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SmartPak Says Thank You to Essential Equine Professionals

Posted on: May 14, 2020 by SmartPak

Here at SmartPak our mission has always been healthy horses and happy riders, but we couldn’t do what we do if it weren’t for all of the incredible professionals in the barns. If you want to show your appreciation to the hard-working folks in your horse’s life while still social distancing, why not send them a SmartPak Gift Card? You can send them right to an email inbox so it’s a perfect no-contact way to say thanks!

“I just wanted to say thank you to Stella, Laura, Kasi, Nikki, and all the wonderful barn staff! I am so grateful for everything that you do especially during these crazy times. I find comfort in knowing that Val is in great hands! Thank you! Ya’ll are amazing! We love you!”
-SmartPaker Alyssa and Val


“There are so many to thank (which I’m thankful for in itself!). Thank you, Kara, for all of the hours spent making sure that my horse Baylee is always well cared for, not just now but always. Thank you for your help with Annalea and for keeping us sane during these times! Rylee, thank you for keeping Baylee looking good and prepared for any unexpected mirrors, flower boxes, or shadows! Thank you, Marcy and Sonya, for everything that you do. A heartfelt thank you to Kara, Johanna, Vicki, and John for always being so good to us and treating us like family, and for caring for our horses just like they are your own. Thank you to my farrier, Alex, for always showing up for Baylee. Lastly, thank you to Liliana, Rylee, and Eliza for your endless laughter and smiles – it’s contagious!”
-SmartPaker Katrina and Baylee


“I am thankful for my barn manager, Robin for always treating every horse like her own and for always providing top-quality care that is truly priceless. She helps me become a better horsewoman every time I’m at the barn!”
– SmartPaker Sophie, Phoebe, and Teddy


“I hit the jackpot when it comes to Freckles’ care! Our barn owner/manager/caretaker/lady with the food/trainer/knower of all things/answerer of all the questions, Tammy never gets a day off of feeding horses and cleaning stalls and we can’t thank her enough. I can always rest assured knowing Freckles is in her care. Also a huge thank you to the rest of our team for keeping my Freckled ball of joy going strong in his senior years; our wonderful chiropractor/acupuncturist Dr. Megan, our awesome vet Dr. Kendyl & extremely talented and keyword ‘patient’ farrier Ernie!”
-SmartPaker Al and Freckles


“I would like to thank Dr. Kendyl, Dr. Currid, Mr. Saccocia, Mr. Gallagher, along with Lynnette and family for taking the best care of my girl during this crazy time. I know she’s in excellent hands!”
-SmartPaker Tamika and JP


“I’m so grateful for the barn owner and my trainer Megan. Her meticulous attention to detail with the care of all of the horses at the farm leaves me with the ultimate peace of mind during this crazy time. I also want to recognize the hard work of everyone on the team who is keeping the animals we love so much safe – Thank you for everything you do!!”
– SmartPaker Kelcie and Quest


“I am so thankful for my barn owner, Alex, and manager/trainers, Bill and Roger, and all the barn staff for taking such great care of my horse, Storm, and the other 40 horses that reside there.  They have done an amazing job keeping our horses healthy, happy and safe, during the COVID-19 crisis. During this crazy time, my horse’s well-being is one less thing I have to worry about because I know they are very well taken care of at this farm.”
-SmartPaker Brenda and Storm


“Thank you to my barn owner, Nicole, for caring for Comet and keeping my mind at ease during these crazy times. I commend you for how you have handled things during this uncertainty and always keeping horse and rider safety as your top priority. Thank you for texting me photos and updates throughout the day and keeping my “helicopter mom” tendencies in check! Thank you for managing exercise and grooming schedule’s now, on top of normal barn duties to be sure Comet stay fit and ready to work. Cannot wait to be back to a buzzing and busy farm soon! Thanks again for all you do!”
-SmartPaker Kayleigh and Comet


“I wanted to say a big thank you to all of the staff and trainers at my barn and all of the barns out there for taking incredible care of our horses while we can’t get their right now. Knowing that my horses are in such great hands definitely gives me peace of mind during this difficult time. The frequent updates, pictures, and FaceTime sessions help more than you know! An endless thank you to my trainers, Tommy and Renise for keeping the horses in tip-top shape and to Amy and Jesus for the incredible care! I can’t thank you all enough for everything you’ve done and continue to do.”
-SmartPaker Danielle, Indy, and Loki


“I would like to thank my barn manager Alyssa. She goes above and beyond every day, even when I can’t currently be out at the barn to see Lucky. I can’t thank her enough!”
-SmartPaker Linda and Lucky


“I want to thank my barn manager/owner Ashley as she has kept us all going and positive and upbeat through all of this while loving each horse at her barn more than ever. Thanks also to my farrier Tory for always making it out to make sure we have great feet and my vet Ashley for social distancing but continuing to provide the best care for all the horses in the area. They are heroes to me!”
-SmartPaker Riley, Haven and Mariah