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Mixing SUCCEED with Other Pre/Probiotics

Posted on: May 19, 2014 by Dr. Lydia Gray


I have my horse on Succeed and Grand Complete Ultra and it states that it is recommended when using Succeed that the horse not be on any other pre/probiotics which are also in Grand Complete Ultra. Is this harmful and should I switch out the Grand Complete Ultra? Also, what is so great about Succeed that justifies the high price. There seem to be other digestive support products out there so what makes Succeed superior to them?

Dear DC,
Kudos to you for being a careful label reader! I contacted Freedom Health, the manufacturer of Succeed, for help with the answers to your two questions. Here is what their representative said:

“This customer should not take their horse off the Grand Complete Ultra , which contains ingredients that SUCCEED® does not offer, joint support as well as vitamins and minerals. It is not a problem to feed the yeast culture with SUCCEED since it is offered in the Grand Complete Ultra. SUCCEED is a prebiotic, so the reason that we suggest not to use other pre/probiotics is because most of the time they are unnecessary when using SUCCEED. SUCCEED helps to maintain the proper balance of gut flora therefore the addition of probiotics to repopulate the bacterial population is usually unnecessary as well. SUCCEED helps to maintain proper balance of gut flora by greatly reducing the amount of starch that reaches the hindgut. This is important because when starch reaches the hindgut it is rapidly fermented by bacteria, the by – product of this is lactic acid, which can result in a condition referred to as hindgut acidosis. Hindgut acidosis can create an imbalance of bacteria in the hindgut between the fiber fermenting bacteria (good bacteria) and the starch fermenting bacteria (bad bacteria). SUCCEED helps the hindgut to maintain a neutral pH by reducing the starch that reaches the hindgut therefore maintaining proper balance of bacteria.

As for the price only SUCCEED has the unique combination of ingredients to support total digestive health. We have the exclusive right to a special process to obtain the polar lipids and beta-glucan contained in our product. Through this process we are able to retain the polar lipids intact. As with many ingredients, not all are created equal so this special process to obtain this unique combination of ingredients in the main reason for the expense of the product.

You may notice that your SUCCEED granular product appears very moist or oily, particularly following storage in higher temperatures. This is especially possible during the summer months. This is simply the oat oil separating from the dry ingredients in SUCCEED. While aesthetically unpleasing, there is no evidence that this in any way negatively affects the safety or utility of SUCCEED, nor its palatability to the horse. Please remember to store SUCCEED in temperatures below 85° F. Do not store in direct sunlight. And remember to follow all instructions when using SUCCEED. If you have any questions about the proper use and storage of SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program®, visit our website at or call us at 866-270-7939.”