The only thing better than $7500 of colic surgery coverage is never having to use it!

ColiCare™ Horse Owner FAQs

SmartDigest® Ultra and the SmartPak™ Feeding System

Q: What is SmartDigest Ultra and why are horses required to be on it to enroll in ColiCare?
A: SmartDigest Ultra is a daily supplement designed specifically to support the normal health and functioning of the digestive tract. SmartDigest Ultra is an outstanding choice to help manage the risk of digestive upset for any horse, but especially those under stress. Because we feel so good about the combination of SmartDigest Ultra and a veterinarian-directed wellness program, we back it with up to $7500 of colic surgery reimbursement (as long as your horse is enrolled in ColiCare and meets the Program Requirements).
Q: What are SmartPaks?
A: SmartPaks are custom made, pre-measured daily dose Paks of your horse's supplements. They are clearly labeled with your horse's name for fast, accurate feeding every day. Tightly sealed to protect potency, SmartPaks ensure that your horse always has the freshest supplements available. Best of all, they are delivered automatically every month, so you never have to worry about running out.
Q: Do I have to feed a certain dose of SmartDigest Ultra? What if I have a pony or a very large horse?
A: All horses and ponies weighing 500 lbs or more must be fed a minimum of the maintenance dose of SmartDigest Ultra (30 g) or SmartCombo Ultra (120 g) in order to be eligible for the ColiCare Program and colic surgery reimbursement. Ponies and minis that weigh less than 500 lbs may be fed a half dose of SmartDigest Ultra (15 g) or SmartCombo Ultra (60 g) in SmartPaks and still be eligible to apply for ColiCare and colic surgery reimbursement.
Q. What happens if I delay the shipment of my SmartPaks while my horse is enrolled in ColiCare?
A: For a horse to receive the full benefits of SmartDigest Ultra, it is critical that the supplement be fed on a daily basis. For that reason, any horse enrolled in ColiCare whose SmartPak order is delayed more than 14 days would fall out of compliance with the Program Requirements, and no longer be eligible for colic surgery reimbursement. However, any horse that has fallen out of compliance for this reason may apply for re-enrollment in the ColiCare program. Enrollment Page
Q: My horse is currently fed SmartDigest Ultra from a bucket. Do I need to order the product in SmartPaks for him to be eligible?
A: Yes. One of the Program Requirements is that SmartDigest Ultra be fed in SmartPaks, to ensure that the product is fed on a daily, uninterrupted basis.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Q: Who do I call if I have a question about enrolling in ColiCare?
A: The best way to contact us is by calling 1-800-461-8898. Our team of Supplement Experts would love to help answer all of your questions about enrolling in ColiCare.
Q: About how long will it take for SmartPak to decide whether my horse is eligible for enrollment in ColiCare?
A: Once we have received your completed online registration form, you should hear from us within 3 business days.
Q: My horse gets SmartCombo™ Ultra in SmartPaks. Is he eligible for ColiCare?
A: Absolutely! SmartCombo Ultra contains all the active ingredients of SmartDigest Ultra. All horses and ponies over 500 lbs must receive at least the maintenance dose (120g), while all ponies and minis under 500 lbs may receive a half dose (60g) of SmartCombo Ultra in SmartPaks.
Q: I just added SmartDigest Ultra into my SmartPak, when can I apply for the ColiCare Program?
A: Right away! You can find the ColiCare application by visiting the Your Account section of the SmartPak website.
Q: Why aren't SmartGut and SmartGut Ultra included in the ColiCare program?
A: SmartGut and SmartGut Ultra are our comprehensive gastric health formulas that are designed specifically to help keep stomach tissues healthy. SmartDigest Ultra, and therefore SmartCombo Ultra, are the only supplements included in the ColiCare program because they are designed to support the health and balance of the horse's hindgut.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of horses I can have on ColiCare?
A: Of course not! As long as each individual horse meets all ColiCare Eligibility and Program Requirements, owners may enroll as many horses as they would like.
Q: Is my horse's age a factor in his eligibility?
A: Yes. Owners with weaned horses ages 5 months and older are eligible to apply for ColiCare.
Q: I have a horse enrolled in the ColiCare program that recently had a $5,000 colic surgery for which I was reimbursed. Can he stay in the program? What happens if he needs colic surgery again? Am I still eligible for reimbursement?
A: Yes. Your horse may stay enrolled in the ColiCare program. And yes, you may still be eligible for reimbursement, as long as your horse continues to meet the Program Requirements and does not lapse. Because the ColiCare program provides up to $7,500 over the course of each horse's enrollment, your horse has a "balance" of $2,500 that could be put toward the cost of a second colic surgery, if necessary.
Q: If my horse has been in compliance with all the Program Requirements, will I still be eligible for reimbursement regardless of the cause of the colic?
A: Yes. The ColiCare program provides reimbursement of reasonable and customary colic surgery fees (surgery related specifically to the digestive tract) up to $7,500, regardless of the cause of colic, as long as the horse has met the Program Requirements.
Q: How do you define previous colic surgery, colic in the past 12 months and chronic colic?
A: Previous colic surgery is defined as any previous surgical procedure to a horse's abdomen. We define colic in the past 12 months as any veterinarian-attended colic episode in the past 12 months. If the veterinarian was called out to attend the horse by the owner or person with care, custody and control of the horse, this is considered a colic episode regardless of whether the attending veterinarian treated the horse. Lastly, chronic colic is defined as a horse experiencing 3 or more separate episodes of veterinarian-attended colic within a 12 month period.
Q: What if my horse is leased out or managed by my barn manager or trainer?
A: Leased horses are absolutely welcome into the ColiCare Program; however the horse must be enrolled into the program by the horse owner. We require that the horse owner be the one to enroll the horse into the ColiCare Program, even if the horse is managed by a lessee, barn manager, or trainer.
Q: Are horses outside of the United States eligible for enrollment into ColiCare?
A: No, the horse must reside in the United States to be eligible for enrollment into ColiCare.

Veterinarian Involvement

Q: Does my veterinarian have to provide dental care or can I have another professional do it?
A: If your Veterinarian offers dental care, perfect! We realize, however, that not every veterinarian offers dental care services. In these cases it is important that your veterinarian examines your horse's mouth, teeth, tongue, cheeks, gums, lips, and other structures of the mouth, and that any additional dental care recommended be performed by another competent professional.
Q: Can I purchase vaccines myself and give them to my horse as long as I keep the receipts?
A: No. Because it is important to have your veterinarian involved in the selection of appropriate vaccines for your individual horse, and because proper vaccine handling is critical to their effectiveness, we require that your veterinarian administer all of your horse's vaccinations.
Q: Do I have to use my veterinarian to perform fecal tests?
A: If your veterinarian offers fecal egg per gram tests, excellent! However, if your veterinarian does not offer fecal testing services (fecal egg per gram tests), consider purchasing an Equine Fecal Test Kit from SmartPak to meet this annual ColiCare requirement.
Q: Do I have to buy dewormer from my vet?
A: No. We simply require that you participate in a veterinarian-directed parasite control program that includes at least one fecal test and two dewormings per year. You should work with your veterinarian to develop a deworming, fecal testing, and environmental management regimen that is individualized for your particular horse, his living situation and your climate. Please keep track of the dates your horse was dewormed, and when his fecal test was performed, as we will require these dates in the event of a claim.
Q: Does the veterinarian that performs my horse's colic surgery need to have any particular credentials?
A: The only credentials required of the veterinarian that performs the colic surgery is that they be licensed in the state that the surgery is being performed. We do not require you to use a board certified veterinary surgeon to perform the colic surgery.

Procedures and Claims

Q: Is the ColiCare Program colic insurance?
A: No, ColiCare is not insurance, it is a colic surgery reimbursement program. ColiCare combines the comprehensive support of SmartDigest Ultra, our innovative gastrointestinal health supplement, with a veterinarian-directed wellness program for the ultimate in digestive health care.
Q: Does ColiCare cover the cost of medical colic?
A: ColiCare is a colic surgery reimbursement program, and therefore only covers costs associated with colic surgery (surgery related specifically to the digestive tract) incurred at a veterinary surgical facility. It does not cover expenses associated with a non-surgical colic.
Q: How does ColiCare work if I have coverage through an equine insurance company?
A: In the event of an approved colic surgery claim, SmartPak will reimburse up to $7,500, independent of any insurance or additional reimbursement program associated with the horse.
Q: Can you confirm that my ColiCare claim will be approved so I can make the decision whether or not to perform colic surgery on my horse?
A: We can absolutely confirm your horse's enrollment status in the ColiCare program at any time. This information is available on the ColiCare Management page on the SmartPak website when you log in to your account, and you can always contact us for confirmation of your horse's enrollment. However, we are not able to guarantee that any ColiCare claim will be approved until we have received and reviewed all of the required paperwork pertaining to that claim after the surgery is performed. If your horse is enrolled in ColiCare, please maintain clear, easy-to-access veterinary records so that you can always be sure your horse is in compliance with the Program Requirements and you are eligible for colic surgery reimbursement.

ColiCare Program Requirements

to confirm eligibility for colic surgery reimbursement
Enrolled horse receives daily administration of appropriate dose of SmartDigest Ultra or SmartCombo Ultra in SmartPaks Confirm with SmartPak
Enrolled horse has received a physical exam from a veterinarian within the last 12 months Confirm with your horse's regular veterinarian
Enrolled horse has received a dental exam from a veterinarian within the last 12 months Confirm with your horse's regular veterinarian
Enrolled horse has received vaccinations from a veterinarian within the last 12 months Confirm with your horse's regular veterinarian
Enrolled horse has received the following as part of a veterinarian-directed parasite control program within the last 12 months: 1 fecal test, at least 2 dewormings Confirm with your horse's regular veterinarian
Q: Who do I call if I need to file a ColiCare claim?
A: We have a dedicated phone number for ColiCare claims: 1-888-433-5037
Q: How does the ColiCare claim process work?
A: Should your horse require colic surgery, please contact us at 1-888-433-5037 after the surgery is complete and our ColiCare representatives will help process your claim as quickly as possible.
  1. Your horse must be officially enrolled in the ColiCare program and receiving the appropriate dose of SmartDigest Ultra or SmartCombo Ultra (see question #3) in SmartPaks for at least 28 days prior to your horse undergoing colic surgery and a claim being filed.
  2. Once your horse's colic surgery is complete, you must call our ColiCare claims phone number, 1-888-433-5037, to initiate the claims process within 14 days of the surgery.
  3. After you initiate the claims process, we will provide you with two documents:
    1. ColiCare Program Compliance Affidavit: Once you have called to initiate your claim after surgery, we will provide you with the ColiCare Program Compliance Affidavit, which will need to be signed by your horse's regular veterinarian to certify that your horse has met the annual Program Requirements. This document must be returned to SmartPak from your veterinarian directly.
    2. ColiCare Surgical Reimbursement Form: Once you have called to initiate your claim after surgery, we will provide you with the ColiCare Surgical Reimbursement Form which will need to be completed by the veterinarian that performed the horse's colic surgery. This form will also need to be returned directly to SmartPak from the veterinary surgical facility.

      Both documents can be returned to SmartPak through either method listed here:
      Fax: 1-774-283-9902
  4. Once we've received the ColiCare Program Compliance Affidavit completed by the horse's regular veterinarian, and the ColiCare Surgical Reimbursement Form completed by the veterinary surgeon, the claim will be reviewed by both SmartPak and an independent board-certified veterinary surgeon. All claims will be reviewed within 2 business days of receiving all completed documents, and a ColiCare representative will contact you as to the outcome of the claim.
  5. Reimbursement checks will be mailed within 5 to 7 business days for all approved claims.
Q: On what basis do you approve or deny a ColiCare claim?
A: For a ColiCare claim to be approved and reimbursement issued, the horse that underwent surgery will need to have been in compliance with all of the ColiCare Program Requirements. SmartPak will also confirm with the horse's regular veterinarian that the horse is of eligible age, had not undergone previous colic surgery before enrolling into the program, and had not had an episode of colic in the past 12 months or history of chronic colic before enrollment into the program.
Q: Does the outcome of the colic surgery impact reimbursement?
A: No, the outcome of the surgery does not have any effect on a claim being approved or denied.

Start your horse on SmartDigest Ultra in SmartPaks and apply for our free ColiCare program to become eligible for up to $7,500 of colic surgery reimbursement. How's that for Smarter?

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