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Peek in my Tack Trunk: Adriana F.

Posted on: January 13, 2021 by Adriana LaFave

I don’t own a true tack trunk although growing up I always admired the ones in the tack room at the barn. Now, I have a few tack tubs. I keep one at the barn to store my commonly used or in-season bulkier items for Finley and I have a couple (let’s not get too specific) at home to store not-in-season, back-up or infrequently used supplies. It’s cold-weather season here in Massachusetts and here’s a look inside my tack tub at the barn right now.


Back on Track Mesh Sheet

I’ve been using a BOT mesh sheet on Finley for quite a few years and I’m a huge fan. As the temperature has dropped here in New England, I’m trying especially hard to get to the barn early enough before I ride to throw this on Finley for at least 30 minutes. To me, the warming “magic” of the fabric does seem to help get Finley’s body ready for our rides together. Although relatively lightweight, the mesh sheet still does its job even in the cold weather of mid-winter so it tends to stay in my tub all year.


SmartPak Fleece Quarter Sheet 

Finley is clipped this winter, so we’re using this quarter sheet every ride. The SmartPak Fleece Quarter Sheet performs exactly the way I need and want it to, while also being economical. I love that the fleece is anti-pill as, with so much use, I have been washing it pretty regularly. I tend to use this over my legs (no reason I can’t be a little warmer either!) and the sheet stays very secure regardless of what we’re working on. And with a price of less than $50, it’s a great value which may be my favorite part!


Tough®1 Soft Fleece Square Cooler

I really like using a square fleece cooler on Finley after our rides. He doesn’t get a super thick winter coat and throwing this on him as I start to untack him in the cold weather really does a great job of helping him cool down and dry off before he gets re-blanketed. While this fleece may seem pretty basic, it tends to be an unsung hero for its speedy moisture wicking without the added bulk that you get with heavier wool coolers.  Added bonus, it comes in some fun colors!


TrueBlue Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

I always keep a box of disposable gloves like these in my tack tub. I use them to apply ointments, gels and poultices as well as for slightly less pleasant tasks like cleaning a sheath or removing the manure out of someone’s corner feeder. I’m always happy to have these on hand when I need them, and I highly recommend having a box handy for those messier jobs around the barn.


Lettia COOLMAX® No Bow Wraps & Toklat Standing Bandages

Luckily, I don’t need these often but when I do, I’m always grateful I have a set (buried) at the bottom of my tub at the barn. I’ve had my Lettia COOLMAX wraps for many, many years and they still look like new out of the wash. I just ordered a new set of Toklat Standing Bandages (12’) as I had re-sewn the Velcro on my old standing wraps one too many times. So far, the Toklat wraps seem very durable although I’m hoping I don’t get frequent use out of them!


Hilton Herbals & Omega Nibblers® – Low Sugar & Starch

I always have a couple of types of treats stored in my tack tub for Finley. He’s a bit of an easy keeper so these days I have a pretty constant supply of both Hilton Herbals and Omega Nibblers- Low Sugar & Starch Apple flavor. I tend to give treats to Finley right before I leave the barn for the night, but both of these treats are sturdy enough that you can store a few in your pocket if that’s your preference. My favorite things about these treats are that Finley loves them and I can feel good about giving him a reward he wants that is also good for him.


I’m always interested in hearing other people’s must-have items in their tack trunks. Let me know some of your favorites that I might have missed. Most of all, have a great ride!

-SmartPaker Adriana