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Tackling Goose's Summer Allergies

Posted on: August 19, 2023 by Ellen Brunelle
Brown and white cattle dog sitting on green plants

Late summer is in full swing here in Massachusetts, and the weather is perfect for adventures with my cattle dog Goose. With these activities comes my regular challenge of making sure to help support him during his summer allergy season. I’ve found that he has some ongoing food allergies to be careful about, as well as some environmental allergies specific to summer weather. Through working with my wonderful veterinarian, I’ve been able to come up with a perfect plan to keep Goose happy, healthy, and ready to tackle any exciting adventure that comes our way during his allergy season.

Wellness kibble product shot

To start, Goose has some food allergies that can be a little bit tricky. His main allergens are beef, pork, corn, and alfalfa. To help make sure I’m giving him all the kibble nutrients he needs, while also balancing his allergy needs, I choose Wellness Simple Food Solutions in the salmon formula for his meals. I love that this is a limited-ingredient food with a single source of protein— salmon. It’s done a wonderful job keeping his skin from being itchy, and he loves the taste of it as well. A win-win for sure!

Next, once his main kibble plan was sorted out to address his regular, ongoing allergies, I addressed Goose’s supplement program to make sure I was supporting his environmental allergies. The main allergy that comes up for him is ragweed, which pops up during late summer in Massachusetts. I like to use SmartCanine Allergy Soft Chews because they contain a great group of antioxidants including turmeric, spirulina, and vitamins C and E to support his immune system, as well as adaptogenic herbs like astragalus and Siberian ginseng to help support a normal immune response for him. The omega-3 fatty acids in these chews also help support a normal response to inflammation and knowing that the digestive system is so closely related to the immune system, I’m glad it contains Diamond V Yeast* to aid in normal digestion.

Brown and white cattle dog Goose hiking on sandy trail with grass and water in background

Goose weighs about 45 pounds, so he gets two chews a day and thinks they’re the tastiest treat ever to have along with his dinner. I use this supplement seasonally because Goose’s allergies are specific to New England summers, but it’s perfect for year-round use for dogs who have more of a regular, ongoing environmental allergy.

I also like to address Goose’s environmental allergies externally, too. I do my best to avoid taking him for walks or hikes where ragweed is present as much as possible. I’m also lucky to live near the ocean and have found that for Goose jumping in the saltwater does a great job washing away any dander that could cause itchiness. In addition to our occasional beach visits, I always carry the Shires Digby & Fox Towel Glove in my truck.

True to his cattle dog breed, Goose is always curious about his surroundings, has a loveable mischievous streak, and loves rolling anywhere he can—which this time of year tends to be tall grass or areas with hay. I know rolling makes him very happy to get all his itches and scratches. After he’s done, I dampen this towel glove and give him a quick wipe down. I find this helps to also remove any dander, pollen, or similar environmental allergens that may bother him. It’s also great for between baths, as I never want to overdo Goose’s bathing routine and dry his skin out.

Brown and white cattle dog Goose rolling on back to itch

Finally, when it’s time for a bath, I like to use the Equiderma Barn Dog Neem Shampoo for Goose. It discourages fleas and ticks without any harsh chemicals and helps promote healthy, shiny, problem-free skin and coat. As a bonus, it helps remove stinky pup odors, including skunk smells. That’s a big win for Goose, who is known for his mischievous and curious adventures. I also find that the natural ingredients including chamomile, neem leaf, and arnica help sooth his itches and keep him feeling content.

I love knowing that this multi-angled approach to tackling Goose’s summer allergies makes him happy, healthy, and feeling his best. He’s always ready for something new, and I can’t wait to see what future adventures with him bring!

*Since posting this blog, Diamond V Yeast has been changed to DVEquine™ Postbiotic.

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