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Prepping my Goose for Spring

Posted on: May 04, 2024 by Ellen Brunelle

It’s finally officially spring in Massachusetts! The days are getting warmer, the leaves on the trees are budding, and my little cattle dog friend Goose is very ready for lots of outdoor adventures. Spring tends to bring a new challenge for Goose and he struggles with some seasonal outdoor allergies.

This is how I prepare him to feel his best, and get as many outdoor adventures as possible in, while dealing with spring allergy struggles.

To start, I make sure to have a thoughtful conversation with my veterinarian each spring, during Goose’s yearly wellness and vaccination appointment. I make sure to discuss his diet, supplement program, as well as any suggestions they recommend for additional support. For Goose, his allergies are mostly environmental, with a small handful being food related. With that, I make sure to avoid any kibble that contains beef, pork, corn, soy, alfalfa, or rice. While this would appear to be tricky, I love that SmartPak carries Wellness Simple Food solutions kibbles. Goose loves his Wellness Simple Food Solutions - Salmon & Potato Recipe Formula. It keeps him feeling his best and keeps his itchy skin and coat soft and healthy.

When Goose’s environmental allergies are spiking, mostly from pollen and other outdoor allergens, I also add a little bit of APF for Pets into his meals. This product contains Eleutherococcus senticosus, Schizandra chinensis, Rhodiola rosea, Echinopanax elatus, and I find that using it daily when his allergies peak (typically late April to early July) really helps support his immune system. It’s also very easy to give him. I just add 8-9 drops into his kibble at night, 2 drops per 10lbs of body weight, and then pour a little chicken broth on top of it.

Finally, when Goose is dealing with allergies, his belly tends to get very itchy and pink. I love using Equiderma Barn Dog Skin Lotion for him when this happens. It’s so soothing for him and has a lavender essential oil scent that is very relaxing. I also love that using this while giving him his belly rubs helps him relax and feel better.

I’ve found that this comprehensive approach helps keep Goose feeling his best during his springtime allergy peaks and keeps us both out on the trails or on our walks adventuring together. I’m very much looking to spring and summer adventures with my best buddy Goose this year!