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Optimal Cosequin Maintenance Doses

Posted on: March 17, 2014 by Dr. Lydia Gray


My 23 year old gelding has been on Cosequin for approximately 10 years for documented pastern arthritis. He has also been diagnosed with “Cushings” for which he receives Pergolide. I have 2 questions regarding Cosequin: First, is there evidence that it can contribute to problems with Cushings? Second, I give him 2 scoops of Cosequin (1 teaspoon each scoop) daily (1 in the morning, one in the evening). Is there any benefit to giving it in divided doses or is giving it all at one time better? Thank you for any information.

Dear SM,
Thanks for these two questions. They are ones I get a lot. Since you asked about a specific product, Cosequin, I decided to let a representative from Nutramax Laboratories provide the answer:
“Cosequin has no known contraindications. It has been evaluated in two safety studies in horses, including a study in which Cosequin ASU was given at up to 5 times maintenance levels for 84 days. This level provided 36 g glucosamine daily. In both safety studies no adverse effects on blood sugar levels or any clinically significant effects on any biochemical parameter were seen. In a study with human diabetics who were well-controlled, no effects were noted on long-term blood glucose control or on diabetes management. It is, however, always recommended that any overall plan include a consultation with a veterinarian.
It is fine to administer 2 scoops in one feeding if that is more convenient. There is no known difference in benefit between dividing the amount into two administrations or giving all at once.”

I hope this relieves any worries you may have!