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Meet Michelle J. and Keewi

Posted on: February 02, 2021 by SmartPak

Success Profile: Keewi
Breed: Paint
Age: 8
Discipline: Eventing
Owner: Michelle Jacobsen

I bought Keewi as an unbroke 3 yr old in 2015 and did all of her own training myself. She is extremely high energy, loves to gallop and jump but also has a tendency to get nervous and spooky. Two years ago when I started to bring her off-property to some events we began to have an ulcer issue. She was one unhappy little dragon! After treating her I wanted to get her on a maintenance supplement to help with her gastric issues.

I looked for a supplement with a little something extra from the usual gastric supplements out there and SmartPak's lovely customer service team helped me choose SmartGut through the LiveChat on the website. This is now a must-have supplement I will never take her off and I am thinking of adding it onto my other two horses as well! In all of 2020 since being on SmartGut Keewi has not had a single upset belly or gastric upset at all, nothing, not even once! On this coupled with the SmartCalm Ultra that she's been on for two years she is now a happy little dragon with a happy belly and a better brain!


*Follow Michelle and Keewi on Instagram account @mrj389 and #KeewiTheDragon

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