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SmartPak Winter Wishlist

Posted on: November 29, 2023 by Erika Little

The cold weather is upon us which means the winter wardrobe is coming out of retirement and new fashions are here! Every year around this time I make a wish list of items that I want to try out for myself and my horses.

Currently I own two horses, Rolex who is my 23-year-old Arabian x Quarter Horse gelding and Lucy my 11-year-old Quarter Horse mare. Whenever I make a wish list, I have to keep them in mind but my wish list has even been helpful in years past to figure out gifts, too! Here's the five things I've got on my list for myself and for my family and friends.

  1. Heritage Winter Work Gloves (Item # 22057) -- This year I’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of gloves. I’ve used other gloves in the past that are similar to this glove, but they are not quite as practical as these. I love that these are both leather and fabric, this makes it more breathable for your hands. Also, the fact that the leather is also apart of the glove is what takes these gloves to the next level for me. I think I have a better feel for items with a leather glove and it makes things easier to handle without feeling bulky on my hand. These gloves also have a zippered pocket at the top of the gloves so you can put a hand warmer in it to keep your hands that much warmer, these will for sure be stocking stuffers for all my barn friends and family this year!

  2. Ada Waterproof Winter Work Boot by SmartPak (Item # 35756) -- With the cold weather just around the corner I’m always looking for warmer footwear. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my cowboy boots and warm socks are always great but with slushy elements and even snow my cowboy boots do not cut it. What draws me to this boot is that it is waterproof, but it still looks and wears like a western boot. I love that you can slip it on and go! Plus, with an added bonus is the 200g of 3M Thinsulate, can you say cozy?!
  3. Adjustable Rug Rail (Item # 18321) -- This item probably should just go to the top of my winter wish list! I think this adjustable blanket rail is genius. At my barn the aisle is on the slimmer side and therefore there aren’t any blanket bars on the stalls. However, in the winter it would be helpful to have a blanket bar because of the variety of weights of blankets that I have for my horses. I think it is great with this product you’re able to have the blanket bar on your stall door but not have to commit to it being there year-round! While I see why a blanket bar is useful year-round some barns are unable to accommodate that with space. Another thing I thought of was to take this to shows (if you are traveling to shows and have a stall at said shoe), the opportunities with this product seem to be endless!

  4. SmartTherapy Thermobalance Softshell Jacket (Item # 35570) -- I’m a total sucker for a softshell jacket! I think they dress up any casual outfit and the material is always a dream for unpredictable weather. In New England you can leave your house in the morning thinking it’s going to be brisk yet sunny all day to get 20 minutes down the road and encounter torrential downpour that then decides hours later to turn in to a snowstorm. I know that may sound far fetched but Mother Nature is constantly keeping us on our toes so with a softshell jacket and especially this one I’m always looking to keep myself looking good yet warm at the same time. I also need something that can be water resistant just in case the weather is not as planned for the day. The ceramic fibers that are built into this jacket reflect your body heat back on to you, thus keeping you nice and toasty while supporting faster muscle recovery. I may have to print a picture of this jacket out and “conveniently” slip it under my husband’s pillow, so he has an idea of what to get me for the holidays.

  5. Jolly Hay Ball (Item # 36178) -- Winter weather sometimes brings more inside stall time for horses. My horses are lucky enough to only be locked indoors when there is inclement weather such as blizzards and extremely cold temperatures. I came across the Jolly Hay Ball and this is something I know would be on my horses wish list if they were able to type/write one out themselves! This would not only keep them entertained for hours but it would also encourage slow feeding of hay and treats. This is a must buy!

I love looking at new items that pop on to the SmartPak website especially this time of year. It’s a great way to find items to gift loved ones but also do a little window shopping for myself. These are only five items on my winter wish list this year and it’s not even December yet…my wallet should grow legs and hide! What are some items you’ve been eying this year and are on your winter wish list?