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SmartPak ColiCare Program
Terms & Conditions

PROGRAM BENEFITS: Horses enrolled in and in compliance with the SmartPak ColiCare Program ("Eligible Horses") will be eligible for reimbursement from SmartPak Equine, LLC ("SmartPak") for up to $7,500 for colic surgery assistance fees ("Surgical Reimbursement").

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: To be an Eligible Horse, a horse must be accepted into the SmartPak ColiCare Program. To be accepted, the horse's owner must have completed the SmartPak ColiCare Program Enrollment Form and have received confirmation that the horse has been accepted into the ColiCare Program ("Official Enrollment Notification") - see Program Requirements below.

To be an Eligible Horse, a horse must reside in the United States and be under the direct care of a licensed veterinarian ("Attending Veterinarian"). An Eligible Horse must be at least five months of age (and fully weaned).

A horse is not eligible for enrollment if it has had:

  1. Previous colic/abdominal surgery - defined as any previous surgical procedure to a horse's abdomen;
  2. History of chronic colic - defined as a horse experiencing three or more episodes of veterinarian-attended colic within any twelve month period; or
  3. Experienced colic in the twelve months prior to applying - defined as any veterinarian-attended colic episode, regardless of whether the veterinarian treated the horse.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: An Eligible Horse must meet the following Program Requirements to be in compliance with the ColiCare program and eligible for Surgical Reimbursement:

  1. Daily administration of the maintenance dose (defined in table below) of SmartDigest Ultra, SmartDigest Ultra Pellets, SmartGI Ultra Pellets, SmartCombo Ultra Pellets, SmartCombo Senior Ultra Pellets, SmartCombo Ultimate Pellets, or SmartR&R Pellets ("ColiCare-Eligible Products") in the SmartPak supplement feeding system ("SmartPaks") for a minimum of twenty-eight consecutive calendar days (defined as a minimum of twenty-eight days from the shipment date) after acceptance, provided that:
    1. horses must have their SmartPak with an eligible dose of a ColiCare-Eligible Product ship within twenty-eight calendar days of applying for the ColiCare program.
  2. Documentation of at least one physical examination by Attending Veterinarian each year and compliance with all of Attending Veterinarian's recommendations (both as a result of any physical examinations or other recommendations of Attending Veterinarian),
  3. Documentation of at least one dental examination by Attending Veterinarian each year and administration of dental treatment(s) as recommended by such examination,
  4. Documentation of annual vaccinations administered by Attending Veterinarian of core vaccinations - such as those recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP): Tetanus, EEE/WEE, WNV, and Rabies, as well as any additional vaccinations as recommended by such attending veterinarian, and
  5. Documentation of participation in a veterinarian-directed deworming program by the Attending Veterinarian that includes at least one fecal egg count test and at least two deworming administrations each year.

ColiCare Required Maintenance Dose (based on horse weight at time of application):

Product Name 500 lbs and under 501 lbs and over
SmartDigest Ultra 0.5 scoop (15 grams) 1 scoop (30 grams)
SmartDigest Ultra Pellets 0.5 scoop (30 grams) 1 scoop (60 grams)
SmartGI Ultra Pellets 1 scoop (50 grams) 2 scoops (100 grams)
SmartCombo Ultra Pellets 1 scoop (60 grams) 2 scoops (120 grams)
SmartCombo Senior Ultra Pellets 1 scoop (60 grams) 2 scoops (120 grams)
SmartCombo Ultimate Pellets 1 scoop (90 grams) 2 scoops (180 grams)
SmartR&R Pellets 1 scoop (60 grams) 2 scoops (120 grams)

REIMBURSEMENT: Surgical Reimbursement is limited to $7,500 over the lifetime of an Eligible Horse and is limited to Eligible Expenses incurred while a horse is an Eligible Horse. Any fees that exceed $7,500 are the sole responsibility of owner. Expenditures eligible for Surgical Reimbursement ("Eligible Expenses") are only those costs incurred for a surgical colic incident, namely

  1. Preoperative care incurred at a veterinary surgical facility,
  2. Surgery exclusive to the digestive tract incurred at a veterinary surgical facility, and
  3. Postoperative care incurred at a veterinary surgical facility.

To apply and receive Surgical Reimbursement, the horse owner must

  1. Have receipt of the Official Enrollment Notification,
  2. Have administered a ColiCare-Eligible Product at the maintenance dose in SmartPaks to the Eligible Horse for a minimum of twenty-eight days and for the entire time since acceptance,
  3. Notify SmartPak of surgery within fourteen days,
  4. Have Attending Veterinarian complete and send the ColiCare Program Compliance Affidavit to SmartPak, within fourteen days of the date of surgery,
  5. Have the veterinary surgical facility complete and send the Surgical Reimbursement Form within fourteen days of the date of surgery, and
  6. Have assumed responsibility for all costs associated with the colic surgery prior to submission and approval of documentation for reimbursement from SmartPak.

LIMITED LIABILITY: SmartPak assumes no responsibility or liability for the rendering of services or products not under SmartPak's control. Compliance with the terms of this agreement does not constitute a guarantee that an Eligible Horse will not colic.

This program is not intended to be a substitute for insurance coverage. Compliance with the terms of the ColiCare Program does not constitute an insurance policy.

TERMINATION: SmartPak may revise or cancel this program upon ninety (90) days notification to owners of Eligible Horses, at the end of such period all benefits under the ColiCare Program will end. Notification may be by any method used by SmartPak to routinely communicate with the owners of Eligible Horses. SmartPak reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any horse, horse owner, veterinarian, or veterinary surgeon from the program.

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