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We Get You Because We Are You

Posted on: August 31, 2023 by SmartPak

At SmartPak, something we say a lot (besides, "hey is that a dog in your Zoom background?") is "we get you because we are you," and it's true. We're a bunch of horse-crazy kids who grew up to become rider-focused SmartPakers. And we pinch ourselves every day that we get to come to work at a place where some of our best customers just so happen to be ponies. We love getting to talk to our customers and fellow riders about their horses, but we also wanted to introduce you to ours!

So what makes us so similar to you? Read on about a few of our awesome Customer Care Team Members and find out!

SmartPaker Jess R.

Riding for: +35 years

SmartPaker for: 4 years

What Jess loves about Max: "Max is a lovable goofball who’s always got his nose into everything! He’s also got the biggest heart, and we have a blast together eating up cross country."

What Jess loves about SmartPak: "I love working on Customer Care supporting our customers because we all share the same passion and love for our horses. SmartPak has the most supportive, compassionate, smart team of great folks, and I’m so grateful and proud to say that I work for this awesome company."

SmartPaker Linda

Riding for: +40 years

SmartPaker for: 7 years

What Linda loves about Lucky: "After not riding for 20 years, due to raising 3 children, I decided to start riding again. Though I was very nervous about buying a 4-year-old, since Lucky was already a seasoned Reiner, he was totally broke. He took care of me with every ride. Now, seven years later, he is still my babysitter. Lucky has personality plus and is so versatile. He is an amazing show horse, trail horse, and is my steady-eddy!"

What Linda loves about SmartPak: "I have used SmartPaks since their inception! I was a large show stable owner and all of our boarders and my daughters’ horses were on SmartPaks. The convenience is number one! With taking care of 30 plus horses, it is the ONLY way to be sure that each horse is receiving exactly the correct supplement in exactly the correct dose!"

SmartPaker Abby

Riding for: 17 years

SmartPaker for: 1 year

What Abby loves about Steve: "Steve has an absolute puppy dog personality(including the kisses!) and is just an absolute pleasure to ride. Anyone can ride him and he will keep them safe."

What Abby loves about SmartPak: "All of our customers are so sweet to work with and I love the SmartPak atmosphere! Steve has done wonderful on all of the amazing supplements we offer and I couldn’t ask for anything better for my heart horse."

SmartPaker Alana

Riding for: +20 years

SmartPaker for: 3 years

What Alana loves about Memphis: "Memphis was a completely unexpected, life-changing gift from my grandmother. She bought him for me right after I graduated from college when I was going through a difficult time. If I’d had the opportunity to build my unicorn from the hoof up, she could not have found a more perfect horse for me. It just felt like our souls somehow matched. During every moment I spent with that horse—whether flying over a fence together or grazing on a lazy day—the chaos of life was replaced by some surreal sense of calm. It was just me and my Memphis, equally depending on each other."

What Alana loves about SmartPak: "It absolutely makes my day when I share a great connection with a customer. I feel so honored when customers are willing to share their horse stories and experiences with me. There’s just something magical about the experience of sharing that deep-rooted bond through the love and passion we feel toward our horses."

SmartPaker Christie

Riding for: +20 years

SmartPaker for: 1 year

What Christie loves about Penny: "Penny is absolutely perfect in every way, and she knows it! She is smart as a whip and always two steps ahead. She loves a good challenge! Anything beneath her skill level she believes to be a waste of time. She and I have been best friends for the last 12 or so years. It is truly an honor to be her person."

What Christie loves about SmartPak: "I love our SmartPak team so much! Everyone is helpful and always nonjudgmental. It’s so nice to work with such a lovely group of horse-minded people!"

SmartPaker Brigid

Riding for: +20 years

SmartPaker for: 3 years

What Brigid loves about Warren: "Warren has been in my life since I was 16 years old and has guided me through everything – both in riding and in life. I have experienced the highest highs and lowest lows with him but regardless of what we’ve experienced together, he’s always been a constant part of my life and has continued teaching me every day. I have learned to event on him; we have experienced pony club championships together; we have learned to foxhunt together; he has traveled up and down the east coast with me; he has been my buddy and best friend when I’ve needed him most. He’s the greatest partner I could ask for which is why he is the absolute most special guy."

What Brigid loves about SmartPak: "The thing I love most about our customers and our team at SmartPak is that almost everyone I talk to has a similar story to me and Warren in the sense that it is such a unique partnership. We all seem to have that horse that is so special just to us and nobody else, and I love hearing those stories. My horse Warren is special to me because of what the two of us have experienced together and no one else; I wouldn’t expect anyone else to think Warren is as special as I think he is. I love hearing all the special partnerships and stories that everyone at SmartPak and all our customers also have that makes their love of horses so individual and unique."

SmartPaker Ellen

Riding for: +20 years

SmartPaker for: 15 years

What Ellen loves about Nemo: "I love that Nemo is so kind-hearted. He and I completely trust each other, and he’s always game for a new adventure or riding endeavor. He’s the sweetest, 1150lb overgrown black lab puppy."

What Ellen loves about SmartPak: "I love that I genuinely work with some of my closest life-long friends at SmartPak and on Customer Care. I also love that we all share the same vision as our customers, to take the best care of our horses, and that we can all connect with that same passion for our horses and pups."

SmartPaker Sara

Riding for: +40 years

SmartPaker for: 6 years

What Sara loves about Waco: "Waco is just a laid-back country guy who looks like a 4x4 truck, but rides like a prima ballerina. I wish I could meet whoever broke him and offer them my undying devotion! He is the chilliest, best-broke dude I’ve ever had."

What Sara loves about SmartPak: "SmartPak is a company that actually cares about its customers and employees. 'We get you because we are you' is not just a saying, but a way of life!  When we ask, “How are you and your horses?”  we really want to know; the empathy and understanding is palpable!"

SmartPaker Haley

Riding for: 10 years

SmartPaker for: 1 year

What Haley loves about Jackson: "Jackson is SO sweet. He is like my 4th dog. He constantly wants to snuggle and he will give big lick kisses on your face if you kiss him on his nose."

What Haley loves about SmartPak: "We are all so passionate about our customers and their horses. We are all so curious and are always looking to learn new things, so we can do what is best for our customers and their horses. Most importantly, we are all supportive and kind, so we help each other or our customers when in need!"

SmartPaker Jess D.

Riding for: +30 years

SmartPaker for: 15 years

What Jess loves about Lily: "Lily is a talented little trail horse who is always game to go explore new trails and adventure around the forests of southeast, MA where we live. She’s brave and bold (unless there are cows) and has been the easiest and sweetest horse to train and work with. She is worth her weight in gold!"

What Jess loves about SmartPak: "After 15 years on the Customer Care Team, I have been so lucky to work with amazing human beings who care about horses with the same passion that I do. We live and breathe helping our amazing customers support their horses, and I am proud to have been able to help so many fellow equestrians take such great care of their equine partners."

SmartPaker Hannah

Riding for: +20 years

SmartPaker for: 1 year

What Hannah loves about Lucia: "Lucia is super fun and playful. She has a huge personality and is not afraid to show it. She loves her stuffed lamb and takes it everywhere with her (I have a few extras on hand just in case something happens to the current one haha). She loves our Probios Soft Chews too!

What Hannah loves about SmartPak: "I love our customers and SmartPak; we are one. We all have compassion and care deeply for our equine and canine companions. This is also a unique opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills. The conversations I have with the entire SmartPak team, and our customers have allowed me to grow as an equestrian and person!"

SmartPaker Megan

Riding for: +20 years

SmartPaker for: 2 years

What Megan loves about Walle: "Walle is the epitome of perfection. He’s adorable, sweet as the day is long, but has the greatest sense of humor of any animal I’ve ever known. He will run away and take you with him and stop when he’s good and done (luckily he’s not really full of stamina)."

What Megan loves about SmartPak: "I love that our Customer Care Team is full of great horse people. Even though we’re all spread across the country, we still have great friendships within the team and a stellar sense of humor. Plus, we get to talk about horses all day!"

SmartPaker Lyn

Riding for: +30 years

SmartPaker for: 12 years

What Lyn loves about Bob: "Bob is special because we rescued him as a young feral cat. He was living a tough life on the streets, and was scared of everything. We very slowly earned his trust, and eventually he became the snuggly spoiled indoor cat he is today!"

What Lyn loves about SmartPak: "And of the many, many things I love about SmartPak, our Customers and Customer Care team have my heart. I’m honored every day to work with such a great team, and to support each of you, the incredible people who trust us with their horses."

SmartPaker Shannon

Riding for: +20 years

SmartPaker for: 7 years

What Shannon loves about Athena: "Athena is the sweetest dog. She just wants to be everyone’s best friend and loves to spend time with you. I’m very thankful she’s always so happy and doing goofy things to make me laugh, it’s impossible to have a bad day with her around!"

What Shannon loves about SmartPak: "My role at SmartPak requires me to solve a myriad of problems, and I’m always very thankful our customers trust us to make everything right for them and their friends in the barn. No day is ever the same and it’s always a great ride, even if it starts out with some lost boots or the wrong saddle pad."

SmartPaker Tanner

Riding for: +20 years

SmartPaker for: 2 years

What Tanner loves about Regal: "Regal was the first horse I bought, and he has taught me so much (even quite a bit about nose jobs 😊)! He has truly transformed me into the rider I am today. Regal has the biggest personality and is sure to let you know all of his thoughts and opinions!"

What Tanner loves about SmartPak: "SmartPak’s culture is unlike anything else! And to find a team that is equally as passionate about the equine industry as our customers are, is honestly incredible.  The energy, kindness, and desire to serve brought out by SmartPak’s unique culture allows the Customer Care Team to deeply connect with our remarkable customers to build lasting relationships!"

SmartPaker Jen

Riding for: 16 years

SmartPaker for: 1 year

What Jen loves about Deva: "Deva is my first horse and she's my heart horse.  She was rescue, and it was love at first sight! Most days I'm not sure who rescued whom to be honest!"

What Jen loves about SmartPak: "I love that SmartPak truly is made up of people who love horses, it's an extension of my horse community. There's so much support and knowledge that is shared freely, and there is never a feeling of being judged. We all really meet each other as fellow horse lovers!"

SmartPaker Stef

Riding for: +30 years

SmartPaker for: 14 years

What Stef loves about SmartPak: "What I love most is just being able to connect with fellow horse-lovers all across the country and being able to talk about horses and ponies all day."