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One AC

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Form: Powder
Maintenance Dose: 1 SmartPak Well

One AC powder is a supplement that was developed specifically for horses with performance-robbing anhidrosis (reduced ability to sweat). One AC was proven effective in field tests at the University of Florida. Contains ascorbic acid, niacin, L-tyrosine and cobalt proteinate.

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    SmartPak customers are some of the most conscientious animal owners around. We encourage you to share your experience with the products we sell to help fellow customers to make informed choices for their animals. We do not edit these reviews in any way - they are direct customer-to-customer communication. We do monitor reviews for positive and negative feedback, and use this feedback to improve our selection as well as sharing feedback with product manufacturers to help them improve their products. Please note that we recommend consulting your vet with serious health issues.

    One AC is rated 4.5425 out of 5 by 153.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Worked for us! Our horse who was diagnosed with anhidrosis (failure to sweat properly) when her internal body temperature climbed during a heat wave but she did not sweat. We started her on this One A/C 2x a day at the vet's suggestion. The first thing we noticed is that she began to drink more water. After 3 days, she began sweating. We keep her on this year round, as we think there could be other underlying metabolic changes going on that we don't know about.Other important tips for non-sweaters (and all horses): Be sure your horse's water is FRESH, clear, clean and palatable. If it is not, horses will only drink a bare minimum. You want them to drink A LOT so make it tasty and appealing. Don't use fly spray near the water as it settles in the water and pollutes the water. Be sure you offer a salt block (the natural red rocks have natural iodine in them). All horses need shade and in some states it's the law so don't neglect that.
    Date published: 2013-05-06
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Works great! When I purchased my 8 year old QH gelding I knew he had an issue with sweating. I did my research and talked with my vet and One AC seemed like the best product on the market for this problem. The SmartPak representative also suggest I give Apple-A-Day along with One AC. These two products together have my horse sweating like every other horse I've ever owned. Great product that delivered great results for me and my horse. If you have a horse with this problem I highly recommend giving it a try.
    Date published: 2013-03-18
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Works well! OneAC works very well. I've experienced using it with my own horses, as well as fellow boarders, and clients throughout the years. I've noticed it works more effectively if you start it about 1-2 months before the hot months arrive.
    Date published: 2013-02-01
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Astonishingly Effective! One AC has been lifechanging for my daughter's pony. He NEVER used to sweat, except lightly under his tack, and only then on days when the other horses would be in a full body sweat after doing the same work.I found this product after we pulled him from an event because he was struggling with the heat (warm humid fall day in NE- he with an early winter coat).THIS PRODUCT WORKS! After about two weeks we started to notice improved sweating, and now after several months of use, he sweats appropriately, all over his body just like a normal horse. YAY.ONE AC does exactly what is says it will.
    Date published: 2012-12-08
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very helpful product After 3 weeks my horse started to sweat normally, and my horse was more comfortable. Have had to use on two horses and it worked for each one.
    Date published: 2012-10-25
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Where would we be without OneAC??!! I have a large and young TB gelding who began struggling with the heat two summers ago, to the point that he quit sweating a few times during work. This is bad enough, made extra worse because I live in an awfully humid and hot climate. I started him on One AC two summers ago. Wow! What a difference! Within one week I noticed a huge difference. One AC is now protocol for our summer SmartPaks; as a result my horse is much happier and I worry much less.I do suggest adding electrolytes to your routine while on One AC because your horse WILL sweat.
    Date published: 2012-10-10
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from It Works!!! When dosed according to your horse's weight, this product works wonders. It is extremely hot and humid here during the summer, and my horse never showed signs of not sweating. We work 1-2 hours 6 days a week.
    Date published: 2012-10-09
    Rated 1 out of 5 by from Sadly didn't work I had high hopes that this would help my horse start sweating again. Sadly it did nothing for him. I'm going to try perspirade and hope it works.
    Date published: 2012-09-30
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very Effective Product! We are from North Dakota and this was our first summer in Houston, Texas. I put my horse on electrolytes and had salt and mineral for him. One of the girls who exercises horses at the stable and for me pointed out that she didn't think my horse was sweating an adequate amount when she was working him. Anhidrosis is new to me as in ND we don't really run into horses over heating. She suggested adding OneAC to his diet to help. I immediately ordered it and started him on it. Within 10 days he began sweating a normal amount while working. I will keep him on this until mid-late fall and then will likely start him on it a month or two before the hot season next year.
    Date published: 2012-09-09
    Rated 1 out of 5 by from Didn't work for me My vet recommended One AC for my retired gelding with anhidroris. I'm giving him 2 scoops/day but it's not working at all.
    Date published: 2012-08-31
    Rated 1 out of 5 by from No results My horse does not sweat when the temp gets to approx 90 degrees or so. I was in hopes of getting some relief for him from this product but I did not see any improvement
    Date published: 2012-08-28
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Made her sweat! My 36 year old mare took the cross country move to SC hard. She developed anhidrosis this summer and after one month on One AC (supplemented with Guinness and Smartlytes), has developed patchy sweat on her chest and flank. I'm hopeful that we will continue this trend towards a full sweat so I can continue to enjoy my wonderful old mare.
    Date published: 2012-08-25
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from
    Date published: 2012-08-17
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Solved His Problem My Icelandic gelding has done a complete turn around with One AC. The vet told me he couldn't have anhidrosis because we live in the mountains of Utah. He had all the symptoms so I ordered it and put him on said it couldn't hurt him and whallla....he does not have a high respiratory rate any more and he has more energy, feels better and sweats like a normal horse. So if your horse has the symptoms don't let the vet talk you out of it. You don't have to live in Florida to have a horse with anhidrosis.
    Date published: 2012-08-24
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from It really works! The mare we bought in early spring seemed to sweat a little less than our other two horses, but I chalked it up to how unfit the other horses were! In a lesson in late July, temps about 90 degrees, I noticed she wasn't sweating AT ALL when my daughter stopped for a water break during the lesson. We hosed her down, and I ordered the One AC as soon as I got home. At her lesson a week later, she sweated through her saddle pad and had sweat everywhere else she's supposed to. This is the second horse I've seen respond to One AC, and I'm convinced. My local tack shop carries another supplement for anhidrosis, but I decided to wait for the One AC to arrive from SmartPak instead. So glad I did! It's hard to believe that 2 tsp a day makes a difference, but it really does.
    Date published: 2012-08-05
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Works Great When I moved my horse to a new barn, the weather got so much hotter. My trainer noticed that my horse wasn't sweating like he should. She had used ONE AC before with good results. It didn't take long to start working. My horse sweats normally now. Will not go without it again. I will start it much sooner next year.
    Date published: 2012-07-24
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from One AC Great product & it works
    Date published: 2012-07-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Worked as described for my horse! I started using this product for my horse (11 years old QH gelding) last summer when he developed anhydrosis. Within several hours of his first dose, he had small patches of sweat on his shoulder. This year, I started him on 1 AC the first of April. He has been sweating as the summer temps have risen, both coming in from the pasture and under saddle. I'm really pleased with how this product has helped my horse deal with the heat & how quickly it started to work. One AC has allowed me to worry less about his andydrosis.
    Date published: 2012-06-18
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from LOVE IT. My horse's anhidrosis was so bad every summer (or any slightly warm days) I couldn't ride him at all. His fitness was never great because I worried too much about him over heating. Just a few weeks after putting him on One AC he started sweating like a normal horse! He's been on One AC for years now, and he's completely normal! I can ride him in any condition, and he doesn't get overheated or tired. Now that he's fit enough, we can finally make the move up to Prelim - Thank you One AC!!!!!!
    Date published: 2012-06-14
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from OneAC Product is doing the trick. My horse is sweating. Of course it could also be that it's 90-degrees out but I'm going to keep him on it through the summer.
    Date published: 2012-06-07
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from One AC I only began using this product with this first purchase but it seems to be helping my horse with his anhidrosis.
    Date published: 2012-05-19
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from One AC We have two horses that suffer from anhidrosis. Once this was recongnized we put them both on One AC and really have never had a problem since. Since we live in Florida and it never really stays cold for any length of time the horses stay on it all year around.
    Date published: 2012-05-19
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Phenomenal This product is amazing! My morgan hadn't sweat in his 21 years of life and by the second season of having him on this he started sweating and shedding both!!! He has now been on it for 4 years and his shedding has increased and he is so much more comfortable during the summer season for workouts being able to sweat!!! It is well worth the money if you have a horse with Anhidrosis!!!
    Date published: 2012-05-15
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from great stuff my old girl started sweating again on this, i have used it for two years at least. she will never be without it during the summers.
    Date published: 2012-05-13
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Seems to work! When it started getting warm this spring, my draft cross gelding wasn't sweating as much as usual, in fact, he seemed to have just a sticky film rather than a solid sweat when worked.Saw results after feeding OneAC for a couple of weeks. We still watch the respiratory rate to make sure he's not overheating, but the sweating is much more normal.
    Date published: 2012-05-15
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Definite Game Changer I have two of my lesson horses on OneAC powder. With out it they are not able to function. When Bailey and Charm stopped sweating in the middle of the hot south Texas summer it was alarming. After a starting them on this product the are back to normal and making many of my students happy every day!We can't live with out it!
    Date published: 2012-04-29
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from
    Date published: 2012-03-08
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Life saver! We started my TB gelding on this after we suddenly found out he had bad anhidrosis after we got him this past summer. He used to never sweat AT ALL and would have to be put in a stall filled with fans and even be sprayed off during our hot summer days. About 5 months later he is a sweating machine! I believe this supplement has truly helped and has saved a ton of stress!
    Date published: 2012-01-19
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome. My horse generally refuses to eat powders of any kind, however he (usually) eats his One AC without a problem. I've only found it in the bottom of his dish a couple of times. He has started sweating again and I'm so happy to have my boy back!
    Date published: 2012-01-17
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Would not use any other product One Ac for horses with anhidrosis, just plain works!My miniature horse has been on this supplement for the last 9 years. He has not had any symptoms since starting One Ac and what a relief! I highly recommend this product.
    Date published: 2012-01-17
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