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Riding is for Everybody and Every Body 2022

Posted on: September 01, 2022 by SmartPak

Back for a second year, the SmartPak Team an incredible time working with real riders– both SmartPakers and SmartPak customers– in our studio to rock some of our products. These riders live and ride locally to our SmartPak office but came with a wide variety of backgrounds in the horse world.

Getting to know our fellow riders and share their images and stories is one of our favorite projects and messages to share. No matter your age, race, sexuality or breech size, we hope you get to enjoy a great ride today!

Meet the Riders!

Name: Samantha Fisher
SmartPak: Fan & Customer
Height: 5′ 5

Saddle Time: +30 Years
Favorite SmartPak Product: “My horse loves the treats and the diverse selection of flavors!”

Name: Al McConnell
SmartPak: Employee, Merchandising
Height: 5′ 10

Saddle Time: +20 Years
Favorite SmartPak Product: “Hadley Curvy Breeches – They fit! They stay up! They allow me to move! The silicone grip is not restricting and the extra wide waistband offers support and coverage.”

Name: Allie Edwards
SmartPak: Fan & Customer
Height: 4′ 8

Saddle Time: My whole life!
Favorite SmartPak Product: “We like everything at SmartPak!”

Name: Tamika Sheffield
SmartPak: Employee, Customer Care
Height: 5′ 4

Saddle Time: +20 Years
Favorite SmartPak Product: “Piper & Hadley Sun Shirts – I wear them all the time because I don’t like reapplying sunscreen. They save my skin from burning in the summer and work well as a moisture wicking layer in the cooler months since I’m such a warm person.”

Name: Genevieve Hickey
SmartPak: Fan & Customer
Height: 5′ 7

Saddle Time: 8 Years
Favorite SmartPak Product: “The SmartPak system is my favorite thing because I can trust my horse is getting his supplements every day at maximum potency.”

Name: Jody Johnson
SmartPak: Fan & Customer
Height: 5′ 2

Saddle Time: +25 Years
Favorite SmartPak Product: “That’s a tough one! SmartPak always has the latest apparel. They have beautiful modern prints.”

We at SmartPak extend our thanks, our appreciation, and our support for all the riders in our community. Your passion, your feedback, and overall, your love of horses and riding inspire us every day.

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