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Why I Love Back on Track Products

Posted on: August 11, 2023 by Katrina Clark
Liver chestnut horse wearing black Back on Track Mesh Sheet in green pasture

I admit that I am a huge fan of Back on Track products. When I sat down to write this, however, and discovered how many Back on Track products I actually own, I realized I’m more than just a big fan; I’m rather obsessed!

My obsession with these products started about 13 years ago when I was a member of our wonderful Customer Care Team and Back on Track’s development team came to the office to do a training with us. At the time, my Quarter Horse gelding DJ had a lot of tenderness in his back, and after learning how Back on Track’s products use infrared thermal heat to help with inflammation, I bought one of their saddle pads to use on him and remember how much we both loved it! When I rode him in that pad, he seemed to feel much freer in his back.

After realizing how much DJ’s movement improved with that saddle pad, I immediately wanted to invest in some of the company’s human products. I purchased the Back on Track Fleece Throw as well as their Knee Brace and the Back on Track Long Baselayer Shirt, which all exceeded my expectations. I use the fleece throw on my back, and the Welltex ceramic-infused fabric definitely generated warmth to help relax tight muscles. I also more recently used it (and currently still am!) after having major foot surgery. I have a significant amount of scar tissue due to the surgery, so I wrap the throw around my foot to help generate warmth and improve circulation.

Bay horse with star and faint stripe wearing Back on Track Western Saddle Pad and Splint Boots

In 2018, after not owning a horse for a few years, we bought a Quarter Horse for my daughter. Baylee was an older mare and was tense in her back. I immediately remembered how well the saddle pad helped my previous horse years ago, so I bought the Back On Track Saddle Pad for my daughter’s hunt seat saddle and the Back On Track Western Pad for when she rode in her Western saddle. (With the Western saddle, we used the Back On Track pad under a thicker pad since it’s relatively thin.)

Baylee really seemed to be less tense in her back when using the Back on Track pads in comparison to regular saddle pads. We also used the Back on Track Splint Boots on her to provide her with additional support since she was older. I knew the infrared thermal heat technology could help alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, so I figured the boots might help if she had any joint pain.

Bay horse lying down in stall while wearing Back on Track Mesh Sheet

In 2020, we purchased a new Quarter Horse named Finn, who had a long back and seemed tender through his back as well. Of course, I got him the Back On Track Saddle Pad, which provided the same excellent results as it had in the past with my other horses. He seems less tense and more relaxed through his back when using it. I feel so confident in the benefits of Back on Track’s products that we’ve added the Back On Track Mesh Sheet as part of our routine care at horse shows. At most of the shows we attend, Finn not only has long days of horse showing, but the stall floors are typically concrete and regardless of the amount of shavings added, there isn’t much cushion between the shavings and the concrete floor.

After Finn is done showing for the day, we put liniment on his legs and wrap them with the SmartPak Foam Padded No Bows, and then I outfit him in the Back on Track Mesh Sheet for at least a few hours. (Depending on the weather, we sometimes switch over to something with more warmth for the night.) We continue to use the Back On Track Mesh Sheet throughout the show and even after we get home, because a week of standing on concrete can take its toll on his joints. But with the added support of the mesh sheet, he appears to do very well!

Young girl sitting on bay horse wearing Back on Track Saddle Pad

Since I’ve trusted Back on Track products for myself and my horses for a number of years now, I didn’t second guess which helmet to purchase for my young daughter when she started riding more frequently.

After learning about the new MIPS technology that Back On Track incorporated into their helmet brand Trauma Void, I felt confident that this would be a great option, so I bought her the Trauma Void EQ3 Smooth Shell Helmet. The helmet has held up well over the years and it looks great on her. Plus, as a parent, I have the added peace of mind knowing her helmet has the MIPS technology in case of a fall.

Back on Track products have really been a great addition in supporting me, my horse, and my daughter—both at home on a daily basis and also at horse shows!