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A New Side of Me

Posted on: August 22, 2023 by Gina Fitch
Head shot of Gina Fitch and her horse Two Socks

If you asked me what type of riding I do I would say with passion that I am a Western trail rider through and through. I would say give me the freedom and adventure of hitting the trails and see what the day brings us! I find true peace and happiness out on those trails, and I love the moments when I can be one with my horse as we rely on each other for a safe and happy ride.

Along with my riding friends, I would always hit the trails in a comfy pair of jeans and some heeled boots. My closet was full of jeans to pick from, and I had a different pair for every day of the week—well to be honest, I have enough for 22 days straight, but who’s counting? Since this casual style of riding suits my personality, I never thought I would even consider wearing a pair of breeches.

But I was intrigued when SmartPak started offering denim breeches. I hesitated to purchase a pair, because I worried what my trail buddies would say and how I would see myself. It may have been a silly thought, but nevertheless it held me back from making that first purchase. I found myself staring daily at these breeches on SmartPak’s website and slowly working myself up to the fact that I was going to purchase my first pair and give them a go to see how I liked them. After all, I knew I could return any sized item for free, so there wasn’t any risk for me.

Goode Rider Equestrian Jean Full Seat Breech product shot

The first pair I broke down and purchased were the Goode Rider Equestrian Jean Full Seat Breech. I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort, flexibility, looks, and grip that these breeches offered me. I really liked them and could see myself getting used to these breeches. Knowing the collection of jeans that I have, you probably guessed that I couldn’t stop at just one pair.

My second pair of breeches were the Horze Tara High Waist Silicone Full Seat Breeches, which were not denim. I justified buying these because my saddle is black and the breeches are black, and they can look like black jeans, so why not try a pair? I loved them, too! First and foremost, I really liked the way these breeches fit. I have a long torso, so most shirts aren’t long enough for me when I wear mid- or low-rise jeans or breeches. But the high waist on these really helps keep my shirt tucked in, and I also love the back pockets.

My third pair were the Goode Rider Vogue Denim Full Seat Breech. I went back to denim breeches for good reason, as that’s what I’m most comfortable wearing. This pair didn’t disappoint either; they’re stylish and fun, while also being completely functional.

Horze Grand Prix Thermo Silicone Full Seat Breech product shot

My fourth pair was the Horze Grand Prix Thermo Silicone Full Seat Breeches; again, they weren’t denim, but because they were black, they were acceptable in my mind. These were great because I needed something to keep me warm in the winter. I didn’t think these would make much difference in the department of keeping me warmer, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to use these all winter long.

I now have a collection of full seat breeches, which include the LeMieux Denim Full Seat Breeches and the Romfh Claudia Denim Full Seat Breeches. Although I have far fewer pairs of breeches compared to my jeans’ collection, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. All those years I spent resisting experimenting with new items, I only missed out. But not anymore!

Horseback rider's view from the saddle trail riding with lake in background

It’s funny how things work out. Working at SmartPak and seeing their offerings opened my eyes, mind, and purse to wearing breeches. I now like to think of myself as a crossover rider who appreciates the fun, casual comfort of denim, the stretch of breeches, and the added grip of a silicon full seat.

I guess you could call me “westish”—I have a heart for Western with a flare of English. I know that’s a completely made-up word, but I think it suits me. Now when I think of myself, I see a new side of me. I appreciate that mixing styles is OK, especially if it benefits me, and I look and feel good doing it!