up the good work." T.S.


"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the customer service at SmartPak. I loved the product I originally ordered but my dog was able to push her nose right through the seam. Without a problem, my item was exchanged for a similar, more sturdy item, and my account was credited the difference. This was all done in about 4 days, over the Memorial Day holiday weekend even!! There were no questions asked. I am very happy with your company and take my catalogs to work for others to see and hopefully order from. It’s hard to find good customer service today, so I thank you very much. Keep it up!" Laura Kyser in Ohio "Thanks a ton. It's always a pleasure doing business with SmartPak - NEVER had a bad experience." R.L.

"I really love dealing with your customer service, the lady that just took my last order was sooooo wonderful!!!!!!!" S.O.


"Thank you, thank you for your quick response and resolution of this matter. I'd had another issue with another online company early last week and your customer service is SO FAR SUPERIOR!! I will continue to use Smart Pak in the future." Amanda "It is so refreshing to do business with people who genuinely care about their clients, both human and animal. I thank you for the years of great business we have shared and will continue to do together." Very Kind Regards, JDC


"I have to say it is the first time I have ever received anything so kind and personal from a business, and you left me feeling like I don't deal with a business, rather that I order my horse and dog supplies from knowledgeable, kind and concerned friends. You have no idea how much of a void in my heart that small gesture on your part filled!" "I wanted to write and tell you how very much I appreciated the card and kind words you sent me last week regarding my losing Casey. It was so kind and thoughtful, I was very touched."


"This is what separates SmartPak from the other companies. Mistakes are going to happen to everyone eventually but it's the response that matters. I greatly appreciate your consideration and kind credit. There is no question about my ordering from you again. In fact, I am now even more confident in your quality than ever before." "I would like to thank SmartPak for high quality products, excellent service, and reasonable prices. You have been great over the years."

"Thank you so much! It is service like this that keeps me coming back to SmartPak…and recommending your company to my friends." J.M.


"EVERYTHING you offer for sale is "just as advertised". I am never disappointed -- it seems that you carefully select only the most effective -- and cost-effective -- horse products on the market today, among the thousands available. And it all comes on time, too. Keep up the good work!" "I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with SmartPak. I placed an order online and had my shipment the following day! Thank you!" Amanda Willette


"Thanks so much! I love you guys! Everyone I have ever been in contact with at SmartPak has been so wonderful. You have a lifetime customer here and I tell all my friends." Erica "Thanks again, it’s refreshing to deal with a company that takes such pride in their customer service!"


"Your company is excellent. The packaging, the email, and the phone call follow up is awesome, I don’t think companies even do that anymore! I have recommended your company to everyone!" "Thank you for speeding up the shipping. I really appreciate the personal attention I get from your company. You guys are great." B.M.


“Decided to give this a try for my dog, they arrived this week. I absolutely love the SmartPaks!! One set of packages pre measured! Instead of 4 plastic buckets of supplements, having to store, sort, and measure at each meal. Plus when I travel to agility and working dog competitions, or she goes to stay at the doggie motel they don't charge extra cause it is pre-dosed, pre packed, and has her name on it!! I will never go back to buckets again.” “Once my dry kibble is out, I am going to order the SmartPaks of pre measured dog kibble!! SOOO much easier.” Cynthia Gustafson


“I received the palatability samples yesterday. My female (and smallest of the two) went crazy for the Small Breed food. I've never seen her eat like that before! Thanks so much for sending the samples! You made my decision easy for me. I will definitely be ordering the small breed food. Thanks again, so much, for all your help. Have a great Halloween and weekend!” “I received the heartfelt warmth that was within the Pet Card and it did make me cry. How nice it was of you to remember my precious critters and me in such a blessed way. Again, it has been such a pleasure doing business with your company and especially with you and all your help.” PG


“My dog (Koda) wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for your dog food! Finding your food has gotten him through the spring. After coming from a puppy mill he has faced (and continues to face) his fair share of health problems. I was hand cooking his meals, but with my MS it was getting too difficult to do daily. You guys, everytime I call in, I have to commend you. I recommend you to all my friends and Koda even shares his paks as “treats” for the larger lab and boxer upstairs. You can put this in big bold writing: The reason that Koda Winchester is sitting her, on my couch, on Friday November 21st 2008 is because of you guys!” “OUR DOG SMOKEY BLUE LOVES YOUR PRODUCTS AND LOOKS GREAT IN YOUR COATS. WE LOVE YOUR PRICES AND QUALITY...THANKS AGAIN........”SB

“I love the SmartPak individual food packages. We are already using the food, and they are extremely handy. I lead a very busy life and this makes my life so much easier. Thank you again.”


“I have a German Shepherd who is extremely long and one of your product specialists (Sara R!!) suggested the Orican coat. It got here yesterday and is gorgeous, it fits perfectly. I am going to be a customer for life. I also noticed that you guys sent the order from Grissom Rd. My dog’s name is Grissom! It was just meant to be. He’s going to be the best looking boy at the park all because of you guys!” “THANK YOU SO MUCH! There will be a Golden Retriever, a Doberman and a Golden-Lab mix who will be the prettiest girls at the dog park because of you!” Gwyn Donohue


Dear SmartPak, I usually don’t write letters like this to companies but this time I thought I should. In January 2007, I was working for a small dressage horse sale and import business as a groom along with managing a barn in Wellington Florida. The company imported 3 sale prospects from Sweden during the month of January 2007. These were nice horses to be marketed for “Adult Amateur” dressage riders. All arrived safely and went into full work. Unfortunately about 2 weeks later one of the prospects came up lame. An ultrasound by the veterinarian showed a problem with the horse’s suspensory. As a result the importer of the horse did not feel she could represent this horse as a sales prospect. To make a long story short, after some negotiations with the original owner in Sweden, Donovan was turned over to me and became my new dressage prospect. At the time I had lost my beloved 3rd level horse just one year before and did not have a horse. The problem, he was lame. The veterinarians called it “Chronic Tendon Syndrome” and told me I might be able to use him as a trail horse but most certainly only a lower level dressage horse. I took a chance knowing I would never be able to afford a horse of this caliber and talent on my own. He was and is the horse I have always dreamed about. That is where you and your product SmartTendon come in. I have used SmartPaks for my horses for at least the last 4 or 5 years. I have always thought my horses looked good, but do supplements really work? I read in the catalogue about SmartTendon and thought “Why not.” In April of 2007 when he was officially mine, I started him on SmartTendon. He was turned out during this time and no special treatments were done. In June of 2007 Donovan and I moved to Southern Pines, NC. By July of 2007 he had been turned out for 6 months and I decided it was time to put him back to work to see where we were. Knock on wood, Donovan has not taken a lame step in all this time. In June 2008 he competed at the Carolina Horse Park’s Down East Dressage Show. His first time out at 3rd level since he came into my possession. My trainer won the class on him with a 67%. I am now a believer that SmartTendon has worked to keep my horse sound. Sure, we are careful about footing, etc. with him but I think he is getting the correct nutrients to keep his tendons and ligaments sound. Sincerely, DH “I am very impressed with your company from purchasing through delivery, communication and the vest that I got for my aging dog is terrific and he loves it and is feeling better. Thanks you.” Susan Fraley

“First I must say I am *so* thrilled with your products and your service! I put my little horse on the SmartDigest Ultra; he wasn't showing any outward symptoms of digestive problems, but is a terrible worrier and a very hot horse, so I thought it was a good preventative. He actually seems a bit less concerned about life, and I am hoping that this has helped him a bit! It's extremely easy and makes all our lives at the barn much better to have the wells (I do most of the feedings after work...can't imagine if I had to doll out supplements!). So thank you!”

“After looking and trying many different things SmartDigest has been working so wonderfully and for such a great price. This has been an answer to our prayers!”

“I just wanted to send out a thank you. I have had my 23 year old American Saddlebred since he was seven, he has been such a blessing in my life. Not too long ago he started showing his age. His hocks were fusing, and he had a stifle issue. I have been using different joint supplements for many years now, and then I decided to try your product, SmartFlex Senior. I thought that I was going to have to semi-retire him two months ago, but now I am not so sure. He is doing so well on this joint supplement it is incredible. So thank you for your products, not only have they given my 23 year old gelding a new lease on life, they are also affordable enough for the struggling horse owner.” Julia and Bubble

“Thank you for your quick response. In the days of lost customer service, I am very pleased that you will ship me another order this week of SmartCalm Ultra. It is such a great product. It has been amazing the difference it has made in training my OTTB”


“A big thank you to all you folks at SmartPak. I feed Farrier's Formula supplements to my 6-year-old Thoroughbred, Blaze. Thanks to you guys, he's keeping his shoes on and staying on track. We've had our most successful show season ever -- it's nice not to have to worry about whether or not he's going to keep his shoes on!” “SmartPak is a company with excellent products! I refer SmartPak to many of my horse lover buddies. Thanks for the excellent service and amazing quality products with fantastic packaging!!!”


“We are thoroughly enjoying SmartPak and it has such a valuable tool for Stoney's health management as we get settled into his new barn. It was so easy to be able to walk into the new barn with my drawer of supplements and get Stoney back on his regular eating schedule. It was peace of mind for me, easy for the folks that manage the horses so there aren't any questions, and I've got a happy camper adjusting to his new life in Florida.” Rebecca Bozarth “Just wanted you to know that I think you guys are great! When we lost our Buster you were so kind. You went above and beyond! I ordered products, then cancelled, and it was always ok! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


“Just want to thank Sarah for her kind card regarding the passing of my beloved horse. I ordered grazing muzzles for him as we thought he was recovering from a single bout of laminitis. Unfortunately, he did not survive and I returned the muzzles with a note. Sarah took the time to send a card to me. It was most thoughtful and something I would not have expected. Thanks for caring about your customers.” “I just want to let you know that I just switched my horse's supplements to SmartPaks, and I couldn't be happier. I love that you don't charge me practically as much as the product costs to add, say, some hoof dressing to an order once in a while. You can rest assured that SmartPak has my business for everything horse-related that I need, from now on.” SC


“I love SmartPaks, I think every owner that feeds supplements should use them because they are so easy. I've known a lot of people that have used equine SmartPaks for a long time, and even in the short while my horse has been on them, I agree wholeheartedly: they are a great product. The product is fresh when you open it and you know exactly what your horse is getting, so how much easier can it get? Just pull the cover strip off, pour into grain, and it's done!” Susan Accola “I LOVE YOUR COMPANY AND THE EASE OF PACKAGING MAKES SO MUCH SENSE AND STRESS-FREE. TRAVELING WITH MY SMARTPAKS, AS WELL AS DAY TO DAY USE IS SO EASY. I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH POSITIVE WORDS TO SHOW MY APPRECIATION OF YOUR INNOVATIVE IDEAS TO MAKE HORSE CARE EASIER. WITH SMARTPAK'S THERE IS NO WASTE OF NUTRITION, NO BIG BUCKETS LAYING AROUND, EVERY CONTAINER IS A FRESH OPENED PACKAGED, NOT SOMETHING THAT IS 30 DAYS OLD IN AN OPENED CONTAINER. YOU PEOPLE ARE BRILLIANT!” SALLIE BACKUS


“Recently I had to change and change again my order from SmartPak. The people I spoke with were VERY knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with my decision making. Your company and product selection is GREAT! I only wish I had come up with the idea!!” Melanie Beiser “SmartPak is the best supplement supply company. It is so nice to have each days supplement packaged so it stays fresh! And it is so easy to add a supplement and change ship dates. Keep up the good work!” Melanie Beiser


“SmartPak is a company with excellent products! I refer SmartPak to many of my horse lover buddies. Thanks for the excellent service and amazing quality products with fantastic packaging!!!” Dawn Dye “Thanks to you and the entire staff at SmartPak for making our shopping easy and our horses healthier!” Melanie Beiser


“I heard about Smart Pak from a friend at the barn. I placed my first order and when it arrived the horse slippers from "Santa" were way too small. I was concerned that I wouldn't get the replacement in time for us to leave for Phoenix to celebrate Christmas with my family. Whomever I spoke to was so understanding and sincerely cared that the new slippers arrive in the needed location in time for Santa to deliver! She suggested sending the slippers directly to Phoenix at no charge. I am happy to report that they arrived in time and my daughters LOVE them! I am thrilled with the service support I received! I will continue to be a loyal customer and share my experience with all of our horse friends! THANKS SO MUCH!" Heather Tibble “I want to thank the special young lady that listened to me late at night when my mare, Vista, was involved in a freak accident which the trainer was killed. You don’t know how grateful that I was for her listening ear and comfort that she gave me and the special card you all sent to me. You’re the “A” Team! My horse is doing much better and I’m slowly healing with the help of people in the world like you. Thanks again. I hope you all a wonderful year. Look forward to ordering some more wonderful goodies from you all!” Vicki and Vista


“I was complaining on a horse forum today about an order I had placed with another company (processing had already taken 4 days) and everyone said, should have gone to SmartPak! So I cancelled that order and placed one with you today. Just wanted to let you know that you have a great reputation for quality products, good selection and great customer service! I can't wait to get my order, I'm sure I'll agree!!! Keep up the great work!” LP “Regarding your company, I was very impressed with the whole process. Selection is easy and well laid out, and ordering was a snap. I was not expecting the whole storage box with my order, but was pleasantly surprised. It makes everything so much simpler. The phone call after I got my shipment was also very nice. If I do need to order more supplements, I will definitely go through SmartPak, I think it is an outstanding company.” KI


“Your customer service is the best of any company I have used and with 13 horses I so appreciate that as do the horses. Your Smart-Pak is the best... Hard to find companies that "CARE", which in this day and age is so important. Thank You for running a company the way it should be run. Many could take lessons from Smart-Pak. It’s so nice to deal with Real People at a Company that cares AND Knows our KIDZS horses and Dogs:-)” Wendi Wiener “Thank you, with SmartPak I never have to worry about my supplements!!!”

“Thank you very much for your attention to this. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy doing business with SmartPak. You work for a great company.” Rebecca


“Thank you very much for your immediate attention! It's always a pleasure dealing with SmartPak!” Debbie “Thank you so much. You guys just make feeding horse supplements so easy. :)”


“Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the courtesy and professionalism with which your company serves the needs of its customers. I can always count on you to deliver the products on time and your follow through is to be commended. You certainly make my job of caring for our horses much easier. The customer service skills of everyone I have dealt with at SmartPak have been excellent. Job well done!” Kathy Butkiewicus “You guys have tremendous customer service: the best of any horse supply company I know!”


“I just wanted to express my satisfaction with the personalized pullover windbreaker I recently ordered. The embroidery is beautiful. I have received many compliments from my fellow boarders and horse owners and I recommend you to them. The embroidered horse looks so much like my thoroughbred, Koda, everyone thought I must have sent you a picture! Thanks!” “I am a die-hard SmartPak customer. Your service is outstanding, shipments are prompt and arrive in perfect condition, and I never worry about my horse getting his daily supplements. And now that my barn finally has a big recycle bin in the grain room, I don't feel so bad about the packaging leftovers.”


"I just wanted to say how wonderful your company is! Your prices are great and I love the low shipping cost. I placed an order recently that arrived much faster than I expected. I placed another order today and it won't be the last! Thank you again!” “Can I just say how much I appreciate your quick shipping!!! I ordered something from Dover the same day as I ordered some items from you and received my order from SmartPak a week before I received from Dover. Please keep up the great work!” DB


“I'd like to thank your company for such great service and such prompt shipping. I am new to SmartPak and so far the experience has been really wonderful. My orders are correct and arrive in perfect timing. Thank you and Happy New Year!” Tanya Mackeand “I just wanted to say Thank You Very Much for getting the items I'd ordered here before Christmas. Any future equine supplies we need I'll definitely be ordering from you folks. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.” John G.


"You guys are great! This was the simplest, quickest, easiest to follow, most pleasant to talk to, simply the best holiday shopping experience I've had this season. Will definitely be back and will definitely recommend. Thanks again." Leslie “Thanks for putting pictures of your pets on your website. It makes you seem more personable. As always, I continue to order from SmartPak because I and my horses are not treated like a dollar sign.”


“I just wanted to thank you for your great customer support. I recently had an order arrive in less than good condition from UPS, but one simple phone call to your customer care and all was taken care of to my complete satisfaction. I am extremely impressed! Thank you again and happy holidays!” SF “Thank you very much! This type of professional service will keep me coming back in the future. This is the type of service that will keep companies like you staying in business in these very hard economical times! I look forward to doing business with SmartPak in the future!”


“I love ordering from you because your staff is ALWAYS cheerful and helpful – a combo not seen much anymore in the customer service world. Keep up the great work!" Gail Rapport “Thank you so much for you immediate response on this matter. Other companies should follow your standards. Thank you again and Happy Holidays”


“Many thanks once again! All of you at SmartPak are AMAZING!!!!! I can only hope that someday my company be as wonderful as yours in terms of product and ESPECIALLY customer service! I can honestly say that I am always 200% satisfied with all of my orders.” “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services over the past 2 plus years. You have a fantastic product and a tremendous staff working for you.”


“Thank you so very much for handling this matter immediately. I cannot say enough good things about your company. Keep up the good work. As I've said before, more companies really do need to follow your service standards!” LC “Thank you very much for all your help and for being so patient. I love SmartPak - it is one of my favorite magazines and your products and prices are always excellent.” Bonnie Morgan


“SmartPak’s customer service and relationship-building is exemplary in a time when so many companies could care less about making the customer feel good about bringing their business to a company. You guys are right up there with the Nordstrom business school case study (where a little old lady insisted she bought a car tire at the store, and in the interest of maintaining the outstanding customer service they are famous for, they took it back and gave her a refund!) SmartPak ROCKS! Thanks again, and happy New Year to everyone there!” Gwyn Donohue “I recently got off the phone with a SmartPak associate and I must say that I am ALWAYS pleased with SmartPak. Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. SmartPak is the best company that I have ever dealt with! I wish that every other company was exactly like SmartPak. I wish that words could describe how pleased and happy I am with SmartPak. I always order all of my equine and canine products from this company and I always highly recommend SmartPak to all of my friends and everyone from the barn. Thanks again for everything!” Jillian


“Hi there, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to buy products from SmartPak! I will recommend SmartPak to anyone who may need horse and/or dog supplies. I've been impressed with the great communication, ease of returns, quickness of delivery! Outstanding value and services!! Thanks so much!” JW “I hate computers, the reason I like SmartPak is because there are people like you at the other end who'll help!” B

“Your customer service is awesome and I will continue to recommend you guys to everyone!” Marian Marshall


“Just love the ability to know that I have a shipment coming in on a monthly basis - it is so much easier for me this way and I have passed along the catalog to my sister for future reference as she has a problem with one of her dogs and the rescue remedy that she uses you have in the catalog. Again I find it a joy using SmartPak.” FS “Thank you very much for your attention to this. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy doing business with SmartPak. You work for a great company.”


“You get the gold star - thank you so much for your help - you have been an absolute diamond and restored my faith in customer service. I had the most hideous experience with another pet company recently - the package got lost and there was absolutely nothing anyone would do about it. It was an absolute nightmare and no one was prepared to help - every time I emailed asking for the tracking number, I just got an automated email thanking me for my interest in the company! I guess that is easier - they work on the assumption that the package will turn up eventually so they ignore you for as long as they can and when they do spin all sorts of lines. I think it was highly unlikely that the entire UPS tracking was down for 10 days.......! So thank you so much again for keeping in touch and seeing it through to the end - thank you, thank you thank you- I so appreciate your help.” Di “Y'all are the best!!! Wonderful service all the time!”

“Thank you for your fast reply and for clearing up my confusion. Good customer service in times like these make for satisfied, repeat customers. Count me as one of them.” Susan Thompson

“You guys are all the best. I love SmartPak and the friendly, helpful staff. Thank you sooo much. I was worried about my boy missing his goods for 2 weeks, but thanks to your efforts I can be happy in the knowledge that he won't.”

“You girls are always so lovely to speak with and so helpful and knowledgeable, I love calling SmartPak!”


“Just a note to let you know, my package arrived yesterday - less than 24hrs after I ordered online! That is remarkable. Your company is top notch. Thank you for your wonderful service.” “Thank you so much for great service as always!” HG


“Thank you so much Laura for your attention to this matter. I certainly appreciate your dedication to customer service and satisfaction. I am a former President and COO of a large national retailer and it is incidents like this that make me still believe customer care is still alive. Your excellent customer service truly deserves the accolades.” Lisa LaFosse “I am happy to support a company that focuses on customer satisfaction. Have a great day.” Heather Tibble


“You guys always go above and beyond in regards to my questions. Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly and for offering me a number of options. I really appreciate the time you took to research my question. I continue to be incredibly impressed with SmartPak.....just wish you guys were located here in Fort Collins, Colorado...I'd love a chance to work there...sounds like a great place with great people. :)” “I have received your catalogs for several years now and have been watching how fast your company has grown. Today I placed my first order and was completely and totally impressed. The web site was easy to navigate - it actually convinced me I needed some gloves too! I received a confirmation e-mail and thank-you immediately. Fantastic service. WOW. You are quite an inspiration.”


“You guys are always the best whenever I call in. You never question me condescendingly and always work hard to make sure the customer isn’t only right but completely, 100% satisfied. I don’t know if they train you or make you watch videos or if you are all just genuinely nice people, but whatever it is keep it up!” “Wow! That's great customer service. Thanks for doing this so quickly.” LL

"Your Product Specialist Sara was wonderful on the phone and extremely helpful. I hope you keep sending the catalogs along because I am now going to be a valued repeat customer."


"Your Customer Service Department is wonderful. I've experienced nothing but the best each time I've spoken with them. Today, "Katie" was extremely courteous & very professional while helping me. Again, thank you for treating your clients the way that you do!" "Your customer service is fabulous. It reminds me of a small business ran by a family willing to do anything for you, keep up the great work!"


"Your company is wonderful and your customer service is EXCELLENT! The supplements were always packed well and the quality was great. When I purchase my next horse I will be sure to use SmartPaks again. Thank you." A.G "Your company provides a valuable service and they are very efficient." Margaret Crowley


"Your company is one of my favorites. I've passed it on to everyone in our family as well as our friends who own dogs. I will be phoning you this week to place a new order. I'm one of those people who like to phone rather than buy on line. I've always been treated with respect and very helpful with my orders. I think you are all great, helpful and easy to deal with; in today’s market place, that's not easy to find. Thank you again." Doreen Powell "Your company is absolutely a breath of fresh air, everything from the way you leave voice mails to how you handle problems in the account is just unbelievable! Simply put, I absolutely LOVE working with you all!" Dawn Riddel

"You have stolen me away from V%$@#% V@#! You’re prices are a tiny bit higher but you blow them out of the water with your shipping rates!"


"You guys made my day (with the card and bandana). I don’t drive much anymore, so the SmartPaks coming right to the door is just wonderful! I swear by you and your products, and tell everyone I know who has pets! You guys have played a huge part in the quality of life of myself and my dog. Finding your dog food was a blessing!" Claire and Koda "You guys have outstanding customer service. You’re always so nice and helpful. The SmartPaks are so great because you know you’re getting the right dosage. The price on that SmartMSM is also great, and it’s a pellet – it’s perfect for my Cody!"


"You guys have hands down the best customer service out of any online or catalog company I’ve ever dealt with. Everyone there is so great! You guys have outstanding customer service. You’re always so nice and helpful. The price on that SmartMSM is also great, and it’s a pellet – it’s perfect for my Cody!" "You guys are the greatest! Can't say enough good things about you... even though I am going through a "horseless" time in my life, I still buy supplements and products for my dogs through your site. It's great! As always, the absolute best customer service out there, bar none."


"You guys are simply the best! There isn’t anyone else in customer service that does it like you! My biggest pet peeve is poor customer service but I never have to worry about that with SmartPak. Even when I called and wasn’t able to be put in touch with a Product Specialist (due to training) the girl I spoke with was still able to get the message to you and you actually called back! You always make the situation right, even if it wasn’t your fault. Thank you for everything!" Christine Anderson, Michigan "You guys are so easy to deal with! You’re the best!"


"You guys are by far the EASIEST place to order from online. Everything is so well explained and making changes/adding stuff to orders is a snap. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into your website, customer service and ordering process. Thank you! It is a pleasure to order from you--easy easy easy. Love it. Too bad I don't live near MA--SmartPak looks like a fun place to work. My commute from MN might be a bit long... anyway, thanks for all the hard work you all do there behind the scenes. Keep it up! A very happy customer." D.M. "You are the best. You win an A+ in customer service every time. And that's saying something! Congratulations!" Margaret Hohmann

"Wow, I didn't think that there was such a thing as customer service of this quality any longer!" Erika Jagger, Indiana

"What a difference! Both horses just won three races! (2 Thoroughbreds on SmartEnergy!)"


"Those water buckets infused with silver are terrific. I left a very positive review on them and will be ordering a couple more for the other horse, as well. I found out about them through an email ad you sent me and really like the fact that you send out email updates on various products that I wouldn't have otherwise discovered on my own. I'm beginning to depend more and more on SmartPaks for shopping and before I look for anything I need, I check out your web site first. "This is why I love working with your company. Every Customer Service Rep I have dealt with has been pleasant and helpful and quick to respond. It's what keeps me coming back."


The reason why I’m able to use your {LiveSmart} food is because you were willing to send me enough to try it for a week to make sure Winsome’s stomach wasn’t upset by it. She loves it, we’ve been on it for 2 months and now I’d like to order another 3 month supply – and toys! "Thanks to your SmartB1 I am in love with my horse all over again! We go on trail rides now that I would never have attempted last year and even his body feels so much more relaxed! Thank you for making such great products!"


"Thanks so much for your assistance as well as {Product Specialist} Emily's - I really appreciate it. I am certain it's not the last time I will shop at SmartPak knowing they have an outstanding customer service department. Again, thanks so much for all your help. All the best." H.E. "Thanks so much; you guys are one of the most professional and customer focused companies that I interact with."


"Thanks for looking after me. I tell everyone how convenient and helpful you'll are. Thanks for the timely reply. Kudos to you and your service team. Although I've owned, bred and shown horses for well over twenty years, and currently own 14, I started using SmartPak only recently - and it was as a result of a new horse purchase (the former owner was using SmartPak so I thought I'd try it.) It is an excellent and efficient process for vitamins and meds for our horses. Your support/service system is extremely efficient as well. I will continue to use the service and will probably expand my needs in the near future." Ann B. Curtis "THANK YOU! That's what I love about you guys; you really take care of the customer! Thanks for all you guys do! I've NEVER had service like this anywhere, anytime. Some business grad school should do a study of y'all as a model of customer service as well as efficiency!" P.P.

"Thank you very much. I have been so happy with your service, and have been spreading the word!"


"Thank you very much for your quick response and the upgrade to overnight shipping. I will most certainly use you all again for my new dog's supplies and will recommend your site to friends and family. Thanks again." "Thank you so so much. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I will definitely use your website more because of your great service."


"Thank you so much. I am VERY happy with SmartPak and cannot believe I did not take advantage of your excellent service long ago. It is CHEAPER and more CONVENIENT than shopping at any of the nearby stores. I cannot believe I can use those two words in the same sentence, especially in today's economy. I tell everyone about your program." "THANK YOU SO MUCH! Whomever I spoke with a few weeks ago about my Great Dane helped a ton! He’s now back up and running and is going to start showing in Canada in two weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you. My vet is going to pass the word that SmartPak is amazing!" M.B.


"Thank you for the prompt and complete shipment of bandage wraps and cotton batting. I placed an order up here in Palmer, Alaska with my local feed dealer after purchasing all the cotton batting in stock for a colt with a leg injury. After waiting 10 days for the next shipment only to find my needs back-ordered, I found you after a short on-line search. Your on-line catalog is user-friendly and reasonably priced. The biggest difference is that when I made the request, you delivered, and within 3 days. Three weeks later, my feed store still had not filled my order. I'll never wait on them again. My colt is finally healed after five months in bandages. Thank you for being there for us." T.N. "Thank you so much for the nice reply to my complaint. It is a pleasure to see a company take responsibility and I commend your customer service!"

"Thank you for great customer service. I am continually pleased with this company." J.D.

"Thank you for carrying the Backseat Barrier. It was easy to install, looks great in my car and works just right! I am thrilled with the product and want to thank whomever decided to carry the product! Great job!"


"Thank you for all your excellent service. This is the best program I have come across in my 60 years with horses!" "Thank you for all your help and patience. You guys have always given us great service and we appreciate it!"


"SmartPak is without a doubt the best company I have ever dealt with. Your customer service is beyond great, your prices are reasonable, and who can beat the shipping? SmartPaks have made my feeding schedule so much easier. No more worrying about incorrect feedings! My horse and I both thank you all so much for everything you do." "SmartPak is the only way to supplement your horse. Thanks again; your customer service is really second to none." Gwyn Friedl, Wisconsin


"Quality assurance is one of the main reasons I shop for supplements from SmartPak! I appreciate your prompt service and great suggestions. I have health issues and cannot always get out to the tack shop or my vet's clinic to get supplements, so the ease, convenience, and quality products and service of SmartPaks is truly a lifesaver! They really help me to take the best care possible of my "babies". I'm sure there are more people out there with a similar situation that could benefit from the convenience and peace of mind that SmartPaks have afforded me. Thanks again for the great product and customer service!" Annie Blakely, Texas "SmartPak must know how to hire really nice and professional people. Every single person that has ever helped me over the last 5 years has been so polite. Thank you for your great service." S.V.

"Please tell your supervisor how wonderful you all are! You go above and beyond each and every time I call, even when it is something little. If you do not have all of the information you find it for me. I get more information from you at each call than I can expect from any other company." Carole Shields, VT


"My horse went from hardly being able to walk to back to work and cantering soundly under saddle. It is a great compliment to legend injections, which cost an arm and a leg, this is affordable and most importantly effective. My vet couldn’t believe such a formulation was on the market. As soon as he is completely healed, I am going to switch him to SmartTendon, I wouldn’t trust any other line of supplements for my horse!" J.S. "Many thanks SmartPak! I'm a very happy customer." J.W.

"Keep up the good work! From now on, I will always try to order anything I need from SmartPak because of your flat rate shipping policy and your customer relations."


"Just wanted to say that I stopped by your store yesterday after a long day of seminar for work. It took some work to get into the store (via traffic and directions, but I passed on my way in the morning and really wanted to stop in), but I made it. The main reason for my note, it was a pleasure shopping there. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. I was actually assisted by the store manager went the extra step to assist me in a couple supplements you did not have in store. I didn't do any big ticket items, but it was a great way to wrap up a long day. In these economic times, you have done very well with the people you employ and their drive for customer service." "Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate your help and support with NRHA events. It means so much for everyone to have that chance of getting to go home with any gift of accomplishment. You can see on the faces of even the smallest competitor what it means to them and all the hard work they put in as it pays off with your donations and gifts. Thanks so much!" Kim and Kinzy


"Just wanted to let you know that the custom photo frames I purchased as awards for an event were a big hit! They're even nicer than they look in the catalog and made a great award for our first place finishers. I'm also very pleased at the customer service when the first batch arrived with the name of the event spelled incorrectly. It was a mistake on the production end and was very quickly corrected. Thanks!" Mickie "Just wanted to compliment you on your quick shipping - I received my two photo albums in only 2 days! I purchased one for me and one for a friend to hold photos from our recent equestrian vacation. They are quite nice. The photos fit easily into the pages, and the binder allows the album to open completely to see each picture. Thanks again for the excellent service and excellent quality product."


"It's very rare these days to find a company that offers the wide variety of quality products such as yours, as well as SUPERIOR customer service. Keep up the good work. I will definitely recommend your store to our riding club and at the barn where I train. I must say that out of all the tack stores that I have ever ordered from, yours is the best. I can always count on getting a quality product and receiving it in a timely fashion. I have switched my loyalty over to your company and look forward to ordering from you in the future. As the owner of 4 horses, 4 dogs, 2 goats and a cat, I always find that I am in need of something that you supply! Thank you so much for the incredible service I have received to date." Jen Chapman "Just wanted to call and say what wonderful service I have received in the past from SmartPak and just recently from {Product Specialist} Cathlin. She has helped us through a crisis with my daughter’s horse. She typifies all the wonderful things SmartPak is. She was helpful in a very difficult time. Thank You SmartPak and job well done Cathlin!"

"It’s so nice when you have a complaint that the company actually cares and makes certain to fix it and continues to fix it. I love the service, I love the product, and I love all of the associates. I will always continue to be a SmartPak customer for life!" Arlette Love


"It’s so easy and simple! It’s just the greatest way to supplement a barn, you always know that every horse’s individual needs are being met every day. During feeding it is so easy to be able to see who is getting what. When I fed I’d even let my kids go around and give the supplements because its foolproof! I think it’s just worked wonders for Frankie, within a month his whole condition had changed, his feet were becoming stronger and his coat was glowing. I think it’s time for my new barn to wake up and smell the roses!" Dena Purcell "It’s just a joy to work with you all! I am so thankful that you were able to get my order to me for Saturday. My golden retriever was much more comfortable and the infection has now cleared up. {Product Specialist} Sarah was so wonderful and I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you at SmartPak!"


"It’s always little things like this that keeps me coming back to SmartPak. Everyone there I have ever spoken with is so intelligent and articulate. It’s nice to know that there are companies out there that take such great care of their customers. It’s what keeps me coming back time and time again. Please pass my message along to everyone because I know it takes a village to complete an order." D.L. "It has been a pleasure to do business with SmartPak. I really love your company and all the nice people I have talked to there. If there is a problem, even if it was my error, y’all always do your best to fix the problem and rectify the situation. Thank you for all that you do!


"I'm not normally one who takes the time to submit a testimonial, but our experience with SmartFlex Senior has been the stuff that movies are made of. A year ago we inherited an arthritic 20-year-old gelding named Pete, whose owner was going to put him down because he was stumbling and seemed too weak to be ridden any more. Our vet advised us to switch him to senior feed, which helped, and we tried some other supplements that also helped, but it wasn't until we discovered SmartFlex Senior that Pete began to revert to the horse he used to be. The previous owner says she can't believe he's the same horse! Our whole family has taken turns riding him--even one of our granddaughters--and Pete just loves it. Needless to say: we are impressed with the quality of your product (and so is Pete)!" Brian Hinther "In a world where customer service sometimes is at a bare minimum, your customer service excels. On more than one occasion I have had to call and make an adjustment to my order and each time I was treated with the utmost courtesy. I really do appreciate your staff who handles the phone calls and answering questions, and taking orders. Thank you SmartPak for always having representatives for your company that are always professional. Thank you Molly for helping me out today. Its customer representatives like yourself that keep me doing business with SmartPak". Susan Carrieri


"If you think about it, the SmartSupplements make the most sense. SmartPak has been a long time leader in supplements, everyone there is so smart, so whatever product they put out will always be of the highest quality. And the price can’t be beat! SmartFlex Maintenance was the easy choice! And besides, Gus Gus loves how it tastes." C.O. "If more companies were like yours, it would be a better world."

"I’ve been with you all for 5 years now, I just love you."


"I’m recommending this supplement {SmartCalm Ultra} to EVERYONE! I already notice a difference just after 4 days. I rode Logan around the farm yesterday bareback at dusk and he was so calm - Logan who hates being ridden bareback, hates going outside the ring, and hasn’t done anything in almost 2 years! To top it all off, he even loves the taste of it, he licks his feed dish clean everyday!" Julia Jesu, Maryland "I’m so glad you called! SmartFlex Senior is amazing. I’m 62 and this is my first horse and he was so sore he couldn’t move much. But after only 2 days on SmartFlex Senior I was riding him and he actually trotted out of his stall yesterday! What a great product!" K.R.


"I’m really impressed that you actually know so much about the product, and horses in general. Most people on the phone know nothing about the product and are just concerned about the sale –you really know and care about my horse! I’ll be sure to call in to discuss my next order!" "I wouldn't buy from anyone else. SmartPak is the best! Customer service staffed by real people (nice real people), huge variety of products at the best prices I can find (and I check), and an overall attitude of helpfulness." Wendy


"I love SmartPak. Even when I'm busy, you guys send me reminders about my upcoming shipment and I can add stuff to it or edit it - I LOVE IT. And thank you for letting me order all my dog and horse stuff in ONE place. Oh, and the auto ship option--LOVE IT. You guys rock. Have a great day!" "I love you all. I didn’t even know you had tack, let alone good tack. All we have around me is T$#%^&*@ S@#$%* and all of their tack is a lot more expensive. Everything you have is quality at an even better price. I appreciate you all so much, thank you for everything!" C.M., WV


"I LOVE SmartPak! I was really glad that the wells are recyclable, because that was a big thing for me. Even though I want to put my order on hold for now, I will DEFINITELY be ordering from you again! I have been telling everyone I know about you guys and your service is great!! Thanks for the call!" "I would like to say how much I love SmartPaks, your company and the other items you carry. The SmartPaks make boarding so much easier and the ease of adding supply items to my monthly order to come to my barn is just fantastic." E.A.


"I will definitely continue using SmartPaks! I manage a barn with everything from broodmares to golden oldies to top performance horses. With 14 completely different horses, SmartPaks makes it so easy to give each one exactly what it needs." "I love how you break down and compare ingredients and prices of the various supplements. That is invaluable information and has led me to choose my products with greater awareness."


"I just wanted to write in to let you guys know how much I REALLY appreciate the wonderful service that you provide. Last Thursday my horse was diagnosed with EPM. The veterinarian recommended that I put her on an immune support supplement to help her through the time that she is on the treatment for EPM. I logged in to my account on Friday to change my order, but it had already gone to be processed for shipping. I called in desperately hoping that the order could be changed before it actually shipped. The wonderful woman on the other end of the phone looked into it and discovered that my order had not actually been filled yet, and made the one time exception to get it changed over to the new product for me. Thanks to your wonderful service, my horse will be getting the supplements she needs to hopefully help her get through this tough time. I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated you guys being flexible enough and helpful enough to help Faith and I out." Mary Maxwell and Faith " just wanted to share with you how much this company has made a positive impact on my daily life. First... SmartPaks are the best thing to ever happen to my horses and my feed room. It is amazing the difference fresh supplements has made to my animals. I'm feeding exactly the same things, but I think the fact that they are getting FRESH supplements and EXACTLY what they are supposed to get EVERY DAY that has made such a difference. They are sound and their coats are AMAZING! Also the customer support is second to none! Both in the retail store and online with the 800 #. I am a difficult customer to keep and keep happy, but SmartPak has gone WAY above and beyond my expectations EVERY time. The staff in the retail store is so helpful. I tend to purchase A LOT and they help me throughout the store, at the register, and to my car in the rain too! Wow! Thanks SmartPak! You make life better!" Rossallee Alvarez


"I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with your customer service. You by far have the best customer service around. I will continue to order anything I need from you as well. Thank you again for all your help especially Molly I am not sure of her last name but she was GREAT!!" L.E. "I just wanted to say that I really appreciate being able to call and reaching someone I could so easily understand. Please make it known that it is appreciated!"


"I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help with my order issues. Meghan was the product specialist who helped me today. I sent an email around noon with an order question and got a response by 4:00 PM the same day and my issue fixed without me even having to log on and adjust the order myself. I love SmartPak and every time I have talked to Customer Care it has been a great experience. So thank you very much!" Lauren Grayson "I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful customer service. This is the first time I have used SmartPak and it was due to my trainer's insistence that I give it a try. Your customer service response is amazing. I can email a question and get an answer in the same day, unlike a few other online equine retailers who either take days to reply or maybe never. Keep up the good work and I will always be a repeat customer." K.C.


"I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful years of service to me and my horses. At this time I will not be purchasing another animal, but I will be looking to sometime in the future and when I do I will be back. It was always a saving grace to know I never had to worry about running out of supplements especially for a 34 year old who desperately needed his joint supplements. Thank you all you are wonderful..." T.H. "I just wanted to say how glad I am that SmartPak is available, it makes everything so convenient! From the phenomenal service to the terrific shipping, I think it’s just great!"


"I just wanted to let you guys know what an awesome job you're doing! Not only have you simplified my feeding regime, but also my whole farm. As a young college student, caring for three horses on my own property can be a challenge of time, money, and energy. But by ordering all my health, cleaning, and tack supplies at the same time as my supplements, I save that valuable time and money, leaving me more energy to train and enjoy my horses. Your customer service is also far and above any company I have ever worked with. I'm not afraid to give you a call or email whenever I (rarely) have a problem, because your employees are all so knowledgeable and friendly and helpful. The online ordering allows me to place and adjust my orders in my hectic schedule. Thank you so much for being the life link for my equestrian life!" "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do for your customers. Too many people write or call to complain, and I think more people should say when a great job is being done. Thank you for letting me know when my SmartPaks are going to be going up in cost and giving me a list of alternatives that may be cheaper. And thank you for being so accommodating when I have to put an order on hold for a few months. Everyone that I've ever dealt with has been so friendly, courteous and helpful too. You make it all so easy - and I just wanted you to know that someone really appreciates it. Keep up the great work!"


"I just want to thank you for your excellent customer service, speedy delivery, and quality of products. As a licensed vet tech and nutritional consultant, I am pleased that you carry the Wellness line. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a cat section that I hadn't noticed in your catalogs! Keep up the good work!" T.B., Virginia "I just received them {SmartPaks} yesterday and I’ve gotta tell you, I couldn’t be happier. I actually tripped over you guys on the internet looking for something else and I’m so glad I did. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but what a great idea! I’ll be adding my other horses soon!"


"I just got my SmartPaks last night and I am so excited to start them. The way they are packaged is so cool and the storage drawer was an extra bonus. The change by date for SPs and the flat rate shipping fee - wow that really is awesome! I am considering adding a joint supplement but haven’t had time to look into it yet, that’s great to know I can change it whenever I want, I am so happy I started Davey on SP’s!" D.D., Arizona "I just called because I received my order today and I just love it! My custom saddle pad is perfect and I’m dying to get to the barn to show everyone how beautifully done it is. The embroidery is perfect and the image looks just like my thoroughbred. Everyone is going to want one!" G.P. and Snickers


"I have to tell you, Shakira, is one of the very best Customer Care people I have come across since I retired from marketing and customer service 8 years ago. She was knowledgeable, helpful, professional and courteous; all things that are needed in today's customer service agents but seldom found…and I mean NEVER!!! Congrats to you and your wonderful people, if they are all like Shakira, it's no wonder people love your business. Your follow up is unheard of in today's customer service environment. I want to express my sincere gratitude for taking the time to contact me and thank you for your attention to details which are of the utmost importance to those of us on the buying end. Congratulations on a job well done, go both you and Shakira!" Deborah Whaley "I have to say, I’m blown away. What a fantastic service my wife stumbled upon while browsing the web. You guys are just outstanding and what a great idea!"

"I have always found SmartPak's customer assistance to be amazingly quick and efficient and their representatives helpful; you certainly continue that tradition."


"I figure most people only write when there is a problem, so I wanted to be sure to write because I'm THRILLED with the fast service and excellent product!!!! I got my order today and I can't believe how fast you turned it around and got it to me, customized no less. So please share my "thanks" to everyone along the route that did such a great job of customer service for me." Julie Stenslie "I am so thrilled with your product – it’s exactly what I’d hoped it would be, and makes life so much easier! All that and great customer service and flat-rate shipping and I’m not shopping anywhere else!"


"I am so happy with the order I just received! The delivery was so fast! I was expecting it 3 days later and my goodness shipped in I believe it is a day! I thought I ordered on Thursday and got it Friday! Could have been Wednesday but my goodness that was really fast delivery! I love the quality of the key chain I ordered and the bones for the pups and the meds, and biscuits and I ordered a harness which we just got back from a walk and it is really the best harness yet! So happy with the quick order results and the products are very wonderful! Thank you for your promptness and quality! I will certainly order from here again! Thanks to all for the help I received when I ordered and the promptness and quality of all I ordered!” S.M. "I am so excited I had to share this with you right away! Thanks to SmartPaks and an exercise program, my lab Sunshine has lost 23 pounds! You made it so easy for both of us to stay on her diet; she looks and feels so much better. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and lots of kisses from Sunshine." Gabrielle Granofsky

"I am really impressed with SmartPak and have told all my friends on the west coast about your great company with the great service. I highly commend the owners for creating such a company and bringing us SmartPaks. What a great idea!" B.S.


"I am prompted to write to you because I have just completed a study of your company. I am currently a business student and have been a long-time customer of SmartPak. In one of my courses, we were asked to profile a company that exhibits an exceptional practice-- this could be great customer service, utilization of technology, supply chain management, anything. What started as a brief overview turned into multiple pages singing your praises. I should have known it would be difficult to capture all the great things about SmartPak in just a few paragraphs! I've been a business student of some sort for almost 6 years now. I've studied and profiled many businesses in many industries. SmartPak has an innovative product, yes, but it's the simple things that so many companies neglect that set you apart! Your commitment to the environment is one. I can't even describe the customer service-- it's so far above and beyond anything I've ever experienced! There's something about going into a tack shop and looking around-- like a kid in a candy store. But to be honest, I don't miss it-- I get that same feeling looking feeling looking at your catalog! My horse BooBoo was off his supplements for several months, so I stopped ordering SmartPaks for a while (even though I continued to order other supplies). He's going back on them, so I will be ordering supplements from you again soon, in addition to my newly adopted dog, Yogi. (I just have to talk to the vet first!) Doing this study has made me even more loyal to SmartPak. Even if you don't have the lowest price on certain items, your sense of responsibility as a company, and the respect with which you treat every one of your customers is enough to make me spend a couple extra dollars. You deserve my business! And to everyone who *thinks* SmartPaks are more expensive, even if their particular product is a little more, as a business student I say, look at total cost and total value. The total value of ordering at SmartPak far exceeds the cost. I don't even consider shopping at the other guys anymore. (You know who I mean!) If you haven't, you should do a search on the Chronicle of the Horse message boards. In doing my study, I did a search for SmartPak. In my experience, you're never going to make everyone happy. There will always be one person that didn't like a policy or wasn't happy with something. I couldn't find ANYTHING negative anywhere about SmartPak. You are an asset to the business world, not just the equine world. I wish more companies were this ethical, responsible, and just plain NICE. Great job. Keep up the great work. I'll be placing a new order soon!" Jessica Sheidy "I absolutely LOVE your customer service. In a time where most places you can't even get a 'real' person to help you, your company is absolutely fantastic with your assistance and caring."

"I absolutely love SmartPaks! I recommend them to all my clients now!"

"Honestly, there are many reasons why I keep coming back to SmartPak, including your excellent customer service, very quick shipping and turnaround on all orders, especially custom and engraved / embroidery, and your flat rate on shipping -- and you never disappoint! Thank you again and have a great evening!" Nancy DaMato

"First, let me say I love your company. I am a dressage instructor and rider, and I work with mainly young women. All the riders in my facility, as well as myself, have ordered from you for several years. I have never had one problem. The colors that you offer in your products are unique and appeal to just about every rider I come in contact with. I am glad to see the different choices, and we all love the plaid! Thanks, and keep up the great job." Karen Smith

"Everything was really terrific, not just the SmartPaks but the plastic storage drawers made everything convenient."

"Everything has been over the top phenomenal. I can’t even tell you how pleased I am with your company! If you knew how much everyone helped me, I was on a first name basis with Charity and just everyone else who I spoke with was wonderful. I want you to please pass this on. Even the supplements came in a week, everything was just great. Please tell everyone that I am so pleased. I had never even heard of you before and used D&*#%, but you are so much better. Thank you so much!"

"Can I just tell you – I love doing business with you guys. You make it so easy, you’re always so pleasant and happy – it truly is a pleasure doing business with you!"


"I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR CARD AND KIND WORDS AFTER THE PASSING OF MY HORSE SLIGO. YOU WERE A BIG HELP TO MY HUSBAND WITH THE RETURNING AND CANCELING OF SLIGO'S SMARTPAKS. THANK YOU AGAIN." P.L. "I went in and changed my ship dates by one week. My supplements were coming before I finished the last order. Thanks for having such an easy system to use!" Glenna


"I used to order from D#$%! but it would take forever to get my order and I’m on the east coast just like them! You all are always so kind and helpful and I can never believe how quickly my order gets here. I’m blown away that I will have my embroidered items so quickly without having to pay extra to rush the order. I used to work with several Fortune 500 companies and if you all aren’t one of them yet you should be! I can’t say enough good things about SmartPak!" Diane Pesce, New Jersey I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with {Product Specialist} Emily and feel confident that we will be able to solve Ziggy's issues with her and my vet's help." P.B.


"I tell you your flat rate shipping fee is what brings me back time and time again. When you look at D@#$%^ it’s like you add everything up and the shipping costs more than most of the items! Ordering with you all is always so easy too, you always know what I want, usually have what I want and if you don’t have it you’ll work hard to get it." M.C. "I sure love your catalog; there are so many great suggestions all throughout it. It’s not overwhelming either which is nice. Everything you carry is high quality and it makes it easy to want to order from y’all."


"I received my order today, two days after shipping and 3 days after I changed the order by adding another item. As usual, you have terrific service. Thanks so much." Robbin "I see your SmartPaks all over the place when I go to horse shows. People are just ripping them open everywhere I look!"


"Am I impressed or WHAT?!!! I ordered from you on Tuesday the 22nd and received my order yesterday, the 23rd. Thank you so much for being a customer oriented company. I really appreciate the way you do business! Also, I am so impressed with your commitment to the earth and other significant issues. Your Company is one that i would love to work for if i lived closer to you. Many thanks!" R.S. "AS A SATISFIED SMARTPAK CUSTOMER, I SINCERELY THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING ASSISTANCE, YOUR PROFESSIONALISM, YOUR UNCOMPROMISING COOPERATION AND YOURTRULY EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE WHICH ROUTINELY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS ONEVERY LEVEL!!!"


"What a great product [SmartFlex III Ultra] you have! I tried everything and we thought we were going to have to put my horse down. After just a few weeks on this he is walking comfortably and looks great. Just thought you would like to know it’s really helping my horse." “THANK YOU!!! You guys rock. I really appreciate your awesome customer service. You have a solid customer here and I will be sure to let all my pet owning clients and friends know!!"


"I love you guys and I tell all of my friends about it. You have saved my dog’s life, if it weren’t for you I would have to go down a path that I don’t want to go down with him because he gets sick from every other type of food!" “I love your catalog, I love your service and I love all your ideas that you have in regards to animal and environmental care!”


"I wanted to let you know that Jessica was very polite and patient during my difficult order and scheduling. She was also very apologetic for the arrival of my damaged supplement. Have a great day!" Cheryl Svejcar "Just so you know – I order from you guys because of the wonderful customer service and the flat rate shipping. It’s always a pleasure." H.A.


"Thank you for SmartPak's great customer service! I think it's great that they employ college educated & specially certified people who are animal experts! It really makes a difference!" Rachel Larsen "Thank you so much! I received the paks and we are all back to normal. I truly appreciate your rapid response. It's a pleasure to have such great customer service!" T.J.


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for such fabulous customer service. Every time I call SmartPak I get a knowledgeable representative who is easy to talk to and very helpful. It is really nice to call and be confident that I will have any questions or concerns answered. Finally I am thrilled how fast I receive my products aside from Liam's SmartPaks. I never have to wait long. Thank You Again. I can't imagine purchasing from anyone else." K.L. "I love Smart Pak! What a well run company!" R.T.


"I'd like to take this time to tell you all how much I enjoy working with SmartPak. You guys have good products and great service. I recommend you frequently to both my horse and dog friends. Plus, I REALLY appreciate being able to do business with a local company, instead of one where the products all come from China and the customer service is in India. Keep up the great work - love you guys!" Karen Ansaldi "I'd like to take this time to tell you all how much I enjoy working with SmartPak. You guys have good products and great service. I recommend you frequently to both my horse and dog friends. Plus, I REALLY appreciate being able to do business with a local company, instead of one where the products all come from China and the customer service is in India. Keep up the great work - love you guys!" Karen Ansaldi


"You have really made my day! I can’t believe the customer service and how you have gone out of your way to help me with something like this! I’m going to tell everyone that I know." A.B. "Thank you soooooo much!!! Nice to see a company that still goes the extra mile for customers. We have loved every item ever purchased thru you. Keep up the great work!" B.L.


"I just wanted to email you and tell you that your customer service is wonderful! I called at ten PM on Sunday night and a woman named Rachel answered. She was absolutely wonderful and answered all of my questions. Thank you so much!" F.H. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me in the past year--you guys have the best customer service anywhere! L.N.


"I received my order today. I am happy to say I will still be ordering from you in the future. Your staff was very nice and understanding and did a great job to help with my problem. I have a horse, two dogs, and one cat so you can definitely count on me to order more." C.P. "It is an absolute pleasure dealing with your company! We will be passing on your catalog to several friends." M.B.


"I recently ordered a large item and it arrived damaged. After inspecting the item, I got on the phone and immediately spoke to a REAL person that told me everything that I needed to know about getting a new saddle cart. The woman asked when customer service should contact me the following day...They called exactly when I said it would be convenient. The other woman I spoke with was very helpful and made an effort to rush order my item. I am very impressed with the service and the actual caring on the part of the employees. Thank you for making my online shopping experience as pain free as possible. I will without a doubt order from Smart Pak knowing that I will have great service if anything were to happen." Miranda Gottlieb "Your web site worked smoothly and the order, email notification, and delivery went perfectly - I received my order almost the next day (well, it FELT that way). Thank you so much for your easy-to-use online ordering and your super speedy delivery!!!! You've got a happy customer!” Mona Handler

"I was very pleased with my shopping experience. Your response to my e-mail was prompt, and my pooper scoopers arrived quickly. Thanks again!!" Carol Haag


"You guys rock! Not only did you get back to me promptly, but you were true to your word. The package was waiting on my doorstep when I get back got home! Thanks so much for helping me out and you can rest assured that I will continue to use your business in the future." Julie Gigli "Thank you so very much. As always SmartPak's customer service is the cream of the crop. I wish everyone I dealt with were as nice and as quick as you folks!" Virginia Bowen


"Have I told you I love you guys? SOOOO nice to do business with a company that does what it says it will, at a fair price. And never a worry." Kathy Sumrow "You guys are good. Your customer service department should instruct some of the other big guns out there how to treat a customer. They are horrible!" K.T.


"You guys are amazing! Very helpful, nice and knowledgeable, what else could you ask of an equine store? You have everything I need and the store in Natick is right near me so when I need something I can go right there to get it. Thank you!!" J.T. "Wow! Customer service with you guys is always top notch. Thanks for being so dedicated!!"


"I have been most pleased by the response I have received from SmartPak Equine. Most companies would not take the time to call or even e-mail a customer about an expressed complaint. I have been most pleased with my SmartPaks and so has my barn manager, they certainly make things easier for everyone and eases my mind knowing that he receives the same dose every time. I do appreciate your company's willingness to work with me, as a nursing student I need everything else away from school to be as simple as possible. It is nice to know that there are a few companies out there that do care about their customers and their concerns." Lisa Hoots and Bud "Just wanted to commend you on your flat rate shipping policy. I will definitely be a repeat customer, and since you have a better selection than my local ranch supply store, I will be buying more and more of my horse supplies from you." T.W.

"Just wanted to say 'thank you' for your wonderful customer service - it's rare to find these days and definitely puts SmartPak on my 'go to' list for supplies. The Kerrits breeches arrived quickly and they are terrific (I've even ordered a 2nd pair!)." S.T.


"I just received this month's order and want to tell you again, how satisfied I am. I cannot thank you enough; it is always a pleasure to get our order and it saves me hours of work looking thru different catalogs to order from several different companies, not to mention the shipping charges. You have everything we need, your service is unsurpassed, your prices are fantastic, and I don't know how you keep your shipping charge so low. A big 'thank you' from Gabrielle." "Thank you for all you do! You guys are great. I thank you, my horses thank you, and I can’t wait to start my three dogs on SmartPaks!”


"I just received my first order of SmartPaks for my horse Romeo and I am so PLEASANTLY surprised. I love how easy SmartPaks are to feed. You have taken the guess-work out of his dosing. Now I can leave the barn for a few days and 'trust' someone else with Romeo's supplements. It is really nice to find a company that does such a great job of packaging and still keeps it affordable." W.L. "Your SmartPak Supplement products are awesome! I board my horses, and the SmartPak makes it so easy for the folks at the barn to keep my mares supplement feeding on schedule; also it ensures correct dosing. The auto-ship feature avoids any break in feeding the supplements. Thanks for such a great service!” R.M.


"Today I received my order and I was extremely satisfied. My order had arrived three days prior to the set delivery date and now I can use my Fixaphone for what I needed for. It was shipped on June 2 and was said to arrive on June 9 but it arrived on June 5. I was so happy. Thank you very much for you service and I hope to use you again." S.P. "Since I have been ordering the SmartPak supplements for Prancer I can truthfully say that the service I've received has been outstanding!! This really speaks well for not only the management but more important, the employees at SmartPak. Keep up the good work!"


"Olivia is my dressage mare--she's a big mare, and moving up in her training, so her care and well-being is of the utmost importance to me. SmartPak plays a vital role in her care. I also want to tell you how great I think SmartPaks are--there is a great selection of equine supplements from which to choose, and the convenience can't be beat! My horses will always be on SmartPaks!" Cindy Fletcher "I just wanted to thank you for your terrific service. Not only did I receive my order on time, but I really appreciate the follow up call from you, to make sure that everything was O.K. and to welcome us to SmartPak. I can't think of a thing you can do to improve! Now, that's good customer service!!!" Kerry Pilot, Flashy and Warrior


"A+++ in Customer Service. I just wanted to let you guys know what an outstanding customer service team you have! My client had some difficulty in ordering the correct dosage for their Weight Builder and Vitamin B1 SmartPak. They called me for my input, and not knowing what exactly they were doing, I accidentally told them to order almost 2x the amount of Weight Builder they needed! I told them I would buy the extra, but they called your customer service line and you guys are going to delay a shipment of Weight Builder and add an extra shipment of their vitamins! Thank you for saving my error, making my clients extremely happy and doing such outstanding work! I have placed an order for my junior horse and some gloves for me as well, and will continue to recommend your services." KWM "I love SmartPak and see it as a great source for horse products AND for horse product analysis and support. Excellent resource!" M.W.

"Thank you for your assistance w/creating the correct supplement combination for my horse Toby. Your staff is very knowledgeable and polite and I do appreciate the email shipping updates. Again, thank you!" B.B.

"Thank you for your assistance w/creating the correct supplement combination for my horse Toby. Your staff is very knowledgeable and polite and I do appreciate the email shipping updates. Again, thank you!" B.B.


"Wanted to let you know as well that I decided to go with SmartPak because I had heard such great things about the customer service and the selection of supplements. Everyone keeps saying how easy it is to switch or change things and how nice everyone at customer service is. I appreciate that! Especially with a youngster who will no doubt grow and change and his needs will vary over time." Betsy Sherman "My horse Clover passed away, she was 31. She had a great life and you all helped her to have a good life. I really appreciated the card that was sent. I have really enjoyed all the time we did business with you, you all are just wonderful. Please tell Johanna how much I appreciated the card. It came at just the right time when I needed to hear those words."


"You are one of the best customer service people I have ever dealt with. I have had to contact SmartPak several times and I seem to get you on most occasions. Thank you for the prompt response and the good news! This is why I really like dealing with SmartPak! I am trying really hard to steer more people your way because I think this is the best service ever! I hope I never have to go back to doing my own dosing and shopping out there. This is the most convenient method I know. How can you beat the door to door service and great response! A fan forever!" T.S. "Just wanted to say how much I love the SmartPaks. They have made feed time so much more time consuming. They are going to be a wonderful time saver at the horse shows in the early hours when there is so much to do. Thank you again for such an awesome product!" W.J.

"Whomever came up with the idea for SmartPak is a genius! My equine order also arrived earlier this week - I am really (no, really) enjoying NOT having to make the supplements myself. Thanks a million." Rachel Looney


"I wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful product specialist team you have. About a week ago, I was in a crunch to get a hackamore. My horse had developed a sore in his mouth. I couldn't not ride b/c we had a competition the coming weekend, but I didn't want to put a bit in his mouth. I called the customer service department at SmartPak and explained the situation. I live in Plymouth, MA and know that the warehouse is located there. In a desperate attempt to try to get the hackamore the same day, I asked the representative if it would be possible for me to pick it up. She consulted with her supervisor and to my surprise; she said that they would be able to assist me in my request. I was able to pick up the hackamore that evening and I can't thank SmartPak enough. Not many companies these days will go above and beyond for their customers. I've told everyone at my barn what a wonderful experience I had. You've got a customer for life." Brittany Powers "I HAD BEEN RECEIVING YOUR CATALOGS & HAD NEVER ORDERED ANYTHING, AND THEN DECIDED TO TRY YOUR SMARTPAKS A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO WHEN WE WERE ON VACATION. I FELT IT WOULD BE EASIER FOR THE PEOPLE FEEDING FOR US TO USE THE SMARTPAKS RATHER THAN HAVING TO MEASURE OUT THE DOSE FOR EACH HORSE OR PONY WHEN THEY FED. WELL..IT WORKED GREAT!!! THE PEOPLE FEEDING REALLY LIKED THEM & HAD NEVER SEEN THESE BEFORE. WE HAVE AMERICAN SADDLEBREDS & HACKNEY PONIES AND FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER, JUST HADN'T COME ACROSS YOUR PRODUCTS. WELL, NEEDLESS TO SAY, I JUST PLACED ANOTHER ORDER..I STILL USE THE BUCKETS WHICH WE GET THRU OUR VET (& HAS THE COLIC PROGRAM)..BUT THE PAKS ARE SUPER WHEN WE ARE AWAY FOR THE HORSES LEFT AT HOME & FOR TRAVELING TO SHOWS...MUCH EASIER TO KEEP UP WITH..& NO CHANCE OF SPILL, ETC. THANK YOU!!!" DOT RICHARDS, RJR STABLES


"Your company is one of my favorites. I've passed it one to everyone in our family as well as our friends who own dogs. I'm one of those people who like to phone rather than buy online. I've always been treated with respect and very helpful with my orders. Thank you again." "Your company is one of my favorites. I've passed it one to everyone in our family as well as our friends who own dogs. I'm one of those people who like to phone rather than buy online. I've always been treated with respect and very helpful with my orders. Thank you again."


"I have never been so impressed with the customer service of a company. Everyone was so nice and helpful and accommodating when I called in yesterday to change my second order. I love the SmartPak system; it makes my life so much easier and saves me so much money. I had the most difficult time trying to find the Wellness food for my dogs and was paying so much to ship it. With SmartPak you take the hassle out of it and sent me that great plastic storage drawer to stay organized." G.W. "Keep up the great work. LOVE SmartPak and recommend you guys constantly. Horse people all already know/use you, but I have been recommending you lately to my doggie friends as well." Karen Ansaldi


"Whomever came up with the idea for SmartPak is a genius! You guys are the best! I just received my order for Frontline and the second part of that order (Rimadyl) had to be shipped separately (my vet had to snail-mail the prescription). My equine order also arrived earlier this week - I am really (no, really) enjoying NOT having to make the supplements myself. Thanks a million." Rachel Looney "I love your company! The customer service is wonderful, the food is fresh, and the selection of canine products rocks. I have already switched one of my friends over to your company. I'm sort of the high-quality pet-food fanatic in my circle so it's important I keep everyone in the loop about good places to buy." Shannon Stevens


"I just received my second order of Cosequin ASU for my Doberman Gracie. Not only is this product absolutely the best, but the Customer Service is outstanding! I am impressed with the care that goes into shipping and how wonderful, helpful and polite the Representatives are if I have to call the company. Before I started giving my 100 pound Doberman Gracie the Cosequin ASU, her quality of life was deteriorating; she was unable to jump up on my bed, was unable to run and at times her rear legs would give out on her. For the past 2 months, not only is she running and playing again, but she is able to jump up onto the bed to sleep with us again. Thank you for such a great product and having such wonderful people!" Kathy "This is my first order with your company and I am so impressed with your service. I definitely know who I will be ordering from in the future! Thank you very much!" N.R.

"I am very impressed by your responses and actions to my emails. In each email you have been very friendly and helpful. I always knew I liked SmartPak the company for the products, but I now know I like SmartPak for their employees." K.W.


"I need to tell you something about y'all business. You have a great product but most importantly you have unbelievable customer service. If 10% of the companies I do business with came close to your excellence I could probably cut back on my meds!" P.M. "I just want to say - you guys are great! I have always enjoyed exceptional service from you all." Julia Wick


"I have been very happy with all the items that I have purchased through your company. I am a flight attendant for a major airline and I know how important customer relations are. Thank you for your effort and assistance. Just makes me buy at SmartPak more often." Cynthia J. Zitko "Your company is just the best! You really have figured out how to deliver exceptional customer service and value. I am constantly pleased with your customer service, products, delivery, and pricing. Thank you for such a well-run business." Cynthia M. Brumbaugh


"Thank you again for your excellent customer service. I would not use any other supplier because of the professional way that you treat your customers." Jeanne Iverson "Thank you so much. If all businesses I have to deal with were as attentive, quick and on the ball as you, the world would be a better place!" Phyllis Porter


"You all are just super to work with. I wanted to say thank you, fantastic job, and any other positive and encouraging things I can to help you all on your ways through the work days. True customer service is being able to 'roll with it' and you all do." B.B. "Thanks so much for your prompt response. I'm always so pleasantly surprised that there really is a company who still believes in good customer service! It's so rare these days." J.W.


"In the years I have now been connected to the services SmartPak offers, I can truly say the service has always been timely, courteous, and extremely patient!! With all the choices in products available, it has been reassuring to know one can call and ask questions and make informed decisions after talking to one of the representatives or veterinarian staff members. Thank you for also being a caring organization, caring for not only the customer, but the focus of why we are all involved, the animals in our lives." Alissa Burns "I have to say that I placed my order on Weds. morning and it was at my doorstep on Thurs. afternoon! Amazing!!! How did you do that? I am so impressed! My daughter orders from you frequently and said you were great. She is impressed with your service as well. Thank you for the great service and for being so quick!" Beth Goodnow


"I just wanted to call back to give you feedback and wanted to let you know I am 120% satisfied and really love your system and how it works. And I have already recommended you to others. Thank you very much!" F.D. "I am very happy with your company and your service. I have been doing business with J_ _ _ _ _ _s for over 28 years and I have switched over to your company. Thanks again!" C.M.


"Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service - one of my items was missing from my order, so I gave you a call, and of course you took care of it, but the unreal thing is - I just came back to my computer to check my email, literally less than a minute after I hung up the phone - and there is the ship confirmation for the missing item! Thank you for such good service - it is a pleasure doing business with your company!" Jeri Miller "You know one of the things that is great about you guys? How quickly you ship orders. Thank you!" Melanie Eames

"As always, thanks for the AWESOME (prompt and courteous) customer service email response to holding my order. Having worked in catalog sales myself, I really appreciate your company's professionalism." Kelly O'Neill


"I just had to let you know how truly impressed I am with your company and the level of extraordinary customer service you provide. I placed an order yesterday (Tuesday) to ship standard ground, and it arrived just now! I was amazed. Of course I realize some of the credit certainly goes to UPS, but your super quick processing and efficiency got it out the door so quickly, I couldn't believe it when I saw the package. AND, it was exactly what I ordered, for exactly the very reasonable price I was told it would be! Truly....amazing! All in all you can be sure that you now have a customer for life, and I will highly recommend you to all of my horse friends!" LJ "Thanks so much for being such a great company! You guys always help me and you all are always so considerate and nice. Thank you for being you! Again I just want you to know how appreciative I am of you guys. Thanks Tons!!"

"Thank you for such a kind email! I have never had any company email me back like that - it is unbelievable." A.B.


"I can't thank you enough for this. I have always been a big fan of SmartPak and had great customer service experiences, and that's why I knew I could call right away yesterday and ask for help. I'm so glad this got fixed." Bethany Oesting "I want to thank you for being so helpful and really following up. Sometimes these day it is hard to find a customer service rep that actually cares about the customer. My family will forever be loyal customers. Thanks again." D.S.


"I would like to comment how much I appreciate working with your company. Your sales people have answered my questions without having the feeling they were bothered. Some companies have charged more for shipping and handling than the items ordered. When I order anything now, I check to see if your company has it first before looking elsewhere. Keep up the great work. Thank you." I.T. "As usual, you 'guys' are great to do business with - and I love the prompt service." Sara Vakiener

"Your company has excellent customer service. Definitely top 10." Q.R.


"I would like to thank you all at SmartPak for being simply great at everything you do. From quality, availability, and ease in finding just what one needs, to exceptional shipping time (that is environmentally friendly) and superior customer service. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Lyn Spanos "Wow... That's service! I am very impressed with the quick action that has been taken. I look forward to doing many years of business with SmartPak. Thanks a million for such a fast response!" Jennifer Archbold


"I just wanted to thank you for the consistent customer service you provide… I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that you stand by your products and that it is not even the smallest hassle to do business with you. Thank you so much! It makes shopping with SmartPak a real no brainer." Nancy Walk "My husband and I love ordering from SmartPak. I definitely prefer to order from you and get my order all together. We joke that we just placed a SmartPak order and that 10 minutes later we are waiting for the UPS guy because you are so fast!" R.S.


"Once again, I am totally impressed with the ease of shopping with SmartPak. I ordered from you on Monday afternoon and when I checked with UPS, my package is already out for delivery. I had placed an online order with another company two weeks ago and am still waiting on my package! SmartPak seems to understand that people with animals can't wait for shipping and accounting departments! I have recommended you guys to all my 'horsey' and 'doggie' friends! Thank you so much for all the effort. Keep up the good work." Laurel Varney "I must say, I have been nothing other than impressed and pleased with your company so far. Your customer service has been exemplary and I wish other companies would take a leaf from your book!"

"I am so glad SmartPak found me years ago, I don’t know what I would do without you! I trust you girls so much. Truly, thank you for all the advice over the years, it’s an absolute pleasure!"


"I wanted to take a moment and commend you on your customer service department. There was a slight problem with my order, but it was handled quickly and politely. This is quite refreshing given the current state of customer care with other businesses. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to doing business with you again." Greg Close "I am so glad SmartPak found me years ago, I don’t know what I would do without you! I trust you girls so much. Truly, thank you for all the advice over the years, it’s an absolute pleasure!"

"Your SmartPak system really works and I love your automatic delivery." J.F.


"Once again you have proved your #1 status in the client service department!" H.A. "You guys are always a pleasure to deal with!" Lisa Williams


"I am a customer and LOVE your products and services... everyone on your team is always so nice and friendly, and hey the price is right! Keep up the good work!" Kim Wands "The best thing I ever did was switch over to SmartPak!! I don’t know what I’d do without you guys – thank you." E.P.


"Thank you so much! You have no idea how often I send an email to a vendor only to have it disappear into a black hole (along with all the subsequent emails, still begging for some kind of response). That you're shipping my order is wonderful; that you bothered to reply is more wonderful still. Again, thanks!" Susan Boucher "I just think SmartPaks are the greatest invention since sliced bread!!"


"The personable way in which emails and phone calls are handled is the icing on the cake. It is so refreshing to feel like my questions are being handled by individuals that actually care about helping the customer. The handling and delivery of orders is the best I have experienced on the net. I feel good about spending my equine dollars at SmartPak because I feel they appreciate my custom." Lori Bond "Once again, I'd just like to say that SmartPak's customer service is WONDERFUL! I'll never switch back to making my own baggies again!"


"I am very, very impressed with your customer service and excellent staff, their service, attitude, and everything else… I want you to continue YOUR EXCELLENCE for customer service to assist shoppers in your business. I'll highly recommend shoppers to stop by your store in Natick, MA and not shop at Dover Saddlery in Wellesley, MA." Deanna Emberley-Handricken "I love your service and your website is very well organized, informative and easy to use. I especially like the product comparison feature for the supplements. I also love that you offer such a great selection of products that I can easily add to my SmartPak shipments without hassle or additional shipping costs! Keep up the good work!" Michele Hofmann


"Thanks for making the change for me. I have been using SmartPaks almost from when you first started, and I absolutely love it. I travel a lot during the spring/summer/fall barrel racing from Maine down to Georgia, and SmartPaks are wonderful. No more baggies, no buckets of supplements to pack when we are away, and because all of Bubba's are available in pellet form, I don't even have to mix w/his grain, he will eat these out of my hand. Thanks again!" Jennifer L. Devillez "Your speedy response was so refreshing. Thank you for your help and I will continue to promote your company to my boarders and friends. This is what an American company USED to be all about-glad to have you around!" Lisa Lucidi


"Thanks a bunch! Your service is awesome and saves me probably hours every month thumbing thru catalogs for the best deals on stuff I need. With your prices, your service and great shipping fee, I get my orders done, received and the products to my horses with less effort!" Lynda Hamilton "I want to let you know how wonderful it is to work with all of you there. It is so refreshing. You are all so friendly and helpful. And you all own horses, so you know about the products and how they work. I really appreciate all your help – so thank you!" T.M.


"You were primarily a place we could go to get supplements for our ponies, and now it is so great that you've expanded to barn supplies and riding supplies...and you're open to suggestions when a customer asks about a product you don't carry....Glad you're there for us. Thanks." D.S. "SmartPak is the best thing to happen to a barn since the wheel barrow!"


"I learned about your prepackaged supplements about a year ago when I managed a high end stable. When I moved and purchased my horse I knew that he would need supplements to keep him going. The stable that I keep him at is owned by a man that won't take the time to measure out any type of medicine so I immediately thought: SmartPak! Your web site was full of great information to help me make the best choice for his individual needs. It sets my mind at ease knowing that he is always getting the proper amount of medicine and it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. He might not be anything special in other's eyes, but he's my boy and I love him. He looks and feels wonderful now." Leslie Elkins and Charlie Brown "I just wanted to say thank you so much for such fabulous customer service. Every time I call SmartPak I get a knowledgeable representative who is easy to talk to and very helpful. It is really nice to call and be confident that I will have any questions or concerns answered. Finally I am thrilled how fast I receive my products. I never have to wait long. Thank You again. I can't imagine purchasing from anyone else." C.B.

"Thanks! Whoever took my order today was wonderful! She has a horse and was very helpful and a pleasure to talk to." C.T.


"Thanks again, I really appreciate you going the extra mile. I was just talking w/some of the boarders yesterday about what a great experience I had with your customer service, so this is yet another moment I'll spread the news about." Leeandra Wesley "Your company is definitely a 'customer friendly' one and appreciated by one who is just getting back into hunter/jumper/fox hunting. "Christina Cross


"I've used SmartPak for years now and have no idea how I'd manage without y'all! You were one of the first to carry the One AC that keeps my horse alive and finding you was a Godsend. DB's serious anhidrosis came on suddenly and, at the time, our vet was unaware of this product. My research (I'm a librarian) led me to the product, and you were one of the VERY few places that carried it! We've been with you ever since. Your business concept is brilliant but what REALLY impresses me is your customer service! Whenever I call, I end up speaking with someone who knows not only your merchandise but also horses!! They take their time, and they KNOW what they are talking about. I don't know how you round up your staff....but each and every one of them that I have dealt with is a star!" P.P. "Thank you for providing the "loading dose" option in SmartPaks. When I told my barn manager I was going to put my horse on a joint supplement, she rolled her eyes and said 'another supplement...' because currently she has 20+ clients who all want their horses to have that something special. When I responded 'oh I already did it all on SmartPak, including the loading dose, so you won't have to double scoop'. She was so appreciative of having one less thing to do in the morning which makes me happy too. Thanks again for everything you do!" Robyn Roesser


"Thank you for such great service and products. I always thought that I shouldn't/couldn't afford SmartPaks. Now I don't know how I could afford to do w/o them. I only have the 2 horses and 1 dog so it's not like I couldn't scoop out of buckets for them, but I love not having to go to the store or reorder every 4-6 weeks. I also love the packaging and lack of more stuff for the landfill. Thanks so much!" Laura Boatright "I will be sure to recommend my horse friends to your website. Your company offers the best service and responds promptly and the prices are so competitive and I like the auto ship and also the fact of you can put items on hold. I love our SmartPaks and am also going to get a few for my dog." Zandi Harvey


"In early January, my horse got a substantial puncture wound on his knee. The vet was concerned because of all the fluid that was being retained in his knee. Thanks to your supplement, Smartflex Repair, his knee is normal size (after only about 2 weeks) and I can begin to get him back into shape. Thank you so much for your helpful and prompt suggestions when I asked for advice. I am so happy with the results and would recommend this product to everyone!" G.P. "I am a new customer and wanted to take a moment to thank you for terrific customer service. Wonderful communications, extremely fast shipping, and I am very glad that you use paper to pack with rather than those annoying 'peanuts'. Thanks again!" Jan Schilling


"I would like to praise your informed customer service. Three months ago I called to discuss changing my Thoroughbred's joint supplement to include Hyaluronic Acid and pre/pro-biotics. After three months on SmartPak’s own SmartFlex Senior, he is completely sound, has gained condition and seems like a happier horse. I have since met several folks who claim similar results for SmartFlex Senior. Thank you for producing such an effective, safe supplement at a great price." T.R. "I really love all your SmartPak line supplements. The SmartCalm Ultra is amazing! It works better than Quiessence. I really appreciate all the work your company has put in to making these wonderful products."


"SmartPak Equine always puts the extra touches on its products, and its customers... Other Equine catalogs do not give adequate descriptions on their products they're selling, which makes it extra difficult to see if it is appropriate or not for the horse. At SmartPak, your descriptions are almost like talking to the maker of the supplement themselves, and almost right there you know if it's right or not. Even if there are questions, you have educated staff willing to help you anytime. We also go to SmartPak for the cutest embroidery options, and high quality items with decent prices. What would horse people do today without educated people and a company like SmartPak to help them with their questions?" M.S. "I just wanted to "officially" post my enthusiasm concerning your products. I have a nineteen year old quarter horse mare that has suffered with joint discomfort for years. I've tried many different products and some would seem to help in a minimal fashion but not enough. From about the second month that I used your product (SmartFlex Senior) I've noticed an increase in flexibility and energy in my beloved horse. She seems to keep getting livelier! It's like I have a new horse and I can tell that she is happier to be able to do more than she has been able to, both agility, speed and endurance! Thanks for such great products!" M.B.


"Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate how easy you made this. I really love how easy SmartPak has made my life - I remember days of scooping out supplements - shudder! I got spoiled with my puppy and older dog - just open the bag, and voila, 1 meal measured out, that I had to switch my fattie dog to your pre-measured weight management food. I love my doggies SmartPaks. Now I need you to pre-bag my horse's grain!" S.W. "SmartPak has the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with - not many people are proactive enough to look up my barn code and add me - I appreciate the thought and the subsequent savings! Please tell your supervisor/manager that I compliment his/her staff." Christine Flynn


"In this day of instant email, difficulty getting a real person on the phone and personal service, I find your company very refreshing. Forgive this Grandma for her lack of tech skills. I appreciate your company's personal touch and prompt response instead of a "canned one. Your company listens. You’re human. Real people come through. Long live the personal, real touch. Thanks for listening and the very best to you, Emily and your company. My dog Ruben and I look forward to getting your product." Charlene Turenne "If I've learned anything during my dealings with SmartPak is that you always exceed customer expectations. That's why I love buying from you and recommend your products to all of my horse- and dog-owning friends." LeAnn Ross


"Ya'll are great to work with and your products are even better!! Thank you for making it a little easier to feed Puffy. You know that if the morning person accidentally pours out too much of the packet, then Puffy gets stiffed at dinner and starts mooching from everybody at the kitchen table!! It's a pleasure working with you!" William Blackbird "I received my order yesterday. Thank you for such fast shipment. Also, my dog Tanika loves the new food I ordered for her. I want to add, when I called to place my order, I was very pleased with the way I was treated. She was so helpful and friendly. This is a great company to work with." Grace DeLong


"I have 4 rescued Belgian Malinois and each has different medical needs. It’s wonderful to know that I can count on SmartPak to fill prescriptions quickly accurately and affordably. My dogs are very important to me and it’s a great relief knowing I've found a place I can count on to help me give them the care they deserve. I can't praise your service enough!" Diane Putnam "I just want to thank you for your excellent customer service and care!! Being a senior citizen with the nearest pet store 40-45 miles away, it's sometimes impossible for me to get to the store. It is good to know that my dog food will be delivered when promised. I cannot praise you enough. I feel like I am getting special individual service." Arlene McCool


"I LOVE SmartPak. I have them for both of my adult dogs, and my horses supplements. I love the freshness and ease of use of SmartPaks for my active pets. I camp and hike a lot and it is just so easy to pack up the days, or weekends SmartPaks and go, instead of sitting there measuring out and putting them in sandwich bags." Amy Currier "My dogs are very happy with their Wellness food and thriving on it. The canine SmartPaks are such a blessing in disguise. Thanks for expanding into the other animal/pet realm." S.C.


"Thank you for being so prompt! This is one of the many reasons I like to order from your company! Thank YOU for making my little dog the best dressed dog around! :-) Her collars are ALWAYS a HUGE hit when we hit the road with our motor home! LOL! I'll look forward to receiving them. Thank you!!" Shelley Green "You folks are so fast, I really appreciate it. I'm like a kid at a birthday party when the dogs' stuff comes so soon--I enjoy it all the more, so they do too!" J.C.


"I have been very pleased with your company. Your customer service dept. is absolutely wonderful! The flat shipping fee is an added plus as well as the supplement samples you will send no charge for an equine taste test. I placed an order last week and the product was at my door faster than anticipated. Thank you again. My horse Savvy and I greatly appreciate all your efforts." Elizabeth "Liz" Volansky "Your company has been absolutely fantastic to work with and I recommend them to absolutely everyone who will listen. I have a youngster (2 yo filly) and a senior (30 yo gelding) and I will never use another company for their supplemental needs. Your company provides such a wonderful service with the bonus of peace of mind which in my opinion you cannot put a price on." Dawn Singer


"I've gotta tell you I've been a customer for years and SmartPaks have been a saving grace. When I was transferred from Arkansas to New Mexico, Jack and Stormy were shipped via a professional shipping company and had to spend a week at a holding facility in Dallas awaiting a transport to New Mexico. The SmartPaks traveled with them, so the boys had a 'taste of home' while they were there. Also, Stormy went to several shows last year and never missed his daily wormer or joint supplements. Before I was a customer I showed Jack, and had to pack his supplements in baggies for travel to the shows. What a pain! This way is sooooo much easier, just grab a few from the box, throw them in the trailer and off you go! I'm a customer for life. The customer service is bar none." Tracy Kemp My wife and I have a 2 year old White Boxer named Zeus and he just loves to read your magazine. I have attached a picture for you to see...Jay Pasteris


"I go to boarding school in the middle of nowhere, and although we have a very competitive riding team, there isn't a comprehensive tack shop for about 2 hours in each direction! SmartPak makes shopping so simple for me and him, any time I foresee needing treats, Likit refills or thrush meds, I can just plop it in with the next order! SmartPak is easy and fast: most embroidery places have a week turnaround, but SmartPak put together a custom color garment bag WITH monogram in one day! There was absolutely no delay with my order. Best of all, you guys are on top of it all, I use your comparison charts and tips all the time, I trust no one but SmartPak with my horsey needs and horse's health!” Cameron Hughes "I love SmartPak and TRUST your products so much that I get 3 SmartPak supplements from you for my beloved horse, Bubba. I get the SmartCalm, SmartFlex Senior and SmartHoof. All the SmartPak customers at my barn just sing your praises. And the barn owner loves the SmartPak supplements because they make feeding time so much easier. She wishes every boarder was using SmartPak. We'll get there eventually. Thanks for being the best!" N.B.

"You guys are so great to deal with! I recommend you to all my 'horsey' friends." Elaine Taylor


"Your customer service is nothing short of incredible (in a positive way, of course!). Thank you so much for shipping Koorss' electrolytes so quickly. Your company should set the standard for EVERY company for customer service quality. The customer concern I've been shown is top notch and wish every company was that way. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Kim Zupancic "You guys are the greatest, and the transaction could not have gone any better. I am completely happy, and look forward to many wonderful trail miles in my new Kerrits! Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart." Randi Holbrook


"I groom about 15 harness racehorses...one in particular requires a supplement that can only be found at SmartPak at an affordable price. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how low on the supplement I was running, and in a panic ordered the product on a Wednesday with an estimated ground delivery date of the following Tuesday; a very reasonable ship timeframe. I estimated that I would run out of product on Thursday, one day after I ordered the product. Our next race was on Sunday, but my negligence could not be saved. Much to my surprise, the product was delivered Friday, just two days after I ordered it! Amazing! Thank you SmartPak for saving my arse!" Meags Thank you so much for such a caring e-mail. I appreciate everyone's help with trying to keep him as healthy and comfortable as possible over the past 4 plus years that he has been on SmartPaks. I love the service and products and recommend them frequently. You have always given me such personalized service and I always felt like I was discussing my horse's problems with one of my own friends. You guys really do make things easier for us all. Keep up the great work!” Robin Kitchens


"I just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely pleased with the entire concept of the individually packaged supplements and the huge variety of supplements that you offer - not to mention the detailed information you supply about each product, and your comparison charts. I could go on for pages listing all the benefits of using SmartPaks, and be assured that I tell every horse owner I run into about them and how happy I am that I made the decision to give SmartPaks a try. I'm absolutely "sold" on the entire SmartPak concept and show them to anyone who visits the barn. I can't think of a single negative regarding their use. My daughter was impressed with the fact that the little packs are made of recycled materials - and I save the packs and put them in the recycle bin, so hopefully they're even getting used again. A friend of mine took a bunch of them for use in some kind of craft project, as well..... so there's no waste at all." Judine McGinley "I just wanted to send a note saying I am so happy I found this company. You make my life so much easier, and my horse so much more comfortable. Thank you very much for your customer service and easy to use products. You are my one stop shop. Thank you again." Rayen Davidson and Snickers, Sergeant and Major

"I just want to tell you and SmartPak what a pleasure it is being a customer of yours. I look FIRST at SmartPak for ALL my equine needs. I prefer you to Dover, Stateline, Bits n Bridles, and my local tack shop. SmartPak is the best! (in no small part because of people that provide GREAT customer service....every time!) Thank you for all you do, every day." Lisa O'Brien-George


"Thank you so very much for your quick reply to my email. I'm very impressed with both your product and customer service, and will highly recommend you to my horse loving friends! It’s hard to find companies nowadays that really seem to care about their customers." Randi Holbrook "SmartPak is the only equine web order business that I KNOW I can count on to make last minute changes and it's no big deal. I can't tell you how easy it is to work with everyone at SmartPak. I love you guys!" Gwyn Friedl


"I have a barn buddy account with your company and wanted to thank you for all of your assistance in helping us organize our SmartPak orders and deliveries. We have about 80 or so horses on the Smartpak program and have found it to be quite convenient and very helpful in administering the correct dosage of our supplements." Kay Altheuse "I worked at a barn that used your SmartPaks and I LOVE them! They were so easy to use and made feeding time a snap! We had a few boarders use baggies and containers and others use the SmartPaks and you could easily tell the time saved with the SmartPaks! Just thought I'd let you know!" T.M.


"Well, we almost had a full blown celebrity - your very happy canine client, Effie, was a featured runner up in the Wellness "Portrait of Wellness" contest. She gets her fabulous Wellness Simple Food Venison from SmartPak, of course! Now if you could just package some human treats, there would be no need to leave the house! Thanks for the great service and products." Kristina Birkmayer and Effie "My order arrived today, beautifully packed, and each item exactly as described in the catalog. Also, thank you for your environmental concern - not a single Styrofoam 'peanut'." Susie Streng


"My daughter was impressed with the fact that the little packs are made of recycled materials - and I save the packs and put them in the recycle bin, so hopefully they're even getting used again. A friend of mine took a bunch of them for use in some kind of craft project, as well..... so there's no waste at all." Judine McGinley "I called in an order earlier this morning to ship out with my SmartPaks tomorrow. By the time I walked to my desk and started my e-mail, I already had a confirmation e-mail waiting for me. Just amazing. Thank you!" K.R.


“Wow - I am truly amazed and appreciate the outstanding customer service from SmartPak. This has been a great experience and makes me more comfortable with ordering through your company, and more likely to do so. Thanks again!" A.L. "I'll say this for SmartPak....GREAT customer service. Efficient, pleasant folks on the phone and now... email, too. Thanks again." Donna Batson


"Once again I am blown away by the service and friendliness of the SmartPak employees. Thank you so much for your quick, really informative response and the help with my order. I wish you guys sold other stuff besides animal things so I could do even more business with you. Thanks again." Tanis LaManna "We have now received our order and wish to tell you we are *in awe* of your customer service attitude. If only, more businesses had such a helpful attitude. We look forward to dealing with you again. Thank you so much." Debbie Rich


"I have been a customer for many years and just want to let you know that I have never been disappointed in your products or services. I never miss a chance to pass on my own positive experiences with SmartPak to others. Congratulations on doing an excellent job!" Ellen Assante "Wow -- I do a lot of Internet shopping and yours is the best personal customer service I've ever received. Thanks very much." Lisa Ostlund


"Once again, your service is the best. Thank you. I told one of my friends about your service and she has already signed up. She is thrilled. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone." Dianne Donaldson "As usual, SmartPak has AWESOME customer service. Bar none the best Internet shopping there is. Period! Thanks again." Sarah Stuurman


"I was very impressed with your quick service initially, the fast turnaround on the exchange and your attitude in general. It has made shopping a joy this year." Donna Blackwell "I just want to say I LOVE your company, everything is so prompt, and everyone is so nice to deal with and on top of things! Those things are rare these days." Julia Blunt


"Thank you again and again for SmartPak's excellent customer service. Truly an industry standard that more should try to match!" L.M. "The excellent personal service is one reason why I love to order from SmartPak! I hope you'll share the compliments…" J.T.


"Service like yours is hard to find these days. I wrote to several stores and you are the only one that helped me. I will definitely continue to shop with SmartPak because of this customer service.” BB "Thank you for the prompt, personal reply. I thought customer service was extinct these days! Nice to be proven wrong. Thanks for providing great service and a great product!" J. J.


"The people at SmartPak do so much more, than merely take customer orders...Your attention to detail is impeccable & the Customer Service exceeds anything I have personally ever experienced. You are always reliable, constant, polite, knowledgeable, pleasant & with a happy tone, always willing to help. Perhaps in our fast paced world today, some people don't put a lot of emphasis on just being patient, kind & nice. It is always my pleasure & a positive experience talking to whoever answers the phone at SmartPak.. I could go on & on with accolades & positive stories, but let me just say, I cannot thank all of you at SmartPak enough for all of your care, concern & wonderful service!" Vickie Damiano "I'm new to Smart Pak, but so far you guys have been terrific. I truly could not be more pleased with your customer service, and given how often I'm disappointed in businesses, that's saying something. The quick work and personal touch means a LOT these days!" Karen Jones

Thank you for your efforts and for the lovely sympathy card you sent at a difficult time. I really appreciate it. It is that kind of customer service, going above and beyond, which keeps me a loyal Smart Pak customer. CV


"Thanks so much for your help, especially so quickly. You guys are great. You raise the bar on customer service! This is the very reason I wanted to order from you instead of that other horse company." JT "The flat rate $6.95 shipping was one of your best ideas...it has encouraged me to look for other items I need in your catalog. Thank you, you have a great company." LH


"Thank you so much. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that takes customer service so seriously. Smart Pak is one of my top 5 on-line shopping sites. Good Job!" TW "Just wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU SmartPak for the great customer service! You've got a great team! Keep up the good work, its VERY appreciated!" LV


"I have to say your company is one of the best run internet consumer companies I deal with!!! You are SO communicative, prompt and cordial. Keep up the great work!" AW "Thank you again for being so efficient - it is sincerely a pleasure to do business with your company." Liane H. Niedernhoefer


"Thank you so much! The SmartPak people I have dealt with have always been so friendly and helpful; you have a great company." Michele Krause "We all sit around after we ride and looking through your catalog. We love it its so user friendly!" TA


"Just wanted to say a quick 'Thank You' with regards to your outstanding customer service. A very nice girl called me Sunday night about my order, which had evidently cancelled (as it happened, I was in Target at that very moment, dealing with a horribly surly cashier, so the customer service dichotomy was apparent!). My order was sent express, and it was at my doorstep when I got home from the barn on Tuesday. Again, just wanted to commend you on your product and personal service, which is a rarity these days!" Jeffie Davis "Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything you've done - I keep saying it, but SmartPak really is one of the best in customer service. I have only had positive dealings with everyone there and I will continue to use SmartPak for as long as I have horses and dogs!!!" SS

"I've only been one of your customers for a short time now but am happy to have found you. I am a breast cancer survivor for 24 years now, so I appreciate your support for the cause." MB


"As a breast cancer survivor myself, I just wanted to say 'thanks' for all you've done and all you continue to do to support breast cancer awareness and support!" DM "I think your company is the most well-organized and efficient I have ever dealt with on-line. Great service!" Karen Sansom


"My supplements arrived yesterday. I was so impressed at how fast you shipped this out for me. It really made my life easier too, because I was able to get it to the barn and get her started on the Quiessence, before heading off for a long weekend. Thank you, thank, thank you. I will now order all of my supplements through SmartPak due to the low shipping rates and extremely fast and awesome service!" Amy Moy "I just would like everyone to know what a great experience I have had so far with your service and products. I wish I would have started using it sooner! The barn staff does too! Thanks so much." EF

"Thanks so much! I only wish that things in the rest of my life were as easy as you folks at SmartPak make for my horse care!" Katherine Stormont


"I just wanted to say you guys are amazing! I placed a daily dewormer order YESTERDAY, it arrived today. I know when I need something quickly I can always count on SmartPak. I have waited up to 10 days for orders from other places. I have never waited longer then 2 days for items from SmartPak, even when the estimated shipping time says 3 or 4 days. Thank you for being so reliable and easy!" -Jill Bruno "Thank you for your prompt response. I just opened a training and rehabilitation facility and your products have been a life saver! I have never been so impressed with the customer service anywhere!! You are a pleasure to do business with." Kristin, Royal Salute Farm LLC


"I have been extremely happy with the service at SmartPak each and every time I have dealt with Customer Service. The return/exchange process has been very professional, courteous, and easy. I have been equally satisfied with my purchases. When I have had questions about supplements, blankets or other items, the assistance has been knowledgeable and friendly. I've felt very tended to and I am more than satisfied with the customer service." Julie Webster "Thank you so much! I have to say I LOVE SMARTPAK! It makes the process so much easier for the people at the stable. It's also easier for me to see whether he's getting his supplements the way he's supposed to." AP


"I am writing to compliment you on your great products and service. I have used many hoof supplements over the past few years, but your SmartHoof seems to rank right up there with the best and it is more affordable. Our farrier noticed a big improvement after only the 3rd month on your supplement. We also noticed shinier coats and better mane and tail condition after the horses went on the EZ keeper grass supplement." LH "Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with your company. I have our two burly Haflingers on the SmartControl IR. It has just been about one month now so too early to report on results, but I am very pleased with the speedy delivery dates. I am the queen of last minute ordering! I also did a great deal of research and liked the natural ingredients you included (the antioxidants)." KB


"I love SmartPak and have recommended it to so many people at our barn. With 5 horses all on different supplements, SmartPak has saved me countless hours in the feed room as well as driving time as I look all over Tucson for our supplements. Thank you again. You have a loyal and very satisfied customer!!!" Elizabeth Buscema "Yesterday morning was the 1st time I placed an order w/ SmartPak . . . how surprised am I to find out the package is out for delivery today?? Amazing. Not only did I save $$$ but you saved me a trip to the vet to pick it up! You're the best and I look forward to shopping at SmartPak in the future." CG


"Thank you so much! I really appreciate the level of customer service at SmartPak. I let other horse and animal folks know about the company and my satisfaction!" Rebecca Doty "Thank you for the great information...especially the ability to count the packages and have the website calculate when the next shipment should occur." SM


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my order so quickly that I still can't believe it! I put in an order around noon time on Friday and received it on Monday! What a switch from other companies I have dealt with and am dealing with. Thanks everyone at SmartPak! I would recommend you guy to all my animal family friends!!" Beth Gerst "Thank you for your prompt, dependable service. I have placed many orders with you now, and haven’t had any problems or concerns. I am very satisfied with my SmartCalm Ultra SmartPaks. This product seems to be helping my gelding be more focused and less anxious in general." Lynda L.


"I just wanted to first thank you for the fantastic people that answer the phone in your customer service. They are always so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Second, I want to thank you for your prices! I want to thank you for offering reasonable prices on all your products especially prescriptions. When you own 2 dogs, 5 cats and a horse, vet bills aren't cheap. I love shopping from you guys and will continue to do so. I just wanted to thank you!" Hayley Harwell "I just want to say thank you. You have the greatest customer service. I will never shop anywhere else for my dogs!" JD

"I recommend SmartPak often; even more so since I received your thorough report on the pet food recall. The information was very useful in determining whether my dogs were at risk. Thanks again." DB


"Just wanted to say how refreshing it is to see a dog catalog with some dogs other than purebreds...even pitbulls! Keep it up! When I need supplies I will order from you and encourage all my dog friends to as well. Thanks!" Susan MacWhinney-Ciufo "Thank you so much. I just absolutely love your company and their customer service. All my experiences with you have been fabulous thus far. The dog food is fantastic!" Jennifer Warren


"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the outstanding service I have received from your company! My order is already here! We live way out in the country and I have to go to the next town to purchase the dog food we use. I decided I would start ordering it online. I was a bit skeptical because there are so many online companies, but I thought I would take the chance. Your company had good competitive prices, but your shipping was what sold me! All the other online companies had outrageous shipping charges for large bags of dog food. I googled your company and it sounded like a good place to do business so I placed my order. I am thrilled because you had by far the best shipping prices and made it affordable for me to order the food my dogs eat. (After shipping, it ended up being the same price I was paying locally after tax.) Anyway, I just wanted to say, thanks for the outstanding service!" Stephanie Minielly "I want to compliment your company on its customer service. Not only for your current email but for responding to my comments on the new packaging*. I found it so hard to open them and was getting so frustrated. It is so much easier now to open the packages. I really appreciate a company that responds to feedback from its customers." KM


"I just wanted to take the time to write and express my elation with your company. I recently switched to your company as my dog food vendor. One of my dogs is very sensitive and as such requires a high quality diet. Wellness works very well for him. My previous vendor would ship "sometimes" and loose my order "most of the time" forcing me to feed whatever I could find locally. In Wyoming we don't have many choices. I screwed up a couple of my orders with autoship and both times I have called my call was immediately answered and your staff was very helpful. Furthermore, I have received all of my orders early. WOW! Again keep up the good work and give your staff a raise." Jason Plett "I just wanted to say thank you for all of the Breast Cancer support you offer. My mom was diagnosed in December of 2005 with stage 4 breast cancer that had mastasized to her liver. She is now, as of October 2006, officially in remission even though she receives Herceptin weekly for the rest of her life. And she is also back in the show ring!!!! A big thank you goes out from my family to the SmartPak family."


"Thank you so much for the expedited order. I'm not sure how my supply of probiotics ran out prior to the next shipment, but you were so wonderful in responding and getting the shipment out. We were out for one day, but this caused no problems for my horse. Your service is a Godsend and I look forward to our continuing relationship." -K.I. "Thanks so much for taking care of this for me. You guys are great! I love SmartPaks! So easy and convenient, great for shows, and you guys are super and knowledgeable." -Tammy Welshans


"Sure like doing business with you folks! Even though you've grown, you still manage to keep the same one on one feeling that made you so special from your very humble beginnings!" -R.B. "SmartPak is a favorite of mine for so many reasons - but not the least of which is your customer care....priceless!!" -N.F.


"I love my SmartPaks. I know they'll show up on my door like clockwork, and I know they'll be fed correctly." -Kristin Rua "Awesome - this is the best customer service I have ever received from any company!" -Elaine Taylor


"Rest assured I will be telling my dog (and horse) owning friends about your great company. I ordered a freestanding pet gate from your company on the 20th of June. Your price and shipping were both considerably less than other companies, so I decided to give you a try for the 1st time. It won't be the last! My package arrived three days before it was due. A two day turnaround for only $6.95 shipping is unheard of! Keep up the good work!" -Denise Brauner "Your customer service is second to none. Your representatives are ALWAYS pleasant, knowledgeable, and accurate when taking orders or making changes to orders. Your employees, your quality products, and your flexibility make ordering from SmartPak a pleasure." -Elizabeth Twardzik


"Thanks for making this so easy! I'm so relieved that I can just send a quick e-mail and have my request answered by a LIVE person and handled with NO hassle!!!" -L.G "Thanks so much!! Y'all have been fabulous to work with. This was my first time to order pharmaceuticals from SmartPak and y'all have been a great help." -L.W.


"I just felt compelled to write to let you guys know how amazing I think it is that production was stopped for a day so that EVERYONE could enjoy the time with their co-workers. In a day and age where most companies wouldn't completely halt operations, let alone have a special event to show its appreciation for its employees, I'm refreshed to see that there are places in the world that still value the efforts and contributions of each and every employee. I will always make an effort to support companies like yours." -Sharon Forbes "You all are easy to do business with and always fulfill my expectations." -K.Z.

"Thanks so much for your quick and thorough response. I love dealing with your company. I have come to expect great service and quick responses." -Deb Dorney


"Everyone I talk with always comments on the phenomenal customer service that SmartPak offers, and I have to say that every interaction I have had with your company proves that to be true. All of you truly go above and beyond for the customer--I wish you could train MY staff!" -H.H., DVM, Dipl. ACVS "Every contact I've had with your company, from the very first time I placed an order, has been outstanding. I wish that all companies were as committed to good customer service as your company." -C.F.


"Frankly, I am absolutely amazed that not only did you reply to my email right away, but that you totally took it upon yourself to actually speak to Saratoga Horse Works and got me a replacement buckle...AND that you also did research to find out a blanket repair place in Colorado!!!! I have always thought SmartPak had the best customer service I've ever experienced, but this kind of customer care goes above and beyond anything I have ever come across! You guys are nothing short of amazing, and I have told everyone I know about you and your most excellent customer service, not to mention your great products and prices. Thank you SOO much for going so above and beyond to help me out with this problem! You have set a standard by which I judge all retail places I deal with, and of which they all fall short. You have a devoted customer for the rest of my days...and I sing your praises to all horse people I know! SmartPak is WONDERFUL!!!" -Angie Friehauf "I recently decided to switch from another company to yours. So far, every order has been filled, complete, and what I ordered. Also, less expensive! Thank you so much!" -R.S.

"I am very pleased with the speed and service - and when I do have questions, they are always answered - for both my dogs and horse." -Sandy Madaio

"You are the best website and catalog--or supplier for that matter--of goods, equine or otherwise, I've ever used. Keep it up!" Kim Cox Carneal


"You guys are BRILLIANT! You should be on the news! I tell everyone about SmartPaks, and I insist my boarders use them. I can’t believe I waited so long to try them, you‘ve totally changed my life! I love that you have all the supplies I need and I can have them shipped with my SmartPaks for free! Your prices are the best I’ve found, too. I look forward to using your company for a long, long time! Thank you for making my life easier, you’re one of the few companies that does that!" -B.M. "I just want to take a minute of your time to tell you how pleased I am with every single aspect of my business dealings with your company. I have never dealt with any firm with such impeccable service. You maintain the most courteous, prompt, accurate, reliable, flexible service I have ever encountered and I want to thank you for the pure pleasure of doing business with you. I wish I could afford more horses so I could deal with you even more." -Tanis LaManna


"Your service has been splendid! I wish I'd signed up years ago. I've been singing your praises to all of my horse friends (and several friends with dogs as well). I can't thank you all enough for the very high standard of customer care you have given me. I changed my barn over to SmartPak, and you made it very easy to set up boarders' accounts and to add different supplements, and ask advice. The SmartPaks arrived and I am very impressed by you all and your product. The SmartPaks have made my life a whole lot easier, and look very professional, I love the fact the supplements remain sealed until used. This has been the best decision I've made for my barn. Thank you for such a wonderful product and such high quality of service. I know I will be ordering regularly all my barn supplies from SmartPak, as it is so easy." -N.R. "Oh how I love this company. Wish I had thought of it myself. I started using SmartPaks this year. In just a short time the rest of the barn signed up as well. Well, let me tell you it has truly been a change for the better. My beautiful mare has always had cracked feet. It was not until I switched to SmartPaks and your SmartHoof Ultra that I can say she finally has great feet. We are a few months in and her new growth is outstanding!! I am very pleased!! I also am very pleased with the SmartFlex as she is clearly more supple. A happy healthy horse, yippee." -J.T.


"I have been getting your catalog since the only things you had in it were supplements and a few pages of horse and rider gear. I have seen your company grow and change. I love your large selection and nice products. I just got my first horse recently and I ordered some things for her and your customer service was great, my representative was very friendly and nice. You don't charge an arm and leg for shipping either and i find your representatives on the phone to be more approachable and friendly then at Dover. It is nice to know that if i ever need to get some sort of supplement or really anything for my mare I can get it from you guys. Thanks again for the great service and please keep up your great work." -Carey Whipple "I used SmartPaks for about a year or so. Your system is fantastic, and your staff even more wonderful. I was always extremely happy with your services. In August of 2006, my gelding, JR, died suddenly. I had just received a shipment for a new month. Your wonderful staffer was very kind to me as my voice cracked on the phone, asking her what to do with the shipment when I no longer had a horse to feed it to. She was very helpful, and consoling. In a short time after, I received, very surprisingly, a card in the mail from the SmartPak staff, expressing your sympathy. I was very touched, and I don't think I ever said thank you for the very simple gesture that meant the world to me. Thank you." -E.M.


"I am very pleased. I wish I'd known how cost effective your services are a long time ago as I'd always assumed the cost would be too high, so never seriously considered ordering from you. I was discussing supplements with a very good friend, who actually set me straight and explained that she used you for her horse as she'd found that your pricing was very competitive. When I compared your prices to ordering various products that I needed in containers, I realized she was absolutely right (she generally is)." -Carrie Ferlita "I had just recently started using the SmartPak system through the barn where I was boarding and was pleased with the results in my horse. So, when I placed a call the day after my horse passed away to cancel my order I wasn’t sure what to expect. Your call representative was so kind and helpful and the promptness of the refund for the return of the supplements was surprising." -C.K.


"Your company is just great and all 5 dogs love the food. And I love the convenience. Thank you a million times for reducing the cost of the food. With your new packaging I have more cupboard room and more money in my wallet. My five dogs say thank you for saving mommy money." -Jeane Knick "Koda is still happy with his new food. God was good to me when your catalog came and I took the time to read it. After the recent poisoned pet food, everyone is hesitant to try new pet food." -Claire Winchester


"I wanted to thank you for your quick response to my email and your customer service. I got the new fly sheets quickly and was able to give UPS the wrong ones and it was the most hassle free exchange I have ever made! Thank you, and I will be a returning customer, confident I am not just one number among many, but an actual customer and person to you. Have a wonderful day!" -H.B. "I just love being a customer of yours. You give the kind of service that I now feel has become very rare. I am a big fan of your company and my best to all of you, you deserve to have a thriving business. Keep up the great work!" --Debra Eads


"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how impressed I am with your company. I ordered 4 personalized saddle plates and bridle tags on Sunday, they shipped on Monday, and arrived today. I expected it to take WEEKS to get them. Thank you for your speed and diligence. I continue to be nothing but impressed with your company." -Rachelle Beauchesne "I absolutely love your company - it is undoubtedly the most friendly & efficient company I have ever dealt with." -M.C.

"My first purchase with you was a good experience...easy to follow directions, it was delivered promptly, and the order was correct. Also saved me money. Thank you!" -Linda Kempfer


"I can always count on SmartPak to have SUPERIOR customer service. I just know when I have a question or concern, an extremely competent and motivated individual who is passionate about their job will help me out. I know it's still work for you, but I'm envious of the cool job you have of meeting the needs of "animal people" and getting to intimately know about all of the different products on the market." -J.B. "The fast shipping was amazing!! The item I ordered was just what I was looking for! It was perfect. Thank you!" -Nancy Rose


"I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to deal with a company who holds their clientele in such high regard. In an age where 'customer service' is all but forgotten, it is truly a pleasure to find a company who believes in and practices it. With people like you, I will continue to buy from your company. Again, thank you so much for getting right to my issue and THEN taking care of it." -Connie Brucker "BTW, a while back I suggested adding "calculators" to make it easier for your customers to balance combinations of supplements, and I am thrilled to see that you took my suggestion and even expanded upon it! SmartPak is a very 'customer satisfaction' oriented company, and I applaud you for it!" -Sue Callahan


"Thanks again for your positive customer service and rapid shipment. You guys are a throw back to the days of great customer service - that which was given happily and was expected. Today, you are a rare gem. One that I and my friends treasure. So many of my horsey friends use SmartPak and when I find someone that doesn't, I encourage them to check you guys out because I want you to stay in business." "I received your condolence card in the mail this weekend and truly appreciate your thoughtfulness." -R.N.

"I received my order yesterday afternoon, (7/26/07). That has to be a new record, to have my order in two days without having to pay for express shipping! Thanks so much for your great service as always." -Robbin M


"In this day and age it is hard to come by many companies that exhibit timely customer service and I just wanted to let you and your company know, that you guys will have a customer for life here! I look forward to purchasing from you in the future!" -Amanda George "What a fantastic company! I am soooooooo pleased! Think I may apply for a job there!" -C.S.


"I wish all the companies I deal with on a regular basis offered as great and consistent customer service as SmartPak. You have a good thing going! As always, I appreciate the great customer service I consistently receive from Smart Pak!" -Mimi Griffith "I'm truly impressed with your prompt responses and excellent customer service. This reconfirms my impression of SmartPak as a well-run company, and makes me happy to continue ordering from you in the future." -Jody Ambrose


"Once again, I must compliment you on your super fast delivery. I didn't expect to receive my order until Monday but I received it next day for regular shipping charge. Thank you!" D.M. "Whenever I have had to contact SmartPak, I am always pleasantly surprised to find the consistency of dedication from SmartPak employees." T.V.


"I am constantly impressed with SmartPak employees. Every time I have had a request or question someone always gets back to me and/or takes care of what I need. This is something you don't find in many companies these days." S.B. "I think you guys are great...great service...great stuff...never a problem, if only everything was so easy. Keep up the good work." D.R.


"You guys are awesome. I really appreciate all of your patience, time, and understanding. It is such a pleasure to call and talk to such caring and knowledgeable people. Thank you so much." K.T. "WOW! You guys are awesome, and make getting back in the horse game, so much fun." C.C.


"I was very pleased with my first experience ordering through SmartPak and will continue to order! I asked for information regarding supplements for my horse and my questions were answered by a very knowledgeable associate. I received my order and the merchandise was just top notch." D.D. "It's refreshing to have a company that truly has customer service. You guys get an A+!" Mari Roberson


"I'd like to thank you for the pet food updates. You were the first to alert me to the situation, and I was able to tell other pet owners who were unaware of the situation, some of whom used products that were on the recall list. I appreciate the information and your excellent customer service very much." – J.H. "I am so pleased with the Duck Wellness SmartPak that we have my Harley Bear on, and he is doing so extremely well on this diet. I am grateful for the knowledge your sales rep had when referring this particular brand for Harley." - Laurie Doty


"I continue to be impressed with your aggressive and forthright handling of this grievous situation facing pet owners regarding melamine contamination. Although I have not purchased any of the recalled items from you I rest assured that any other items I do purchase from you are as safe as humanly possible under the circumstances. I truly hope this situation is nearing conclusion and no more pet deaths or illnesses will occur. Thank you for your caring, vigilence, and quick actions." - S.E. "Thank you for your concern and actions to prevent any more pet injuries or deaths. I do not even use your dog food plans, but think your response to the growing mess of contaminated foodstuffs is the paramount of customer service. Thank you" - SEP


"Gosh - you folks have just been AMAZING with this little faux pas situation I have created and I just can't thank you enough! I've been contemplating switching my four legged kids over to some of your dog food, but I was a bit hesitant - well all those hesitations have been put to rest by the EXCELLENT level of customer service that you all have given us this week. Please forward this up your management change because I know that you hear the bad news more than the good - YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL THERE AT SMART PAK. I will definitely be sharing this experience with fellow animal lovers! Cheers to YOU." - Sally "SmartPak Canine. A big THANK-YOU to you for what you are doing more companies should be like you." - Jamie Baird

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say hi and let you know that my packs came in safely. I cannot begin to explain to you how thrilled I am. I know this sounds trite but, what can I say. I'm sold. I now feel more comfortable taking a few days off with my hubby, knowing that the person I have taking care of my horse and pony wont have a problem giving them their meds. THANK YOU!!" - Tracy Smith


"I just wanted to send a 'thank you' to your customer service reps for checking with me on a custom order. I had incorrectly chosen a color and they caught it. Very impressive! This is why we will continue to shop with you and share with fellow horse people how wonderful we think you are. Thanks again!" Laura Reynolds "I wanted to send a brief note commending you on your excellent products and services. I have always been very happy with my SmartPaks and so is my barn manager! Keep up the excellent work!" – D.W.


"Thanks so much. Your company is phenomenal - great products, fantastic customer service (the best I've ever encountered). I also volunteer for CANTER racehorse rescue and want to thank you personally for helping our horses through your SmartBlue program." - M.D. "I just received my first SmartPak order....boy am I sooo very happy. I am just mad I never shopped earlier...Your product specialist was so very helpful and I feel I received the best supplement for my horse's needs...Thank YOU" - S.R.


"Thank you for your vigilance and efforts in bringing new products into SmartPaks. During a frustrating struggle to bring my horse back from a long health problem, my vet recommended trying a "new" product (Succeed) although he didn't know if it would work. While he shrugged his shoulders, I scratched my head...could I even find this new product? As I have for years now, I went to the SmartPak web site (I call it my personal shopping mall) and found it right away. My order was at the door before I knew it - I thought it must have been a mistake. Please take heart in knowing that this one transaction has done more for me and my horse than six months of 'trying everything'. Thank you again and again for 'being there' for my horses, dogs, cats, and me! Kind regards." - Denise "I really do appreciate your help (great customer service is always a fantastic thing & I'll be sure to tell my friends at the barn where to look if they're needing to customize a helmet cover!)." - Gracie Grimes

"I just wanted to send a note to commend you on the speed in which you process and ship your orders. My order was just placed on Wednesday (25 Apr) and it was delivered today (27 Apr). I have yet to have a problem with anything I have ordered from your company and, as a result, you are the first place I look for an item and the first company I recommend to any of my friends who are looking for horse or dog related items. Thanks again." - Laura Gilmartin


"Good customer service is hard to find these days and you have gone above and beyond...it is very much appreciated! You have made a very happy customer out of me and I will definitely continue to order from you from now on!" - KR "Just to let you know I appreciate your service, quality products and information. I can always find what I am looking for and get help if needed. THANKS." - J.R.


"Thank you; you guys are the best as far as response and super Customer Service!! Keep up the great work, its pleasure to do business with you." - Michelle "You guys are so wonderful. I think your company and all the peeps working there are terrific..as well as your products. Don't change a thing." - Karen


"I absolutely love your flat rate shipping. It is one of the reasons I continue to shop with you. The other reason is your fabulous customer service, you just can’t find it anywhere else. Thanks!" - Christine Balasi "You guys have the best customer service, please make sure to pass that along!" -Michelle


"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your great customer service. We often get busy and forget to thank people for things. I ordered items on 5/22 and received them on 5/25, what excellent service. I had ordered a shirt that had special lettering and thought it would take longer. I was really surprised to receive it in the package. I have told all my friends about your service. Anyway, thank you for the excellent services, keep up the good work." - Victoria, Westerville Ohio "I think your company is wonderful. I have always received prompt, courteous and professional assistance, even when I messed up ordering things and when I needed to hold off receiving supplements for a while. I would not mind at all telling animal owners (horses, dogs, etc), what a terrific company you have and what care you take of your animal (and human) customers!" - Rosemary Biancardi


"Hey, just wanted to send you guys an email to let you know how happy I have been with the speedy shipments. You ship faster than anyone I have dealt with. Keep up the great work!" Beth Thompson "WOW! What Fabulous Customer Service. If I knew I was going to be treated so great, I would have purchased a long time ago. Thank you for being 'On the Ball'" - T.M.


"I've been ordering on-line for my equine needs for several years. The customer service here is FABULOUS every single time I call; so much so that I had to take time to write. I hope this message makes it to top management or the owner because I will always use SmartPak when possible because of this. I don't even price check any more. Thanks to everyone works at SmartPak." Wendy Hall "I love everything about your company. I have ordered supplements from you for the past two years and I couldn't be more pleased. Your site is easy to navigate and the information you provide about each product makes it easy to choose the best one for me and my horse. Thank you, thank you, thank you." K.B.


“I think you are the best online company that I have ever dealt with. I’ve been placing orders with your company for many years and have seen you grow. Your business savy is excellent, customer service superb and speed of shipments incredible. Keep up the good work.” J.N "Wow. I opened my email the second I hung up with your representative & my order was already in my in box. That is top notch. Your representative was friendly, and 100% 'get it right the first time' service provider." John Call


"I just want to commend you on your excellent service and products. As a business owner myself (not equine related) it is hard to find other companies I want to do business with. The service and products I have received over the last year have far exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work and you have a life long customer from this horse lover." Jennifer Aguiar "I am tickled to have finally ordered the Smartpak option and am also pleased that the packs are recyclable - this was a factor for me. I thought I would really be adding to pollution by going this route and now I know better." Heidi M.

“Your service has been outstanding and unusual in today's market.” B.F.


"I don't know how many times I have said this, but you guys at SmartPak are amazing. I think you are setting some new standard for customer service!" J.B. “You guys are sooo wonderful! I don't know how people live without SmartPak in their lives!!!” Julie Morrison


"After just one month, I am sold on SmartPak! My 27 year old horse takes Thyro-L and it's good to know that his dosage is always correct and his other supplements are always here. No days missed or emergency runs to the feed store (only to find they are out of what I need). Your service is fast, friendly, and helpful!" S.W. “I am so impressed with SmartPak...I love the comprehensive information and analysis of the products in the comparison charts. Your website is one of the best I have ever shopped. It is so intuitive and easy to use!” J.D.


"I wanted to write a brief thank you for your donation of saddle pads to the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America. The saddle pads were given to the winners of USDF All Breed awards.

My mare, TE Journey was the First Level Open winner with our trainer, Katrina Janes. I have been using SmartPaks for TE Journey, barn name Jewel, for almost 4 years now. It gives me the peace of mind that she is getting the proper supplements and dosage every day. We were one of the first at the barn we board at to use your service. The owner of the barn liked the ease of SmartPak so much, she recommended that her other boarders use your service as well." -SW
 "I am so glad I found you! You have been wonderful to Winston and I.
I would be lost without SmartPak.
Thank you."
-Susan Tate


"I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great company to deal with. I am now purchasing some dog as well as horse supplies from you. This is mainly due to your FLAT RATE shipping (cannot be beat), your speedy shipping (some "discount" sites take two weeks AND charge a higher shipping fee), your competitive prices, and your customer service. Thank you!"-AM "Your service is wonderful, and your personnel is kind and helpful! You guys make everything so easy. Being a college student away from home, I don't have to put pressure on my mom to make sure my horse receives his supplements. Keep up the good work. Thanks sooo much!!" -CB


"Hi There,
I just wanted to tell you that I have basically stopped shopping at other equine magazines/ catalogs, because of the service and shipping I get every time at SmartPak.

My family and I always comment on the prompt shipping from you there at SmartPak- It always seems like we just placed an order and there it is!

With other shops, such as Dover, State Line, or Valley Vet, it takes weeks for a delivery! Your products and supplements are great, and you totally win over everyone else in your fast shipping. Thanks so much!" -AB
 "Hello, I just wanted to draw to your attention how much I appreciate the good service I always receive from your SmartPak employees. I use a dial up connection from my home and can not access your web site very easily. So your employees are always so helpful in finding things out for me, and getting back to me quickly. Please give Jessica and Rebecca a big pat on the back, they are doing a great job." -SV


"Dear SmartPak, Received my first shipment one day earlier than scheduled. What a pleasant surprise. When I opened the 1st box I noticed the handle on the slideout tray was broken. The box didn't look damaged, just a small place that might have been pushed in. The other box was fine.

I could use the box as is, but would have to be careful, as when I pull on the handle it was cracking more. So, I remember seeing customer satisfaction is a high priority for you, I thought "what do I have to lose". I called your customer service line and the lady, (sorry I don't remember her name),asked me if the shipping box was damaged or if maybe it looked like the tray was shipped like that? I told her I thought it had just been bumped on that corner in just the wrong place. She said she would have me a new storage tray sent out that day, and to just keep the broken one to use as I needed. Thank you very much for the quick response to my problem. I really like the ease that your products afford. I dog sit for other people and have to have my mom feed for me at times. This will make it easier on her." -AH
 "I would just like to thank you all at SmartPak for sending a kind card to me. It really meant a lot. Of all the cards and words that have been said to me lately, regarding the loss of Crafty, yours truly meant the most. It is way to rare to find a company that cares so much about their customers, and would take the time to do this. I hope everyone at SmartPak has a great Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season. God bless." -LD

"Thanks so much for your excellent products and customer service. I have a 29-year old horse, Burleigh, who still competes in the local shows. He actually acts much younger since receiving his monthly SmartPak. My cats have also benefited from your products. One of my cats, Charcoal, recently passed away at the age of 16. On Cosequin, he would still play like a kitten, despite being diagnosed with severe arthritis. Thanks again." -SF


"To Whom It May Concern,

After winning a months supply of SmartPaks at the Central Kentucky Reining Horse Show, I finally decided to try the product on my daughters' horse. After a very short time, we could not believe the improvement of his over all condition. Her gelding has had hoof problems ever since we purchased him along with dull coat and 'no bloom'. Since his overall condition improved dramatically, we were compelled to try SmartPak.

My daughter 's horse is sired by the NRHA hall of fame Hollywood Dunnit, and his Dam won the 1986 NRHA Derby. We felt a show horse of this breeding deserved the best.

This note is to commend your company on a great concept and unmatched customer service. I received a phone call today, November, 4, 2005, just to check on our second shipment. What a nice concept- a company that wants to service!! So Thank You!! And keep up the good work--It does NOT go unnoticed and unappreciated!!" -PH
 "CONGRATULATIONS on your recognition, and many thanks for being so helpful in getting Jake's supplements to him at Mt. Holyoke. My late daughter, Hilary Jones would be delighted at the way you've helped me out. Thanks again!" -MJ

"You guys are great! After just one month, I am sold on SmartPak. Since my 27 year old horse takes Thyro-L, it's good to know that his dosage is assured and his other supplements are always here: no days missed or emergency runs to the feed store(only to find they are out of what I need). I am really pleased with the sheet I ordered, and love looking at your catalog, planning future purchases. Service is fast, friendly, and helpful. Your staff really follows up and I appreciate that, especially in this age of "take the money and run." -SW


"Samantha started coughing and needed some help with her joints. One of our barn buddies recommended SmartPaks. Since we started using SmartPaks, she has stopped coughing and runs around like a newborn. Thanks SmartPak." -CD
"Ahhhh.... SmartPaks. It feels like having a personal assistant around the barn. I no longer shop, order, write notes, guess or worry. My 'staff' at SmartPak keeps a fresh supply of supplements available at all times." -Denise Holton


"Best purchase I ever made. Clean, easy to read packs, fresh supplements, delivered in a timely manner, very affordable. Customer Service - Oh my Gosh! Such an informed staff! They know the products and all the new hot items on the market. It just doesn't get any better." -Karmen Robles
"YEAH! No more early morning spills! No lids, no forgotten supplements, and no more cluttered grain room. We can't believe we waited so long to start. SmartPak takes the worry out of doing it right!" -Fred Merriam


"I love that I never have to worry about running out of supplements. SmartPak sends them on time every month. I only call if I want to change something in my supplement program. Knowing that my horse's supplements are taken care of every day all year round gives me great peace of mind." -Shannon Dueck
"Only one year ago Rikki was skin and bones and very sick. With a careful diet, lots of TLC and SmartPak supplements, he is now a healthy and successful show horse. SmartPaks have helped Rikki to become the magnificent horse he is." -Lauri Patteri


"I used to make daily supplement packs using baggies. It was a hassle. I decided to give SmartPak a try. Our first order arrived the day we were getting ready to leave for a three-day clinic. I tossed the SmartPaks in the trailer and hoped for the best. It was like a dream come true - the order was perfect, there were no baggies popped open with supplements spiling everywhere, no concern about the groom grabbing the wrong supplement baggie for the right feeding. I've never been more pleased with such a simple concept! Thank you SmartPak!" -Barb Ferneyhough "I started using SmartPaks for the convenience. I stay with SmartPaks because they are also flexible, portable and a darn good deal." -Stacy Knight


"You are so kind. I have used your services confidently with the care of my horse. When I placed my last order, it was after my shoer gave high accolades for the quality of Jafar’s feet and his general health. I thought I had found the perfect recipe for his arthritis and past laminitis, only to come home to find him with a shattered pastern. I even considered feeding him his supplements while he was mending at Oregon State University shortly after the order arrived here. Unfortunately it was a roller-coaster of setbacks and ultimately he foundered in his “good” hind foot.

I really wasn’t expecting a refund. I was mostly just wanting to get the package and reminders out of my home but you were so gracious about accepting the return and I was deeply touched to receive a letter of condolence a couple of days later. While the pain is still there, my need to have another horse and to ride is overruling my feelings of loss. I am certain when I find my new friend I will start him on his own regiment of supplements and will certainly purchase them from SmartPak. Many Thanks." -PB
 "I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU! I just started the SmartPaks and I think they are so great! My first order came with the storage bins and someone even called me to welcome me. I also LOVE the fact I can add things to my order each month! Just wanted to say you have great customer service ! Thanks for making my life easier!" -TY

"I am writing to tell you what an absolutely incredible company and group of employees you have. I have been a SmartPak customer for just a short time and I have been treated with that must respect and courtesy I have really ever seen in a for profit company. My ordering and changing of orders has been so easily and done so quickly I have been amazed. We also recently lost one of our horses (my first horse I owned for 25 years) and the representatives were very caring and helped me right away. Someone also took the time to send us a card with SmartPak's sympathies. Again utterly amazing. Thank you for your time." -Lara Mullins


"Your company is truly more than a company, it is a place where people care about the order, and deeply care about the person buying. Nowadays that is a rare find, so my way of saying Thank-You is by referring your company to friends of mine. I believe that is the most valuable way of saying, Thanks and I appreciate how you handle my horse and me! I am in advertising and am well aware of the costs. Greatly Appreciated." -CC "I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job and my horse and I thank you. I have just started getting SmartPaks and they have made my life so much easier and barn work go faster. I also love your website and all the products you provide, it is very efficient. Just wanted to drop a quick note saying thanks!" -HW


"I just wanted to say thank you for your higher than average level of customer service. I have always bought my supplements in bulk from you all, but I recently switched to SmartPaks (I finally got tired of mixing supplement in plastic containers!!). One of your reps called me yesterday to confirm I had gotten my first order satisfactorily and to ask if I need to add anything else to my next order. That’s a level of customer service I’ve never seen!! And as I slowly 'fire' so many of the other companies I purchase products from for their lack of customer service, your company’s commitment to service means I will only be buying my horse (and now my dog!!) needs from SmartPak! Keep up the good work!" -JW "Just wanted to tell you that I'm very impressed with your products, catalog, website, and service. I placed my first order with you recently, and the merchandise arrived quickly and was just as promised. I had to exchange something and that process was quick and painless. You have some really unique items in your catalog, too, not just the "run of the mill" products that you can find anywhere. I will definitely be shopping with you again. I do a lot of shopping online at different sites, and yours is now at the top of my list!" -LS


"Our first order arrived last week......DOGS LOVE the food - I wasn't sure what the reaction would be as they have always eaten the same food....thanks!The collar and leash have been getting rave reviews too - I've passed your name to friends." -LP "Just wanted to send a quick email. I wanted you to know what a great staff you had at Rolex. I went to all the tents, but your young employees knew all the questions I asked about your products & were happy to help me.I'll be happy to place my orders with you in the future.Thanks!" -CP


"I just wanted to say thanks for all that you wonderful people do every day. I had an order of supplies that I placed last Sunday and last minute I had to order a pair of breeches for a show this coming weekend, so Tuesday night I added them on and prayed that they would arrive on time. Not only did your on-line system add my breeches to my existing order automatically so I did not have to pay extra shipping, but I just checked my order tonight with the tracking numbers and they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow! So now I can rest easy knowing that not only will my breeches arrive on time, but even a few days ahead of when I had planned to receive them.

I was a SmartPak supplement customer of yours in the past, and now I am again, and plan to be forever because of the ease of use of your system and what excellent service this company has provided me. I love SmartPak supplements and I work a lot in both selling and buying on-line and your system has to be the easiest and most efficient I have found! Keep up the good work guys, you have a customer for life, and I’m spreading the word throughout my stable to others. Thanks for just making a hectic horse lovers life a little bit easier!" -SG
 "I would like to thank the customer service people for doing such a great job. I would especially like to thank Jenny for helping me figure out my account problems. I emailed her and within about five minutes she had a response! To me that is terrific business. I wish that everywhere someone had a problem it could be fixed that quickly. Once again thank you for your fantastic support!" -SV

"I participated in a Customer Service Seminar, it is going to be required training for the company I work for, anyway, we had to give examples of WOW customer service and I was excited because I could use your company and being the only horse person there I had exclusive bragging rights on your customer service. Your service is everything the seminar trainer said all service related companies should strive for. Go SmartPak!"


"While I just started using your SmartPaks for my 2 horses, I have already gotten feedback from the barn manager where I board and he loves them. I posted the catalog on the Boarder Bulletin Board and hopefully more people will take advantage of your product. I like the fact that I don't have to worry about running out and they are incredibly easy to use! Thanks so much for a great product!" -PY "This was the first time I ordered from your company, and I'm sure it won't be the last! I received my order 1 1/2 days after I placed it! Talk about fast service! I loved the items I purchased. Thank you!" -CA


"Having the experience of dealing with a dog with allergies to the point of her life and mine being miserable and numerous visits to different vet's with the only offered solutions being steroid injections or other oral medications which made her extremely sick.

SmartPak has been extremely great for my equine purchases having own 6 horses so I discussed my problem with customer care and they had several great suggestions beginning with a diet change. I purchased the Natural Balance Venison & Brown Rice and Newman's Adult Chicken & Brown Rice. Wow what a difference! No more all night scratching, no more hair loss. My little dog can now enjoy life and being a Jack Russell she loves life! Thank you SmartPak for caring." -TS
 "I just wanted to congratulate you on your latest catalog! I can't believe how much you guys have branched out! It's fabulous! And everywhere I turn you are doing wonderful sponsorships for the horse world! SmartPak has grown into one incredible company! Congrats!" -LR

"I just completed an order with your company. I had simply terrific customer service. The woman was very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and made the whole transaction easy and very satisfying. Thought you should know you have a very fine employee!" -LF


"Hi, I was very impressed by the fast response when my storage container arrived broken. A new drawer was sent out immediately. Nice customer service. I look forward to seeing how my horse does on his new products.

p.s. your telephone reps are very friendly and professional and NO long waits on the phone. Bravo!" -PKH
 "You guys are great! Much thanks. I love the concept, the products, the service and the ease of working with you all. Thanks for another rapid response." -CR


"We made a change last month to see if we could get my mare to eat all her supplements and (thank you very much for your helpful suggestions) it is working! I was ready to give up and mix messy molasses with every meal but now she gobbles it all up as is. You guys were wonderful trouble shooting the one supplement she didn't like so we could change that one and not the whole pack. Thanks again for all your help." -JW "Wow, an e-mail that an actual person typed and not something automated! SmartPak will now be the 1st place I look for what I need for my horses. Thank you for personal service in a world that has forgotten what customer service is." -AS


"Your company's service has been outstanding. I do a lot of online or catalog ordering for horse products and have ordered from almost everyone. I can say that most the others haven't been as concerned about the customer. Dover Saddlery is one of the worst, but their large inventory tempts me to buy from them. Then, I am usually frustrated by either the slow delivery or the endless backorder time. We live in a town with tack shops that do not carry much of what we need or want. I will definitley look forward to doing business with you guys in the future!Thanks." -LB "Thanks for offering the SmartPak service! I have found it extremely convenient. When I send my little ones off for training I can see the relief on the trainers face with the SmartPaks - it's so convenient for her and I know my girls are getting the right supplements and dose." -AW


"I am in awe. My expectations for customer service have gotten pretty low in recent years, and so I've always been pleased with your great service and the fact that the little touches, like the welcoming phone call to me and my herd, really make the SmartPak experience special.

But I am in shock at how extremely kind you have been to me upon hearing, via the cancellation of one part of my regular shipment, of my Nutmeg's death. I thought the personal e-mail was incredibly nice, but when I received a handwritten sympathy card today, mentioning Nutmeg by name, I was stunned. OK, I cried. But it was the tears that come when you are in grief and someone shows you they care. One word: wow.

SmartPak customer service is way way above and beyond just "customer service". You are truly special, wonderful, caring people and it matters SO much to me that you took the time to show this bit of concern. Even my vet didn't show this much care!

Thank you thank you thank you. Knowing I'm dealing with real people, who truly do understand not just the joy of equine ownership, but also the attendant grief that is ultimately inevitably a part of it, is truly invaluable.

I'm so touched that I don't know what to say or do -- other than to assure you that I am telling every horse, donkey and mule owner I know about the extra special person-to-person care from what many would assume is "just a faceless, nameless internet company." Oh no -- you are much, much more." -VB
 "Just wanted you to know that I have been very happy with you folks. I like the product selection, price and service. I always look at your website or catalog before Dover's if I need something.  Your shipping cost allows me to order items that I think might be troublesome fitting, like four helmets, to choose one. I probably wouldn't do that if it cost me $17.95.
Keep up the good work!" - LB

"Thank you so much for the quick processing of my return! I love dealing with your company - it is very convenient and efficient. Look forward to future purchases in 2006." -PS


"I just wanted to say that I am officially switching over to you for ALL my horse AND dog AND cat needs! Forget Dover, forget Stateline, you guys shipped everything in ONE DAY! I had to wait up to 3 or 4 days to get my things from Dover. I have yet to try the supplements though, because I still have over 2/3's left in each container.

Anyway, can you please supply Keratex hoof hardener or Crossapol? That's just about the ONE thing you don't have. That and a sort of mini-tack box to hold all my fly sprays, shampoos, etc. Dover has it and its called the Ascot box. Other than that, I am EXTREMELY pleased with everything about SmartPak.

A very happy customer of yours forever," -CW

Less than a month later, we received this letter from the same customer...


I came home to a mysterious package from SmartPak the other day. At first, I thought it was my parents getting a headstart on Christmas shopping, but when I innocently inquired what the box was, they said they thought I knew what is was! Suddenly a fear gripped me that I accidentally ordered one of my "dream shopping sprees," where I put in everything I could ever want into a shopping cart, and pretend for a few moments that I can buy all of it.

I opened the package, and to my pleasant surprise, I found an Ascot box! I had briefly mentioned it to you in a previous feedback, not really expecting you to even read my letter, let alone put the Ascot boxes into your inventory, just for me.

I cannot find the words to describe how astounded I was to find one at my doorstep, free of charge no less,but let me tell you this: SmartPak is the first and foremost choice for all my horse, cat, and dog needs (and wants!)from now until forever! As will all my friends and friends's friends when they hear of this!

And just between us, I did an 'experiment' between SmartPak and Dover Saddlery, by placing an order from both SmartPak and Dover at the same time... and what do you know, the SmartPak box comes to my door the NEXT day, and I didn't have to pay a dime of shipping. Dover, on the other hand, didn't come until 3 whole days later, and their shipping was just about half of the product's price!

I think you can take comfort in my word that I will definitely use SmartPak, WAY before I even think to use Dover, or any other company for that matter!

Thank you thank you thank you!" -CW
 "I love my SmartPaks. They make everything so easy! I don't know why everyone doesn't use SmartPaks." -KT

"I just received my shipment with the SmartPak Stable Sheet. I can not begin to tell you how impressed I am with the quality! Many people are the first to complain so I wanted to make sure I sent along my thoughts on this sheet! I will be ordering one for the other horses as soon as I get her measurements! THANK YOU!" -JC

"Just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the ease of SmartPak. My husband (who does the night feeding) is really getting into dumping just one thing (all the wells of SmartPak) instead of scooping out 80 million additives.

I like the containers that all the SmartPaks go into and was very surprised when a new one came when I added AM supplements. I figured it would all go in one container. But having one for AM and one for PM is terrific!

I do have to say that your prices are higher than I was paying for bulk sizes of my supplements. But I think the convenience is going to override the cost. And I keep thinking about reaching the end of the bucket or bag of bulk supplements - especially things like electrolytes. I live in Florida and a lot of them end up a sticky, gooey mess by the time we reach the bottom.

I'm also getting into your SmartSupplies. I usually search every catalogue I have to find the cheapest price - but after almost 30 years of keeping horses, I'm very tired of that. Buying at the feed store is not the cheapest way to go either. So, once again, the convenience of your service is well worth a little more in price compared to the discount catalogues!" -VS


"I must admit, your advertisement in Dressage Today seemed too good to be true. The part about which I was most skeptical was the line stating "competitive prices," because in my mind no company could offer those slick little dose-paks and charge less than what I pay by buying in large containers, dosing myself, and storing in plastic "baggies."

I emailed your company several weeks ago asking about the vitamin I used, as it was not listed in your on-line "catalog." Becki researched my old vitamin, found out that there was a better one available, and that by switching from the other two products I was using to this new one, I would be saving even more money while at the same time giving my horse "more." Again, I was skeptical. Saving money is great, I told her, but I need a healthy, sound horse. Changing from what I had been using rather frightened me. Becki replied, explaining that she uses the product on her own horse, and that it works very well.

All of these things are proof positive that your company cares about its customers and their horses. Finally, a company that I can honestly say cares about both of us! Thank you again, and I look forward to two things : (1) being a long time SmartPak customer, and (2) enjoying my horse while my friends spend hours packaging their vitamins in those darned little bags! Sincerely yours," -DAS
 "Thanks for the quick response. I'm looking forward to receiving my first order. And from a company who knows the meaning of service! Wow!" -JS

"Thank you so much. Your company is the greatest. You have the best service and the best product. Keep up the good work." -BS

"I'd like to say that I really dig your concept. You are providing a wonderful means by which we can get those supplements and other products into our horses more efficiently, cost-effectively and is saving me time, which most full-time working horse owners have very little of." -CJP

"As a farm owner who boards horses, I would like to thank you for SmartPaks. Things are so much easier at feeding time. Instead of having to measure out everyone's supplements all I have to do is open a package. It saves us so much time, and my feed room is always neat. Thank you." -CM


"Hi! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. When I first saw an ad for SmartPak, I knew there had to be a catch, but I went through all the magazines and compared prices, and it's actually cheaper for me to order my supplements through you. I can also send supplements to the farm where my broodmare lives, which is a tremendous help. Thanks again--I look forward to shopping with you in the future." -MP "I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to you for adjusting the shipping schedule of my next order. I recently added three new horses, and really appreciate that you would take the time to notice that the new order was going to be shipped at a later date then that for my existing horse. You guys always have the customer's best interests in mind, and I will continue to recommend your service to my clients and associates!" -MM


"I think your service is great especially because I always run out of my horse's supplements and it takes weeks to find a convenient time to go buy more which in the mean time my horse doesn't have any." -DS "I REALLY appreciate your quick reply! It is reassuring to know that the company to which I am sending my hard earned money is there for me! Thank you! I am confident I made a good decision!" -B


"Hi! I just received my first shipment. The order came so fast and everything is perfect. Your company is the greatest. I should take a picture of my feed room before and after it is really great doing business with you. I still have some customers who are still on 'baggies' they aren't sure they can afford your service. I will do some price comparing. I will find out how much they are spending and compare your prices. It is really worth it to me. The shipping cost is the only difference but I find I have so much waste down here in South Florida. We have so much humidity and a lot of bugs, plus the little pony always escapes and goes straight to whatever baggie he can tear into. Thanks so much for a wonderful service." -NM "Just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your brilliant idea of providing supplements in pre-portioned packages. My horses have not skipped a dose since we started on this and their supplements are definitely always fresh. I hated seeing the supplement containers left half open every day, for the duration of the package. The barn management, after an initial skeptical look, can't get over how simple and organized this method is. I have been spreading rave reviews about this and one of the other boarders quickly "converted" her supplements for her two horses. Keep up the good work and thanks!" -CC


"I am really enjoying your service, and have shared this wonderful idea with my vet (who took your brochures that were in my order to the training track in Camden) and with my other horsey acquaintances." -BB "Thanks for this service. I only have one horse, but it is still a wonderful convenience. Can only imagine how helpful it is for folks with multiple horses." -FT


"I am so happy that I decided to make the switch (to SmartPaks)! All those years of mixing, measuring, spilling, blending, and then some. . . .whoever thought of this idea is brilliant. I love the whole concept of it. Professionally designed and delivered too. Storage is wonderful. Thanks so much." -ML "I compared the costs with the supplement without the SmartPak and it is actually cheaper this way. It seems like a great idea. No waste, exact measurements, no loss of potency because of open containers. They even send the packs out with the horse's name on them, so there's no mistake!" -CS


"The barn manager and people who feed just love the convenience of your product! I have received comments wishing that other owners would do the same!" -SP "Thank you so much for my first delivery of SmartPaks. The convenience of your system is nothing short of awesome." -DM


"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product. So many people have commented on the health and appearance of my show horse. Your customer service department has been very quick to please. I am really interested in your SmartSupply area. This will save me so much time and shipping costs." -JB "I love the SmartPak. I tell all my friends about it; how it saves time, and money! It is so simple to use. If I am unable to get to the barn to feed for any reason, my husband will feed for me, and I don't have to worry if my horse is going to get the right amount of supplements thanks to SmartPak. Thank you." -HS


"I would like to give a round of applause to whoever came up with this wonderful idea!!! I used to have to spend hundreds of dollars on big buckets of supplements so they would still be fairly good after a week or so!!! But now all I have to do is go to my box of SmartPaks, get which ones I need for which horses, open them and feed! This is the easiest thing since the remote for the TV! Thanks so much SmartPak for giving me the supplements I need for the prices I need!" -K "I just wanted to say, "Job Well Done". I can't believe how much easier it is to get supplements to my horses in a timely manner. It's easy to change things without spending a fortune. I love being able to order my paste wormers with my supplements, I will never have to walk out of the feed store or tack shop and run back in because I forgot to pick up the wormers. Keep up the good work. I look forward to being able to purchase more items through your easy and user friendly system." -VG


"You are doing a WONDERFUL job there at SmartPak!!!! Thank you so very much. We really were able to travel much lighter and more accurately when we recently went from NJ to SC where my daughter trained with upper level competitors. The SmartPaks are so easy to take and so easy to not screw up that it made our trip really, really, easy. Many thanks!" -SA  "Love your service and products. Even my stable owner, a veteran cowboy and former bronc rider, who always seemed to dislike the extra chore of feeding supplements thinks your product is a good one and far easier than zippered baggies. And that's high praise from someone who thinks that those of us with "sport horses" pamper them way too much!" -JB


"SmartPak has saved my marriage. Before I found you, I was putting together my 'supplement baggies' in my kitchen for two horses with very different needs. Anyone with a non-riding husband can only imagine the reactions this provoked." -MS "Excellent customer care. Thanks so much, you can tell that you do take great pride regarding the quality of your product. Thanks!!" -RW


"I am thrilled by the convenience of using your system for my horse. Being out here in the 'boonies' it is really inconvenient to travel 4 hours to the nearest 'big' town to purchase supplements. Having your service deliver them to the door via UPS is really great." -BR "My barn manager LOVES the SmartPak System! It works very well for both of us. What a great idea. Thanks." -KH


"Just returning your e-mail to say that I am extremely pleased with my orders. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I am the envy of the feed room with my very cool and oh so tidy drawers with all the supplements and the names of the horses. It is great. Thank you." -SW "Wonderful customer service! Hard to find these days." -JR


"I want to let you know I have been so impressed with this company. So many of the horses at our barn are on SmartPaks. It makes giving supplements so easy. Keep up the good work!" -KM "I look forward to eliminating the mad scientist laboratory in the feed room!" -JA


"First of all I thought it was very personable and professional of you to check up and see how I was doing w/ my SmartPaks. I really appreciate that. I love my SmartPaks. They are so easy to use and very convenient for me "the girl on the go". I simply didn't have time to measure everything out daily. Not only are they easy and faster to use, there is no mess! Yea!! So you have one more very pleased and satisfied customer :) Thanks again." -BJ "Hey there, I am the barn manager at a 46 horse barn. Thank God for you all. Can you imagine the supplement issues? I will only feed supplements if they come in SmartPaks. Thought you would like to know." -KG


"I want to let you know that I am very pleased with everything from your customer service department, arrival date of the paks and the supplements. I would like to say a "special thank you" to the customer service representative who spent so much time helping me choose the supplements for my horse and was very conscientious about helping me be cost effective at the time I called." -CH "It's a pleasure to use baggies for purposes other than storing supplements!" -FB

"I really appreciate the customer service provided by your company." -MS


"I will also take this opportunity to say that I thoroughly enjoy your services and the great quality of your products and especially the convenience!! This is one of those things I wish I'd thought of first! :) Kudos to you! You'd think the idea would have come to me - all those years that I was sitting at my kitchen table, stuffing my horse's supplements into sandwich baggies. Ich - I hated that!" -IB "Even though I board at a top-notch barn, I worry over every little aspect of my A-circuit show horse's care. I love the peace of mind my horse's SmartPaks give me. You've totally eliminated supplement procurement and feeding hassles from my life. Your product really is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I've converted several friends to the product too. Keep up the great work." -AK


"Thanks for being so on top of things! A pleasant surprise in today's world." -MP "I love your product...its a great idea and your service is awesome. Thanks." -SA


"Just a quick word of thanks to the folks at SmartPak. We LOVE your product!!! Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? I have referred at least 3 people to you already and more are on the way. Everywhere we go (traveling through the Northeast for the summer) people ask about the supplements and the packaging. I have been handing out brochures like crazy. The convenience of knowing that I can keep my geldings supplements consistently fed to him wherever we are is THE BEST. Having an easy package system guarantees that the supplements will be fed and not overlooked from barn to barn. I also am able to change shipping addresses from month to month as we travel, so the packages always find us - we don't have to go looking for hard to find supplements in out of the way tack stores! I am a loyal customer for life! Thank you again and my horse says thanks too!" -JH "A friend called me at work hysterically telling me that I (of all people) would be thrilled with what she had just found. She knows me well after years of showing, traveling, breeding, complaining, moaning etc. together. I managed/chaired 2 national A-rated shows for 8+ years and I can tell you, there are a lot of amateurs, trainers, grooms, owners, and backyard horse people who desperately need your service. Oh, the years of aggravation you could have saved me...I could cry. But, now you are here and I, for one, will tell the world, (and I have been known to talk a lot) as well as be somewhat out spoken. Word of mouth is your best and cheapest marketing tool. Send me extra brochures and I will pass them around. I know of several local incompetent barns which would benefit greatly from your service. :) The best of success to you. I wish I had of come up with the idea. Good for you." -LR


"We have switched our entire barn to SmartPaks. As a full care Dressage training facility, we need to spend our valuable time training, not measuring out dozens of supplements each day. Thank you SmartPak for making our days easier!" -EF "SmartPak is wonderful. I have 2 jobs, which means I have someone else feed my horse in the evening. Now I know that he gets all of his supplements when he should." -BR


"I saw your ad in Equus and got online and ordered a custom SmartPak immediately for my 18-year-old AQHA. They arrived and I used them today. What a terrific and simple thing. I praise whoever thought of this, it's the best thing since sliced bread. For 25 years I have been hassling with 4 or 5 different supplements taking me 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and baggies galore to get ready to feed. This is Terrific!! I especially like the personal touch of custom measuring and having the horses name and time of day for feeding, now my folks can care for the horses and not worry about getting things mixed up. I also love your selection, and the cost is fantastic. I'm a believer and will pass out your brochures to all my horse friends. Keep up the great work! Thanks for making them environment-friendly too!" -DB "I just wanted to comment on this program. I have been a SmartPak user for 3 months now and I can not even tell you how EASY and COST EFFICIENT this is! I was spending over $70 a month on buying the 3-4 different supplements I feed and making myself crazy trying to get to the feed store between a full time job and the full time care of my 4 legged best friend. What a great idea you have here. When ordering for the first time, I ordered on line and did not correctly submit my order. I called to follow up a few weeks later and someone kindly told me what I had done, and the NEXT day my supplements were at my door. I really appreciated that! I look forward to working with you all in the coming year. Happy Holidays!"

A very happy customer -WB

"Thank you so much for your help, I love SmartPak because the supplements are great but the service people are the best! Thanks again." -AM


"Just wanted to let you know how much I love SmartPak Equine! It gives me a chance to put my horse on supplements that I might not have tried and certain supplements for only when he needs them. I love the convenience of not having to buy 5 tubs of products and measure them and put them in baggies every day! This was such a great idea. I have been using you for over a year and would never switch back! Thanks!" -LK "Thank you for looking out for my interest. Just one more reason I am satisfied w/ the service." -JJ


"I found out about your product at a seminar for American Riding Instructors, so I decided to give SmartPak a try. I am so happy with my horse's SmartPak. I like that you send it right to my house each month, so conveniently packaged, it couldn't be easier for me. I've recommended your product to everyone at my barn and three people have signed up for you services. Your horse supplies section also has a lot of name brands I use and trust, and I look forward to using that too. Thanks again for providing me and my horse with such a great service." -SB "I operate and own a nationally known Arabian facility which has produced several National and Canadian National Champions in open, amateur and youth divisions. I am so impressed with your products. We have been using them since SmartPak began. We currently have 40 horses using your system. Your products speak for themselves - our horses remain in the winners circle because of them. Thank you for being so "Smart." - VG


"When I first heard about your company's products, I thought that it just wasn't something I was interested in. I have my own stable & take care of getting everything. But I live in an area that has limited tack shops & feed stores. We were at the mercy of asking to order supplements. I'm sure my life is no different than any one else. But, I would run out of a supplement & have to hunt down which store might carry a particular brand--they all carry different brands! Most times no one had it in stock so I would have to wait. Then, I moved one of my horses to an indoor arena. Although the farm is meticulously run, it worried me that my horse would not get his supplements correctly. Mostly because there were different personnel on weekends. SmartPaks have put my mind at ease, and the stable help appreciate having something so simple to work with. Thank you so much for continuing to send your brochure to me. I guess persistence prevailed." -CL "Thanks so much! I should have known that you gals had this under control. I guess I am too used to the people that work for me, if it isn't spelled out every day, they don't do it! Gee maybe I need for you all to come here and work for our company??!! But then I would have no one to take care of my horse's order.

Anyway, thanks again, you are just the best company to work with, everything is always on time, the orders are always correctly filled and no problems. Thanks again." -ST


"I have been using SmartPaks for a few months now and they are the greatest!!! They are easy to feed because everything is right there - no more scooping from this bucket, grinding up those pills, etc. The barn help loves them too - no more confusion on whose supplements are whose and when to give them. They are convenient to store and very easy to take to horse shows. My mom loves them at home too - we have a lot of retired "yard art" that have supplements and they are easy for her to feed. Plus, she never has to go to the feed store to get anything - it comes right to the door! Keep up the good work!" -HB "You guys are wonderful! Thank you so much. I just love your company. You guys really do it right." -BW

"Thanks so much for all the information! Not only are we happy to be using SmartPak, but it's refreshing to deal with such friendly and helpful people!" -BL


"My husband saw the container and asked me about your product and, of course, how much 'extra' I was paying for your service. I didn't know, so I decided to do some research to find out. I compared prices from our local Farmer's Co-op feed store as well as a favorite on-line store and catalog that is famous for their fair prices. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I could tell my husband that I was only paying $0.06 per day more to use your convenient product!! Also, our local store didn't have two of the supplements that I use in my SmartPak, so I would have to order and pay shipping on those items. With SmartPak, I don't have to order these and worry that they get here before I run out. And your shipping charges are MUCH cheaper than most companies.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. You not only provide a convenient, cost-effective, service but also include an extensive selection of top-quality supplements and provide your customer with the knowledge to make an educated choice in choosing them. THANK YOU!" -RT
 "Thanks for sending the SmartPak Equine newsletter. I am a fairly new customer. Last month I placed my first order with you. I think there was one person at my barn already using your service. I've been spreading rave reviews among my friends at the barn ever since. Now there are at least four of us using your service. My guess is that number will increase as more people see how easy (and economical) it is both for us owners and for the barn staff. Actually I think I'll print the newsletter and put it on the bulletin board at the barn."

"Again, thanks for your assistance. Me and Samantha appreciate it. Here is a pic of me and my kidz! Samantha is on my left. The other big one is Harley. They say thank you for helping keep Samantha going."

- Bob Vogel


"SmartPak is the best! I'm 14 years old, and I used to spend so much time every week filling baggies with supplements. Then we'd run out of different supplements at different times, and my Mom would have to drive a half hour to the feed store, or we'd have baggies with missing ingredients. It was hard to keep track of - sometimes my horse would go days without his daily wormer because I didn't realize we needed to make up more baggies. With SmartPak, the supplements are delivered right to the barn and Buster gets them every day. I don't have to do anything! THANK YOU!" Caroline Butler, and Buster Bay Butler

"P.S. FROM CAROLINE'S MOM: You don't have to have an expensive show horse or be a world class competitor to use this service - it will save you hours of time every week, for about the same cost as the supplements you're running all over buying now. If you have a child with a horse, do something great for yourself - order SmartPak." -Kate Butler
 "Thank you! I love your products. What a great idea. I priced all of my supplements before I purchased SmartPaks and your prices are right in line with what I was already paying and they are so much more convenient! Thanks again!"


"For those of you that haven't heard, here is the latest, NEWEST, and most INCREDIBLE idea to have come across a rider/trainer/owners desk in some time! I just wish that I had thought of this idea! Our farm is has many clients utilizing this new company's product, and you should look into it as well! I cannot tell you what a pain in the bootie mixing supplements can be with nearly 50 horses here during the winter season, ALL GETTING a different variety of supplements. (I had one woman giving her horse 9 different supplements each month). I know you all will love the convenience and savings by using this service that utilizes NATIONAL products that we use daily! We love the convenience already! Time is money, and not many of us have time to waste, so give them a call! I KNOW I'D MUCH RATHER BE RIDING than mixing supplements into buckets! YOU just have to try them at least once!!!! SmartPak uses those little "pudding pack looking containers", and they are TOTALLY recyclable! They use these sealed containers as it ensures product freshness, guarantees accurate dosing, and dramatically simplifies the feeding process - all for about the same price you pay now. AND YOU DON'T HAVE to fill baggies for your feeding person, or deal with storage for a gazillion buckets!" -SP "SmartPak caught my eye when one of my clients brought it into our barn. Now I encourage everyone to use SmartPak. No buckets, no scoops, no hassle. Since all the SmartPaks are labeled with the horse name, there is no confusion and it doesn't matter who feeds."

- Tommy Garland, National Champion Arab Trainer

"I just love using SmartPak! I board my horses so it is easier for the owner of the barn to just open the container and dump it all in, instead of having to fuss with 4-5 buckets of supplements! They are easy to use and store! My horses never looked better! I have attached a photo of my AQHA Gelding that is using the SmartPak system!" -MB


"I have now been ordering SmartPaks for my American Quarter Horse gelding for three months. I am extremely pleased! Not only do my shipments arrive in a timely fashion every single month but I now know my horse is getting what he needs. I board at a training barn where a number of different people feed in the evening. Before, I never knew when my horse Story was getting his supplements and when he wasn't. I suspected he wasn't always getting them because 30 day supply's of supplements were still around at the 45 day mark. Now I know at a glance whether he's had his supplements, and the feeders love it too. No scooping out of several different containers which have difficult lids that get left open for the mice to get into. Wonderful product! I've recommended it to everyone I know too, I even sent them my price comparisons. The great bonus is now instead of bags of supplements to dish out before every show - I grab a few packages and we're set to go."

- Jennifer C. Larsen
 "Everyone's GOAL! Keeping your horse in good health. SmartPak does make it easy - just Peel and Pour. For Sparkle: One SmartPak/one feeding/each day/no measuring/just Peel and Pour! Sparkle; boarding 72 miles away, getting fed two or more supplements, M-F barn help different from Sat-Sun barn help, in a barn of 22 horses. SmartPak is the only way to go. Mid month, I make a quick count of the SmartPaks left, and I know how Sparkle is getting fed. The price comparison: I used to buy supplements in bulk 40lb containers. Then, someone had to measure each supplement. Then, how did you make sure it got fed M-F, Sat and Sun? SmartPak is measured and packaged for all the supplements for each day. SmartPak did all the work and the cost was equal or below the 40lb. bulk for my supplements. I use SmartPak for all my polo ponies." -JZ


"To be a champion, you need a great training program combined with a consistent feeding program. With SmartPak, our supplements are always fresh and are delivered on time to any location. SmartPak makes feeding a cinch (seriously)! No more wasting expensive supplements, no more scoops and no more baggies! I recommend SmartPak to everyone who owns a horse, from beginner to professional, you will never go back once you’ve tried SmartPak!"

- Holly Ricotta and I'm No PeeWee - Ranked 4th AQHA Amateur Barrel Racing 2001
 "I love SmartPak. I've been using the system for over a year. We go to shows and I just grab a few SmartPaks, no messing around with buckets and baggies. With a heavy travel schedule, SmartPak ensures Claire's supplements aren't forgotten in the daily rush."

- Arlene "Tuny" Page, International Dressage Trainer and Competitor

Photographer: PhelpsPhoto.com


"My husband and I love the SmartPak system - that is why we are now adding all our horses to it. We have everything from a Shire to miniatures.

We look forward to our 4 new and getting our barn free of all those cumbersome containers we've been using. Thanks for inventing!

Enclosed picture of 'William' with mini 'Spirit'."

- Michele Pouliot
 "At Plain Dealing Farm, care of our horses is our top priority. Competing horses at the four-star level requires incredible attention to detail, and with SmartPak we have one less variable in our program."

- Kimberly Severson, Leading International 3-Day Event Rider

Photographer: Mick Vovers


"I've been using SmartPak since I have owned Jordan, which is over three years,and all I can say is it's made one aspect of horse ownership very simple to manage. You basically do the work for me. Thanks a bunch for the help!"

"Hope you like the pix. By the way, Jordan (a.k.a. J.J.) is an 11-year-old, 16hh Dutch Warmblood by Bustron, and will compete this year in Wellington at PSG and Intermediare I with Lisa Payne, and Training level and First level with me. He was our local dressage club's 4th level reserve champion and PSG champion at our end of year awards. I am so proud of him. We love your product!!"

A very pleased customer, Robin Sandberg & J.J.
 "Hi there! Love the new containers! Big time convenient! You guys just never quit being innovative up there, do you? Thanks so much!" -SP

"We are new users of the SmartPaks and could not be more pleased with the convenience of it. LOVE IT !! Thanks!" DD

"PS: The photo is of the two of us 'on course' of the Xcountry phase at Groton House Farm in MA."


"SmartPak makes my life easy... at the barn I need to work on my training not worry about making up bags of supplements. With SmartPak it's all there and it's been done for me. Ya know, maybe I should send SmartPak my next Blue Ribbon! Thanks,"

Katelyn Marie Hess, Babington LLC
 "Thanks for everything. I'm anxious to get my new horse Susie on her supplements. It has made such a difference to Solo (pictured here).

Best regards, PW"

Making our customers happy is our top priority and your feedback is extremely important to us. Please e-mail us with your comments or suggestions at customercare@smartPakequine.com.

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