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My Must-Have Blanketing Accessories

Posted on: September 19, 2023 by Annina McMillan
Gray horse wearing black SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket product shot

Where did the summer go? With fall just around the corner, it’s already time to prep for colder temperatures! As someone who really loves the cooler weather fall brings, I am very much looking forward to bundling up and getting some cooler rides in. With chiller nights fast approaching, it’s time to bring out the blankets, especially if your horse is clipped. Depending on your horse, you may need more than a blanket or sheet to help keep him cozy during the fall and winter chill. Here are my favorite blanket accessories to have on hand throughout the season.

1. SmartWorks Blanket Wash

When taking blankets out of summer storage, I always make sure to have blanket wash on hand. I’ve found that the heat and humidity of summer can sometimes cause blankets to be a little musty, so they might need some freshening up. Since turnout blankets and sheets have a waterproofed exterior, it’s not advised to use just any laundry detergent. Cleaners that are too harsh can strip the waterproofing, which is not what we want for our turnout blankets!

This is why I love using SmartWorks Blanket Wash. It’s antibacterial and effective on stains but doesn’t damage the waterproofing. I also love that it’s designed to be used with cold water; this way, you can still use it even if you don't have access to hot water at your barn, and it saves on energy. This is the perfect wash anytime I need to clean my horse’s turnout blankets, whether they just came out of storage or need a cleaning during the blanketing season!

SmartPak Waterproofing Spray product shot

2. SmartWorks Blanket Waterproofing Spray

Besides making sure my horse’s blankets are nice and clean before the cooler temperatures arrive, another must is being able to re-waterproof them as needed! Especially at the beginning of blanketing season, after that first out-of-storage wash, I take the time to re-waterproof all my horse’s turnout blankets and sheets. The SmartWorks Blanket Waterproofing Spray is perfect for this!

It’s easy to use— after washing blankets and sheets with SmartWorks Blanket Wash, I liberally spray this product onto the clean fabric while it’s still damp. This is important because the spray works best when applied to a damp blanket or sheet. Then, you can just let it air dry. In the event a blanket is no longer waterproof midseason, having this on hand to re-waterproof after a quick wash is great!

3. SmartPak Deluxe Waffle Cooler

Similar to the point above, nothing is worse than finding out a turnout blanket is no longer waterproof after some rain on a chilly day! When this happens, I love throwing on the SmartPak Deluxe Waffle Cooler to get my Pinto gelding Titan dry, regardless of the season. It’s made from a very absorbent material and makes quick work of any moisture still in his coat. Especially if it’s chilly, having this cooler to throw on to get him as dry as possible gives me great peace of mind. Plus, it can be used as a layering option if it’s extra chilly.

Chestnut horse with white blaze wearing Ultimate WeatherShield Turnout Blanket

4. SmartPak Ultimate WeatherShield Neck Rug

For standard-neck blankets, you can’t go wrong with having a separate neck rug on hand. For extra chilly or wet nights, I love using a neck rug to give Titan extra protection! The no-fill SmartPak Ultimate WeatherShield Neck Rug perfectly matches his turnout sheet on rainy nights, while the 220-gram fill is perfect for extra warmth during the coldest winter snowstorms. The ability to add or remove the neck rug for extra protection is perfect for adjusting to weather changes. Titan really loves to be extra toasty warm during the winter, so the neck rug with his heavy blanket is a necessary feature! The Ultimate WeatherShield Neck Rug also has a special Teflon coating to make it incredibly waterproof and easy to brush mud off. Plus, it helps keep his neck clean as well! For the regular SmartPak Ultimate Blankets, there are also matching SmartPak Ultimate Neck Rugs.

5. SmartPak Deluxe Stall Front Blanket Storage Bag

Storage can be difficult during blanket season when you may need to swap out blankets or sheets depending on temperature changes. Having the SmartPak Deluxe Stall Front Blanket Storage Bag has been a game-changing blanket accessory! It helps with organization and keeping the barn aisle neat. This bag can hold two medium or heavyweight blankets and has external pockets for additional storage. These pockets are perfect for extra leg straps, tail cords, hoof picks, and any other items you might need within easy reach. This is such a great way to store blankets in a way that also keeps the barn looking tidy.

SmartPak Shoulder Rub Guard

6. SmartPak Shoulder Rub Guard

No matter how many different styles of blankets you try, some horses still end up with withers or shoulder rubs. For these tricky-to-fit horses, the SmartPak Shoulder Rub Guard is perfect. It helps keep horses comfortable by preventing chafing or irritation. It’s adjustable and easy to get on and off. This really keeps Titan comfortable in all his blankets and is great for horses that get withers or shoulder rubs. For horses needing more protection from rubbing, the SmartPak Lycra Hood offers extended coverage.

7. Elasticized Leg Straps

Is it just me, or do those blanket leg straps have a habit of disappearing? In my experience, they often get lost or break, so I make sure to always have a few extra Elasticized Leg Straps on hand to replace them as needed. There is nothing more frustrating than needing a new leg strap and not having one on hand! If your blankets have tail cords or straps, we also sell replacement Bungee Tail Cords.

8. Rambo Stormsure Blanket Repair

If your horse tends to be tough on his blankets and sheets, the Rambo Stormsure Blanket Repair is a handy staple to have in your tack trunk. This flexible repair adhesive is perfect for fixing any small nicks on Titan's blankets. I do my best to stay on top of any small tears and get them fixed before they become too large to repair. I find this product great for repairing tears that are under an inch on the outer shell of my horse’s turnout sheets and blankets.